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2016 Welsh Gravity Enduro Spring


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DateEvent Venue Competitors Men's FTD Women's FTD
21st Feb 2016Round 1 Afan3146:46.25 (Leigh JOHNSON)8:24.43 (Monet ADAMS)
5th Mar 2016


Round 2


BikePark Wales




10:45.62 (Rowan SORRELL)


11:47.46 (Tracy MOSELEY)


20th Mar 2016Round 3 Cwmcarn2408:13.49 (Leigh JOHNSON)9:39.13 (Megan JAMES)
10th Apr 2016Round 4 Afan1838:05.72 (Leigh JOHNSON)9:29.32 (Megan JAMES)
22nd May 2016Round 5 Eastridge2376:34.05 (Robert SMITH (elt))8:12.85 (Meggie BICHARD)
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