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Events at Wind Hill B1ke Park

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DateEvent Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
5th Nov 2023B1KE - Wind Hill Downhill-
4th Jun 20232023 Root 1 #3 180Josh TURNER1:01.26Rebecca RICKMAN1:17.99
26th Jun 20222022 Root 1 #3 199Oli GRAY1:06.92Emily ASHWOOD1:17.15
13th Mar 2022B1KE - Wind Hill Downhill 179Preston WILLIAMS1:02.50Becky COOK1:17.32
26th Jul 20202020 Root 1 #4CANCELLED
12th Jan 2020B1KE - Turkey Burner 174Zak HURRELL1:06.06Rhiannon GUNNER1:30.23
14th Jul 20192019 Root 1 #4 170Zak HURRELL1:00.98Molly MAJOR1:15.56
13th Jan 2019B1KE - Turkey Burner 172Ethan CRAIK58.86sGeorgia LESLIE1:15.61
6th Jun 20182018 SUCDH #2CANCELLED
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