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DateEvent Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
2nd Oct 20222022 Haibike Mini Enduro #4-
28th Aug 20222022 Gravity Events UK Mash-Up Enduro #2-
27th Aug 20222022 Gravity Events UK Mini DH #2-
14th Aug 20222022 British Cycling DH National Series #4-
31st Jul 20222022 Gravity Events UK DH #3 & Welsh Champs 93Adam BIGGINS1:43.32Heather WILSON2:05.44
17th Oct 20212021 Haibike Mini Enduro #4 220Matt SIMMONDS (elt)4:21.10Rachael WIGHT5:26.04
26th Sep 20212021 HSBC UK | DH National Series #3 234Roger VIEIRA1:31.80Stacey FISHER1:50.43
12th Sep 20212021 Gravity Events UK DH #3 121Alvaro BOSWELL1:49.90Darcey TURNER2:32.15
27th Sep 20202020 HSBC UK | DH National Series #5CANCELLED
29th Sep 20192019 Gravity Events UK DH #4 96Riley SCOTT1:49.48Lucy MORGAN3:02.72
19th Aug 20182018 Gravity Events UK DH #4 81Damon JONES1:46.52Nicole HARRIS (sen)2:26.22
15th Oct 20172017 Borderline Events UK DH #5 116James FLINDERS2:09.88Jane PAGE3:30.71
16th Oct 20162016 Borderline Events UK DH #4 & Midland Champs 138Roger VIEIRA2:04.85Rosy MONAGHAN3:02.80
18th Oct 20152015 Borderline Events UK DH #3 182James HUGHES (exp)1:54.85Alexandra WOHLGENSINGER2:15.96
15th Jun 20142014 One Industries Mini Enduro #3 147Joel MOORE8:37.20Claire BENNETT11:24.40
19th Apr 2014BUCS - DH Student Champs '14 194Allan FINDLAY2:03.56Monet ADAMS2:28.60
6th Apr 20142014 Borderline Events UK DH #1 152Reece LANGHORN1:59.34Monet ADAMS2:36.06
27th Oct 2013Borderline Events - Night & Day DH 54Daniel HAINES (mas)2:19.35Gemma TAYLOR3:50.95
21st Jul 20132013 One Industries Mini Enduro #3107Lee KERMODE7:32.20Fay CUNNINGHAM10:17.50
17th Mar 20132013 Borderline Events UK DH #2 165Adam BRAYTON1:42.03Rachael WALKER2:25.90
7th Oct 20122012 Caersws Cup #3 & Midland ChampsCANCELLED
19th Aug 20122012 Caersws Cup #2CANCELLED
5th Aug 20122012 Halo BDS #4 270Adam BRAYTON1:50.33Manon CARPENTER1:58.18
4th Mar 20122012 Caersws Cup #1CANCELLED
30th Oct 20112011 Caersws Cup #2 & Midland Champs 186Joel CHIDLEY1:37.27Carrie POOLE2:10.82
9th Oct 20112011 Halo BDS #5 232Alex BOND (elt)1:56.85Manon CARPENTER2:30.83
28th Aug 20112011 North Wales Series #3 & Welsh Champs 199Joe SMITH (elt)2:04.40Lynsey EVANS3:10.70
19th Jun 20112011 Caersws Cup #1 207Jono JONES (sen)2:08.23Emily HORRIDGE2:32.28
17th Oct 20102010 Caersws Cup #5 198Simon STUTTARD1:55.13Lianne BARTLEMAN2:23.84
26th Sep 20102010 Halo BDS #5 272Marc BEAUMONT1:38.09Katy CURD1:56.02
22nd Aug 20102010 Caersws Cup #4 & English Champs 236Rich THOMAS1:37.33Lianne BARTLEMAN2:18.43
4th Jul 20102010 Caersws Cup #3 181Thomas GLEAVE2:17.38Rachael WALKER3:09.56
23rd May 20102010 Caersws Cup #2 224Ralph JONES2:03.28Carrie POOLE2:40.18
7th Mar 20102010 Caersws Cup #1 209Bernard KERR2:13.03Charlotte HUGHES3:16.18
30th Aug 2009MIJ Racing - Welsh Champs 199Joe SMITH (elt)1:47.58Manon CARPENTER2:06.71
23rd Aug 20092009 Caersws Cup #4226Matt SIMMONDS (elt)1:34.59Ellie MAXFIELD2:06.91
16th Aug 20092009 NPS #4 227Matt SIMMONDS (elt)1:33.01Helen GASKELL1:57.77
12th Jul 20092009 Caersws Cup #3 & English Champs250David SMITH (exp)2:11.67Tracy MOSELEY2:24.70
10th May 20092009 Caersws Cup #2 294Jack READING1:34.49Lianne BARTLEMAN2:19.23
8th Mar 20092009 Caersws Cup #1 235Matt SIMMONDS (elt)2:34.19Bob LATCHEM3:50.36
29th Jun 20082008 Caersws Cup #3 & Midland Champs239Ralph JONES1:50.79Aimee DIX2:45.40
4th May 20082008 Caersws Cup #2 242Emyr DAVIES2:22.04Lynda DAVIES3:05.70
16th Mar 20082008 Caersws Cup #1219Sam DALE (elt)2:27.23Aimee DIX3:08.20
2nd Sep 20072007 NPS #4256Gee ATHERTON1:38.36Rachel ATHERTON1:52.19
13th May 20072007 Pearce Cycles #1 275Philip ASHBRIDGE2:17.24Lynda DAVIES3:04.38
13th Aug 20062006 CRC NPS #4239Marc BEAUMONT2:07.55Rachel ATHERTON2:27.75
23rd Jul 20062006 Midlands Series #4262Tom BRAITHWAITE (elt)2:17.00Lynda DAVIES2:53.78
25th Sep 20052005 NPS #6252Marc BEAUMONT1:47.19Tracy MOSELEY2:03.31
26th Jun 20052005 Midlands Super Series #4196Billy CHEETHAM2:22.24Jules COVENTRY3:02.10
1st May 20052005 Midlands Super Series #2 253Robert SMITH (elt)2:37.70Kirsty PRICE3:42.40
26th Sep 20042004 NPS #5230Gee ATHERTON2:26.90Rachel ATHERTON2:52.60
11th Jul 2004Dragon Downhill - Welsh Champs134Neil DONOGHUE2:35.64Jules COVENTRY3:55.96
11th Jul 20042004 Dragon Downhill #8 (chainless)16Tom DEACON3:28.01
10th Jul 20042004 Dragon Downhill #7 (chainless)28Jonny STARMER2:55.72
10th Jul 20042004 Dragon Downhill #7129Neil DONOGHUE2:25.87Jules COVENTRY3:29.06
2nd May 20042004 Midlands Super Series #3 239Marc BEAUMONT2:20.04Emily HORRIDGE2:58.55
1st May 20042004 Midlands Super Series #2277Marc BEAUMONT2:24.58Jules COVENTRY3:17.37
12th Oct 20032003 Midlands Super Series #6279Marc BEAUMONT2:07.13Rachel ATHERTON2:36.12
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