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DateEvent Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
5th Sep 20212021 HSBC UK | Schwalbe British 4x #7-
4th Sep 20212021 HSBC UK | Schwalbe British 4x #6-
13th Jun 20212021 Haibike Mini Enduro #1 182Leigh JOHNSON7:16.90Ffion JAMES8:19.88
26th Jul 2020Welsh Gravity Enduro - The Welsh GravellyCANCELLED
29th Mar 20202020 Haibike Welsh Gravity Enduro #1CANCELLED
30th Jun 20192019 HSBC UK | Schwalbe British 4x #4 49Duncan FERRISMegan WHERRY
29th Jun 2019British 4x - 4x UK National Champs 49William EVANS (mas1)Tash BRADLEY
14th Apr 2019


2019 BEMBA National Enduro Series #1








Becky COOK




24th Jun 20182018 UK Gravity Enduro #3 201Leigh JOHNSON16:24.11Katie WAKELY19:57.52
23rd Jun 20182018 HSBC UK | Schwalbe British 4x #4 69Declan WILLICOMBEMegan WHERRY
20th May 20182018 Haibike Welsh Gravity Enduro #3 217Leigh JOHNSON6:19.44Katie WAKELY7:31.27
1st Apr 20182018 Haibike Welsh Gravity Enduro #2 213Cai GROCOTT5:37.23Caja PARKES7:06.33
29th Oct 20172017 Haibike Welsh Gravity Enduro Autumn #3 203Cai GROCOTT5:53.51Maddy BROWN7:54.61
7th May 20172017 HSBC UK | Schwalbe British 4x #3 68William EVANS (mas1)Rona STRIVENS
5th Mar 20172017 Welsh MTB XC #1 115Christopher ROTHWELL1h09:18.65Sophie HALHEAD1h53:29.79
12th Feb 20172017 Haibike Welsh Gravity Enduro Spring #1 256Leon ROSSER5:25.99Megan JAMES6:52.90
30th Oct 20162016 Welsh Gravity Enduro Autumn #3 238Robert WILLIAMS (elt)9:45.51Bryony STANFIELD12:05.57
12th Jun 20162016 Cannondale British Enduro Series #3 120Leigh JOHNSON18:12.05Becky COOK22:08.40
30th Apr 20162016 Schwalbe British 4x #2 69Scott BEAUMONTTash BRADLEY
10th Apr 20162016 Welsh Gravity Enduro Spring #4 183Leigh JOHNSON8:05.72Megan JAMES9:29.32
21st Feb 20162016 Welsh Gravity Enduro Spring #1 314Leigh JOHNSON6:46.25Monet ADAMS8:24.43
24th May 20152015 Welsh Gravity Enduro #2 116Andy WEAMES12:34.58Traharn CHIDLEY15:27.46
17th May 20152015 Schwalbe British 4x #2107Lewis LACEYMegan WHERRY
22nd Jun 20142014 UK Gravity Enduro #3 301Sam SHUCKSMITH25:31.65Helen GASKELL29:11.86
4th May 20142014 Schwalbe British 4x #2 122Scott BEAUMONTCara MURRAY
31st Mar 20132013 Schwalbe British 4x #1 111Scott BEAUMONTKaty CURD
24th Mar 20132013 UK Gravity Enduro #1 296Dan ATHERTON25:37.80Tracy MOSELEY28:19.60
16th Sep 2012


2012 Euro 4x #3







Suzanne LACEY



11th Sep 20112011 661 Gravity Enduro #5190Aidan BISHOP19:08.00Helen GASKELL24:38.00
28th May 20112011 British 4x #3146Pat CAMPBELL-JENNERNichola ANDERSON
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