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Events at Carrick, Co. Wicklow

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DateEvent Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
5th Sep 20212021 Vitus Irish Gravity Enduro #4 440Matheus BRAIAN NEITZKE6:44.24Leah MAUNSELL7:51.56
6th Sep 20202020 Vitus Irish Gravity Enduro #4 292Jacob DICKSON8:02.29Leah MAUNSELL9:36.40
19th Jul 2020IDMS - Irish DH National Champs '20CANCELLED
8th Sep 20192019 Vitus Irish Gravity Enduro #5 (EWS Qualifier) 312Greg CALLAGHAN13:38.70Leah MAUNSELL16:50.67
14th Apr 20192019 IDMS #1 182Greg CALLAGHAN1:54.60Tara O'BOYLE2:34.60
9th Sep 20182018 Irish Gravity Enduro #4 240Greg CALLAGHAN15:03.94Michelle MULDOON19:22.62
1st Oct 20172017 IDMS #4 149Jacob DICKSON2:24.01Ruth MCGINN4:23.01
20th Aug 2017Gravity Enduro Ireland - Irish Gravity Enduro National Champs '17 248Kelan GRANT15:59.48Leah MAUNSELL18:32.54
28th May 20172017 Enduro World Series #4 491Adrien DAILLY23:57.48Cécile RAVANEL28:34.93
17th Jul 2016IDMS - Irish DH National Champs '16 131James MAC FERRAN2:20.59Chloe CUMMING3:00.27
15th May 20162016 Enduro World Series #3 351Greg CALLAGHAN25:51.19Tracy MOSELEY29:21.96
6th Sep 20152015 Irish Gravity Enduro #4275Greg CALLAGHAN16:16.86Katy WINTON20:04.96
24th May 20152015 Enduro World Series #2 353Greg CALLAGHAN27:43.82Tracy MOSELEY32:17.57
28th Sep 20142014 CRC IDMS #5186Jacob DICKSON2:10.91Orla MCCLEAN3:00.67
7th Sep 20142014 Irish Gravity Enduro #4286Dan WOLFE15:17.96Leah MAUNSELL18:42.28
21st Apr 20132013 Irish Gravity Enduro #1324Gary FORREST17:39.00Orla MCCLEAN25:37.00
9th Sep 20122012 Irish Gravity Enduro #4 207Joe BARNES (elt)16:38.00Jess STONE20:42.00
27th May 20122012 CRC IDMS #3 210Ewan DOHERTY2:02.70Silvia GALLAGHER2:46.40
24th Jul 2011Irish DH - Irish DH National Champs '11 210Gerard WOLFE2:12.71Silvia GALLAGHER3:06.97
25th Jul 20102010 Irish NPS #7 154Colin ROSS2:11.82Meave BAXTER2:54.24
19th Jul 2009Irish DH - Irish DH National Champs '09188Ben REID2:09.61Meave BAXTER3:02.16
27th Apr 20082008 Irish NPS #2188Dan WOLFE2:50.62Meave BAXTER3:55.70
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