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2016 BC Enduro West


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DateEvent Venue Competitors Men's FTD Women's FTD
8th May 2016Round 1 North Vancouver, BC29420:24.00 (Chris JOHNSTON)25:08.00 (Leonie PICTON)
15th May 2016Round 2 Fraser Valley, BC24725:58.00 (Matthew BEER)31:09.00 (Leonie PICTON)
22nd May 2016Round 3 Williams Lake, BC19019:06.00 (Stuart DICKSON)22:27.00 (Emily SLACO)
5th Jun 2016Round 4 Kamloops, BC23123:39.00 (Yoann BARELLI)27:54.00 (Leonie PICTON)
31st Jul 2016


Round 5


Rossland, BC




23:35.00 (David HARDER)


30:34.00 (Katie SPITTLEHOUSE)


4th Sep 2016


Round 6


Revelstoke, BC




28:40.00 (Stuart DICKSON)


36:35.00 (Leonie PICTON)


18th Sep 2016


Round 7


Sun Peaks, BC




31:35.00 (Stuart DICKSON)


38:45.00 (Leonie PICTON)


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