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2017 MEC BC Enduro East



  • Points schedule: 500pts for 1st, down to 1pt for 98th onwards
  • In the event of a tie the rider with the best finishes takes precedence
  • #3 scores 20% extra bonus points
  • #5 scores 25% extra bonus points
  • All rounds count towards series position
  • Competitors must compete in at least 2 events to be eligible for a series position

Pro men

15 riders found

PosBibRiderSponsors#1#3#4#5Total pts
1st257/118/168/105Matt MONODOutside Bike and Ski X RMCC5005404004631903
2nd13/79/9/106Paul KERFOOTOutside Bike and Ski / RADBIKE3904803903251585
3rd15/86/17/115Zach SINGERCrank Brothers / Kona / Kootenay Mountain Works / Spy3204443502881402
4th255/123/371Daniel BANKS380456-4381274
5th82/6/102Henning SCHIPPER-4083303001038
6th13/94Brendon EDGARPostmark Brewery / Spy / We Are One / WeAreOne Composites--5005251025
7th3/101Evan GUTHRIEKal Tire / Pivot-OTE / Race Face / Smith--420563983
8th16/1Max LEYENVedder Mountain Bike Co / Vedder Mountain Bike co. / We Are One--450488938
9th5/85Darcy NENISKAAlpenland Ski and Sports / Specialized370468--838
10th11/120Jeremy MCDOWELL400432--832
11th11/100Douglas CHALMERSRaceface - Knolly Bikes - BONDtraining--370375745
12th77/10Stefan LUNDMH Racing-384340-724
13th14/107Phillip CHWACHKACycology Bikes--360350710
14th4/81Brayden BAINESWreckless Racing310396--706
15th6/98Dave SUTTONCycology Bikes / NRG / lions head pub350--338688

13-15 men

4 riders found

PosBibRiderSponsors#1#3#4#5Total pts
1st32/8/28/6Johnathan HELLYBicycle Café / Giant5005404505632053
2nd300/2Brayden FOGOLIN--420488908
3rd26/5Jack CHARLTONAXO America / Duro Tire / Spy--400450850
4th34/7Lance CALAGAN330468--798

16-20 men

18 riders found

PosBibRiderSponsors#1#3#4#5Total pts
1st161/94/132/126Alex SILVERTHORNEPedalhead / Pedalhead Bicycle Works4206004205632003
2nd171/93/155/137Jack MENZIESOutside Bike4505404004751865
3rd175/106/151/143Logan KEENBowcycle / Norco / Saxx Under / Straitline Components3405043003251469
4th169/153/135Evan WALLRidleys Cycle - NOBL500-3406251465
5th173/109/158/139Jeremy HELLYBicycle Café-4683503881206
6th159/134Elliot JAMIESONCanadian Enduro Development Team / Race Face--450500950
7th165/130Carter KRASNYRace Face / Santa Cruz / Smith--390525915
8th99/133Dylan DASILVAFox Racing Shox / FoxRacingSHox / NorcoBicycles / Sovereign Cycle / SovereignCycle-444-450894
9th172/138Jacob TOOKEOlympia cycle and / Smith / Specialized400--488888
10th250/119Cody MONOD380456--836
11th133/129Cameron FIELDINGFather--370413783
12th98/155Zach DA SILVASovereign Cycle-408-350758
13th182/148/154Wyatt MCLAUGHLIN350-380-730
14th162/147/127Andreas MASSITTIKnolly Bikes360-330-690
15th177/100Paul SAUNDERS230432--662
16th164/105Chase SMITH280372--652
17th165/103Christian MAGSOMBOL240396--636
18th102/149Sean MCLEAN-360-275635

21-29 men

17 riders found

PosBibRiderSponsors#1#3#4#5Total pts
1st53/12/37/26Levi KOROSCILGerick Cycle Nelson5006004505002050
2nd62/23/38/32Sean ALEXANDERDay Job / Day Job, Beer, Nicotene / Sponsors are for people who are good / righttt4505403504501790
3rd63/25/33Tucker BRAUNDDancing Bear Inn390504-5251419
4th45/29Reid PEARCE--5005631063
5th41/29/13Bobby NOAKES310336-338984
6th47/18/19Dan MCCUTCHEON250348-363961
7th48/10/32David SILVERTHORNEPedalhead / Pedalhead Bicycle Works270324290-884
8th41/31Sam CURRIEGinger Racing Collective--370463833
9th39/22Alex GODLIENPBG370456--826
10th40/16Bryan BELL--390413803
11th56/26Mitchell MASON350420--770
12th27/18Chris MARKS (u40)-360-388748
13th52/13Landon JONESGeigerrig Hydration Packs / Swagman Bike Racks300408--708
14th45/28Conrad KEGLOWITSCH240276--516
15th9/30Alex MELDRUM-264240-504
16th55/19Michael SAUNDERSDay Job260240--500
17th50/83Jan MAKULA220---220

30-39 men

19 riders found

PosBibRiderSponsors#1#3#4#5Total pts
1st33/57/53Nate BRIGGSDERAILED / Darkside / Derailed Sports / Santa Cruz / Shout Out Agency-6005002881388
2nd37/55Pierre-Alexandre COUTUREHigher Ground Mountain Sports-540-5001040
3rd170/369Jeff PONT--4006251025
4th70/47Blaise RATCLIFFESanta Cruz Grassroots500504--1004
5th35Angus MCLARTY-456-488944
6th115/62Vince FAUCHERCycology bikes castlegar370--475845
7th97/93/50Liam ALEXANDER320-170338828
8th171/367Taylor DONOHOE--370438808
9th49/43Gord HAINEFavorit-444-363807
10th107/41Robert LEEDSMy wife and kids290468--758
11th94/82/47Kenton LANEKimberley BC / Kootenay Mountain Works / Kootenay Mountain Works, Kimberley BC380-330-710
12th247/34Anders SAMNOEY340--350690
13th90/40Curtis SPENCERDifferent Bikes / Kona--350313663
14th91/58Sebastien PILOTE--270388658
15th98/62Marcus HENRYSTEEDZ ENDURO / Xact Nutrition400-210-610
16th88/51/79Jason BERGERON125396--521
17th114/61Tyler REIDTeam Trash Panda180--275455
18th110/50/89Simon COULTERNissan Canada135---135
19th78/66Craig SOARSRedbike130---130

40+ men

14 riders found

PosBibRiderSponsors#1#3#4#5Total pts
1st125/67/106/361Frank HELLY3405403403881608
2nd135/54/102Michael CARRIERE54blue / Calgary Cycle / Cane Creek / Olympia Bike & Ski / Olympia bike and ski400600350-1350
3rd118/69/116/64Andrew KEEN2004322903631285
4th107/80Ryan HAYESMartine / Misty & Luca--450525975
5th118/83Trevor SYROWY9point8 / Sovereign Cycle--420500920
6th119/65Arama JILLINGSBond Training / Different Bik / Suspension Therapy390--488878
7th113/73Jeff NAVRATIL--380475855
8th114/99John NIHSNERDerailed Sports Golden BC-480370-850
9th114/71Doug SERHAN--360450810
10th145/63Shawn RENNICKAction Sports Clinic330420--750
11th56/173Robert KRAUTER-444300-744
12th133/293Kevin SMITH280372--652
13th137/77Morris DEPPI260--350610
14th127/59Greg KUEHN230360--590

Pro women

5 riders found

PosBibRiderSponsors#1#3#4#5Total pts
1st19/130/121Leonie PICTONArbutus Routes / Chromag / LIV CYCLING500-4506251575
2nd149/126/86Jennifer MCTAVISHChromag Bikes / Ryder's eyewear390-4205251335
3rd17/1Jennifer MCHUGH420600--1020
4th18/120Julie MARSHALLDerailed Enduro Racing450--5631013
5th16/89Aubrey DEMCHUKWreckless Racing380504--884

Open women

6 riders found

PosBibRiderSponsors#1#3#4#5Total pts
1st156/75/121Shelagh COUTTS360540390-1290
2nd124/90Sarah MOORE--5005631063
3rd158/72Sophie-Anne BLANCHETTEHigher Ground Sports, Golden BC400600--1000
4th122/87Jillian THATCHERMarx Conditioning / Sovereign Cycle / VIDA--400525925
5th125/89Megan O'BRIEN--420500920
6th157/74Sierra SULLIVANKnolly Grassroots / Shred Sisters380480--860

13-20 women

2 riders found

PosBibRiderSponsors#1#3#4#5Total pts
1st184/110/162/160Sena ODYAKMAZ@radbike.ca500-4505001450
2nd161/156Ainhoa IJURKOOneup zettz / Zettz / oneup components--500488988
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