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DateEvent Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
13th Sep 20202020 Haibike Welsh Gravity Enduro #5CANCELLED
3rd May 20202020 Haibike Welsh Gravity Enduro #3CANCELLED
14th Sep 20192019 Haibike Welsh Gravity Enduro #3 240Riley SCOTT6:54.26Tracy MOSELEY7:46.20
9th Sep 20182018 Haibike Welsh Gravity Enduro #4 254Matt SIMMONDS7:14.40Becky COOK8:50.02
27th May 20182018 UK Gravity Enduro #2 238Leigh JOHNSON9:56.93Becky COOK12:30.61
10th Sep 20172017 Haibike Welsh Gravity Enduro Autumn #1 258Matt SIMMONDS5:52.93Becky COOK7:13.79
23rd Apr 20172017 Haibike Welsh Gravity Enduro Spring #4 289Leigh JOHNSON5:20.25Tracy MOSELEY6:09.14
23rd Oct 20162016 UK Enduro #7CANCELLED
4th Sep 20162016 Welsh Gravity Enduro Autumn #1 219Joel MOORE4:36.50Emma WAREHAM5:55.33
14th Aug 20162016 Cannondale British Enduro Series #4 247John OWEN (elt)12:07.53Tracy MOSELEY13:22.30
9th Jul 20162016 Midlands XC #5181Alexander WELBURN1h31:07.00Jane BARR1h30:30.00
22nd May 20162016 Welsh Gravity Enduro Spring #5 237Robert SMITH (elt)6:34.05Meggie BICHARD8:12.85
12th Jul 20152015 Midlands XC #6 182Giles DRAKE1h48:02.00Alice BARNES1h24:38.00
31st Aug 20142014 One Industries Mini Enduro #4 277Marc BEAUMONT8:09.50Emma WAREHAM10:35.30
18th May 20142014 Midlands XC #4163Alexander WELBURN1h26:53.00Isla SHORT1h27:19.00
17th May 20142014 Midlands XC #3 - XCE32
8th Sep 20132013 UK Gravity Enduro #5 293Neil DONOGHUE15:55.99Tracy MOSELEY17:45.67
11th Aug 20132013 Midlands XC #6-
12th May 20132013 One Industries Mini Enduro #2 186John OWEN (elt)6:29.50Maxine FILBY9:25.30
5th Aug 20122012 Fetish Bike Gravity Enduro Series #4 325Neil DONOGHUE13:33.00Tracy MOSELEY15:15.00
7th Aug 20112011 661 Gravity Enduro #4 201Neil DONOGHUE10:05.00Helen GASKELL12:11.00
19th Mar 2006BUCS - Student Champs '06-
1st Aug 20042004 Midlands Super Series #6 & Midland Champs 220Dave SMITH (exp)1:36.71Jules COVENTRY2:05.31
24th Aug 20022002 Midlands Specialized Super Series #6-
16th Jun 20022002 Midlands Specialized Super Series #4 & Midland Champs235Gareth HOPKINS1:51.58Renée DIWELL2:33.66
15th Jun 20022002 Midlands Specialized Super Series #3255Gareth HOPKINS1:51.23Rachel ATHERTON2:21.13
14th Jul 20012001 Midlands Super Series #2 - Midland Champs242Tim PONTING2:01.73Helen MORTIMER2:11.97
24th Jul 1999British Cycling - UK DH National Champs '99317Steve PEAT2:00.27Helen MORTIMER2:17.12
4th Jul 19981998 BCF RAV4 NPS #4327Steve PEAT2:45.70Tracy MOSELEY3:15.30
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