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2011 Northern Downhill

Series' website: http://www.northerndownhill.co.uk/

6 races found
Date RaceVenueCompetitorsMen's FTDWomen's FTD
24th Apr 2011Round 1Alwinton901:54.31 (Adam BRAYTON)6:26.54 (Rebecca KENNEDY)
22nd May 2011Round 2Kidland801:43.03 (Pete WILLIAMS)3:18.86 (Esther SANDS)
3rd Jul 2011Round 3Scratchmere Scar931:07.62 (Pete WILLIAMS)2:23.15 (Emma WHITAKER)
21st Aug 2011Round 4 & Yorkshire ChampsRamsgill1671:23.83 (Liam LITTLE (elt))1:41.91 (Angela COATES)
25th Sep 2011Round 5Alwinton1032:13.64 (Adam BRAYTON)5:08.09 (Esther SANDS)
23rd Oct 2011Round 6 & Northeast ChampsHamsterley1811:20.31 (Danny HART)1:46.79 (Angela COATES)

Series standings

R&R doesn't maintain the standing for this race series. If you think we should, email moc.niardnastoor#retsambew| or talk to the race organiser.