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DateEvent Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
11th Oct 20202020 NW Cup #5CANCELLED
5th May 20192019 NW Cup #2 426Demetri TRIANTAFILLOU2:21.00Claire BUCHAR2:40.76
7th Apr 20192019 NW Cup #1
(2019 Pro GRT, Round 2)
465Charlie HARRISON2:28.40Kialani HINES2:55.71
6th May 20182018 NW Cup #2 419Magnus MANSON2:28.64Jill KINTNER2:49.17
15th Apr 20182018 NW Cup #1
(2018 Pro GRT, Round 2)
506Magnus MANSON2:29.71Kialani HINES3:06.25
1st Oct 20172017 Cascadia Dirt Cup #5153Luke STROBEL19:56.74Jill KINTNER21:52.06
14th May 20172017 Pro GRT #2
(2017 NW Cup, Round 2)
541Mitch ROPELATO2:35.37Jill KINTNER2:55.03
16th Apr 20172017 NW Cup #1427Magnus MANSON2:38.82Danielle BEECROFT3:04.26
2nd Oct 2016Race Cascadia - Cascadia MTB DH championships102Luke STROBEL2:25.11Kaytlin MELVIN3:01.84
1st Oct 2016Race Cascadia - Cascadia MTB Enduro championships77Luke STROBEL20:17.40Andi ZOLTON25:24.30
15th May 20162016 NW Cup #2
(2016 Pro GRT, Round 1)
540Tanner STEPHENS2:37.92Jill KINTNER2:50.81
24th Apr 20162016 NW Cup #1412Luke STROBEL2:37.00Jaime REES3:08.20
28th Jun 20152015 Cascadia Dirt Cup #2181Luke STROBEL31:56.00Abigail HIPPELY39:50.00
17th May 20152015 NW Cup #2293Luke STROBEL2:36.35Jill KINTNER2:58.40
26th Apr 20152015 NW Cup #1
(2015 Pro GRT, Round 1)
595Connor FEARON2:19.34Jill KINTNER2:36.76
14th Sep 20142014 NW Cup #6262Luke STROBEL2:31.79Jaime REES3:08.80
26th Jul 20142014 Cascadia Dirt Cup #2161Luke STROBEL18:47.00Laura OGDEN22:52.00
18th May 20142014 NW Cup #2
(2014 BC Cup, Round 1)
395Luke STROBEL2:36.15Jill KINTNER2:56.56
20th Apr 20142014 Pro GRT #1
(2014 NW Cup, Round 1)
484Kevin AIELLO2:29.09Miranda MILLER2:51.54
20th Jul 20132013 Cascadia Dirt Cup #2101Lars STERNBERG16:29.83Laura OGDEN20:12.48
19th May 20132013 NW Cup #3292Aaron GWIN2:38.92Jill KINTNER3:00.52
28th Apr 20132013 NW Cup #2
(2013 Grand Prix of MTB, Round 1 - Underworld Cup)
417Steve SMITH2:22.44Jill KINTNER2:41.32
7th Apr 20132013 NW Cup #1323Mark WALLACE2:43.27Miranda MILLER3:02.91
13th May 20122012 NW Cup #3 255Luke STROBEL2:30.84Holly FENIAK2:49.13
29th Apr 20122012 NW Cup #2
(2012 Grand Prix of MTB, Round 1)
(2012 Pro GRT, Round 1)
431Steve SMITH2:30.69Karaleen GIOIA3:25.08
8th Apr 20122012 NW Cup #1331Remi GAUVIN2:43.10Jill KINTNER3:03.87
7th Aug 20112011 NW Cup #5 196Charlie SPONSEL2:45.56Chelsey HENRY3:27.31
15th May 20112011 NW Cup #2287Luke STROBEL2:35.48Gabrielle MOLLOY3:06.92
10th Apr 20112011 Pro GRT #1
(2011 NW Cup, Round 1)
410Danny HART (elt)2:50.07Jill KINTNER3:16.91
25th Jul 20102010 NW Cup #4183Lars STERNBERG2:30.61Jill KINTNER2:47.25
13th Jun 20102010 NW Cup #3170Lars STERNBERG2:58.38Jill KINTNER3:18.61
25th Apr 20102010 Pro GRT #1
(2010 NW Cup, Round 2)
363Bryn ATKINSON2:34.39Tracy MOSELEY2:50.82
28th Mar 20102010 NW Cup #1223Bryn ATKINSON3:06.72Jill KINTNER3:38.78
23rd Aug 20092009 Fluidride Cup #5216Bryn ATKINSON2:48.88Ann DAVIS3:23.08
3rd May 20092009 Fluidride Cup #2
(2009 Pro GRT, Round 1)
391Curtis KEENE2:39.37Katie HOLDEN3:05.47
5th Apr 20092009 Fluidride Cup #1341Curtis KEENE2:47.29Miranda MILLER3:14.08
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