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DateEvent Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
30th Aug 20202020 Borders Mini DH #4CANCELLED
3rd May 20202020 Borders Mini DH #2CANCELLED
9th Feb 2020Northern Downhill - Trail bike TT 92Brendan MORRIS3:04.25Ellie PARK3:37.40
22nd Sep 20192019 SDA #5255Reece WILSON1:59.82Stacey FISHER2:23.14
22nd Sep 20192019 HSBC UK | DH National Series #5 255Joe BREEDEN2:00.07Stacey FISHER2:28.11
8th Sep 20192019 Borders Mini DH #5 118William BRODIE57.83sEmilia WOOD1:19.88
5th May 20192019 Borders Mini DH #293James WILSON (jun)1:03.92Emilia WOOD1:24.42
10th Mar 20192019 SDA #1 176
10th Feb 2019Northern Downhill - Trail bike TT 114Jamie SCOTT (exp)3:06.08Sophie CADE3:47.48
25th Nov 20182018 ND(H)uro #3 122Matthew ATKINSON5:41.07Elsbeth GREENSHIELDS8:00.91
26th Aug 20182018 UK Gravity Enduro #4CANCELLED
17th Jun 20182018 POC Scottish Enduro Series #3 216Lewis BUCHANAN15:19.06Polly HENDERSON19:55.53
10th Jun 20182018 Borders Mini DH #478Toby REID1:08.07Phoebe GALE1:26.40
22nd Apr 20182018 Borders Mini DH #2 117James WILSON (jun)59.34sPhoebe GALE1:17.36
15th Apr 20182018 SDA #1 169Ben CATHRO2:01.37Rosy MONAGHAN2:45.71
11th Feb 2018Northern Downhill - Ae Forest trail bike TT 108Christopher PHILOGENE1:30.04Toni FRYER1:51.64
19th Nov 20172017 ND(H)uro #2 109Christopher PHILOGENE5:42.74Louise HAGGARTY8:01.85
3rd Sep 20172017 Borders Mini DH #5 101William BRODIE1:07.11Phoebe GALE1:29.09
7th May 20172017 Borders Mini DH #3 99William BRODIE1:05.73Polly HENDERSON1:17.16
19th Mar 20172017 SDA #1 228Adam BRAYTON2:04.72Becci SKELTON2:46.30
15th Jan 2017Northern Downhill - Ae Forest trail bike TT 1241:34.79Cairn BELL1:53.06
16th Oct 20162016 POC Scottish Enduro Series #6 282Ben CATHRO16:54.10Roslynn NEWMAN21:38.48
1st Oct 20162016 Borders Mini DH #693Kyle MCGEOGHIE1:27.90Mieke KALMIJN2:17.91
17th Apr 20162016 Borders Mini DH #271Kyle MCGEOGHIE1:04.43Emily CARRICK-ANDERSON1:41.72
3rd Apr 20162016 Shimano BDS #1 225Gee ATHERTON2:08.00Manon CARPENTER2:28.89
27th Mar 20162016 Cannondale British Enduro Series #1 159Leigh JOHNSON19:40.13Tracy MOSELEY21:48.07
20th Mar 20162016 SDA #1 268Greg WILLIAMSON1:57.23Becci SKELTON2:45.80
28th Feb 2016Northern Downhill - Dumfries TT 100Lewis BUCHANAN1:37.65Helen GASKELL1:54.54
30th Aug 20152015 UK Gravity Enduro #4 193Joel CHIDLEY17:29.81Tracy MOSELEY19:34.99
26th Apr 2015SDA - Scottish Champs '15 297Ruaridh CUNNINGHAM1:50.44Elena MELTON2:31.68
19th Apr 20152015 POC Scottish Enduro Series #2 330Greg CALLAGHAN14:35.00Katy WINTON18:36.00
5th Apr 20152015 Rose Bikes BDS #1 322Gee ATHERTON2:18.87Manon CARPENTER2:44.16
13th Jul 20142014 POC Scottish Enduro Series #4 180Ben CATHRO16:50.00Emma GUY21:36.00
1st Jun 20142014 Shimano BDS #3 313Marc BEAUMONT2:04.69Manon CARPENTER2:19.43
18th May 20142014 SDA #3 250Ben CATHRO1:49.64Jess STONE2:18.55
13th Apr 20142014 UK Gravity Enduro #1 307Ben CATHRO17:08.22Helen GASKELL20:18.25
11th Aug 20132013 SDA #4 223Ben CATHRO1:52.64Emma ATKINSON (elt)2:22.31
9th Sep 20122012 SDA #5 203Fergus LAMB2:05.65Alice TAYLOR2:59.51
8th May 20112011 661 Gravity Enduro #1 244Rob COOKSLEY (1)17:11.00Helen GASKELL20:21.00
17th Apr 20112011 SDA #1 315Fergus LAMB2:03.93Rachael WALKER2:48.64
15th Aug 20102010 SDA #4 286Fergus LAMB2:04.40Sarah NEWMAN2:44.48
18th Jul 2010Borderline Events - UK DH National Champs '10 273Steve PEAT2:15.24Jess STONE2:57.13
21st Mar 2010BUCS - Student Champs '10 309Rich THOMAS2:14.15Emily HORRIDGE2:54.74
26th Apr 20092009 NPS #1 285Gee ATHERTON2:09.19Helen GASKELL2:47.92
17th Aug 20082008 SDA #4 247Ben CATHRO2:13.98Sarah NEWMAN2:55.06
27th Apr 20082008 NPS #1 283Gee ATHERTON2:23.64Rachel ATHERTON2:44.99
19th Aug 2007SDA - Scottish Champs '07 248Joe BARNES (elt)2:19.32Jaymie MART3:07.61
27th May 20072007 NPS #2 291Gee ATHERTON2:11.82Tracy MOSELEY2:32.77
21st May 20062006 SDA #2 263Chris BALL (1)2:25.15Mio SUEMASA2:53.39
17th Apr 20052005 SDA #1285David YOUNG2:30.60Emma GUY3:18.87
27th Mar 20052005 NPS #1 365Steve PEAT2:10.36Rachel ATHERTON2:36.37
20th Jun 20042004 SDA #3 247Tom BRAITHWAITE (elt)2:17.93Karen BALLANTINE3:03.55
11th Apr 20042004 NPS #1 294Steve PEAT2:13.23Rachel ATHERTON2:43.28
14th Sep 20032003 SDA #5 230David YOUNG2:35.04Donna JOHNSTON3:36.40
25th May 20032003 NPS #2 290Will LONGDEN2:16.81Tracy MOSELEY2:40.23
11th May 20032003 SDA #2274Steve BARKER2:20.59Lucy LOFTUS2:59.29
12th May 20022002 SDA #2239Stu THOMSON2:17.33Karen BALLANTINE3:03.84
2nd Sep 20012001 SDA #5164David ARMSTRONG2:25.90Karen BALLANTINE3:32.20
26th Aug 20012001 NPS #2234Ed MOSELEY2:25.10Adele PEAT3:00.12
1st May 19991999 BCF RAV4 NPS #3261Rob WARNER2:35.11Tracy MOSELEY2:53.02
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