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DateEvent Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
4th Jun 2022Nevis Range - 10 under the Ben-
22nd May 20222022 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup DH #2-
21st May 20222022 4x Pro Tour #2-
8th May 2022


2022 British Cycling DH National Series #2




Danny HART (elt)








24th Apr 20222022 Scottish Enduro Series #1 423Greg CALLAGHAN21:46.85Isabeau COURDURIER24:34.53
12th Sep 20212021 SDA DH #3 & Scottish Champs 211George GANNICOTT4:48.68Stacey FISHER5:38.82
22nd May 20212021 4x Pro Tour #1-
17th Oct 20202020 POC Scottish Enduro Series #4CANCELLED
6th Jun 20202020 4x Pro Tour #3CANCELLED
23rd May 2020No Fuss Events - 10 under the BenCANCELLED
17th May 20202020 HSBC UK | DH National Series #2CANCELLED
23rd Feb 2020No Fuss Events - Intro-(en)duro 210Douglas GOODWILL4:42.00Aimi KENYON5:42.00
13th Oct 20192019 POC Scottish Enduro Series #5 259Joe BARNES (elt)19:26.55Polly HENDERSON24:16.48
2nd Jun 20192019 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup DH #2 211Amaury PIERRON4:28.58Rachel ATHERTON5:15.56
1st Jun 2019Scottish Cycling - Scottish Cycling Mini DH Final 70Evan MACDONALD (sen)1:28.11Aimi KENYON1:41.57
1st Jun 20192019 4x Pro Tour #1 49Tomáš SLAVÍKNatasha BRADLEY
12th May 20192019 SDA #3 334Gee ATHERTON4:35.16Rachel ATHERTON5:29.59
12th May 20192019 HSBC UK | DH National Series #2334Gee ATHERTON4:35.16Rachel ATHERTON5:29.59
28th Apr 20192019 Highland Hardline #2 113Andrew GEORGESON1:57.37Aimi KENYON2:18.41
27th Apr 2019No Fuss Events - 10 under the Ben 376Daniel WATTS10h17:35.00Natalie MUNRO10h28:45.00
31st Mar 2019No Fuss Events - Mash up enduro 53Joe BARNES (elt)6:57.00Louise FERGUSON7:54.00
20th Oct 2018No Fuss Events - WEBMO Solo 24hr World Championships '18 138Cory WALLACE24h09:08.00Kaitlyn BOYLE22h55:16.00
13th Oct 2018


2018 POC Scottish Enduro Series #6












22nd Sep 2018No Fuss Events - Tour de Ben Nevis 209Gary MACDONALD49:00.00Katherine SIMPSON1h18:36.00
2nd Sep 20182018 SDA #5 & Scottish Champs 131Reece WILSON4:42.73Mikayla PARTON6:07.43
3rd Jun 20182018 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup DH #2 201Amaury PIERRON4:34.45Tahnée SEAGRAVE5:10.96
2nd Jun 2018Scottish Cycling - Scottish Cycling Mini DH Final 72William BRODIE1:32.35Aimi KENYON1:48.41
2nd Jun 20182018 4x Pro Tour #3 59Felix BECKEMANRomana LABOUNKOVÁ
13th May 2018


2018 HSBC UK | DH National Series #2




Danny HART (elt)








12th May 20182018 HSBC UK | Schwalbe British 4x #3 68Declan WILLICOMBEJosie MCFALL
28th Apr 2018No Fuss Events - 10 under the Ben 430Iain PATON10h08:35.00Katherine NEEDHAM9h40:34.00
7th Oct 2017No Fuss Events - Tour de Ben Nevis 189Phil ROBERTS58:42.00Marie MELDRUM1h21:46.00
10th Sep 20172017 SDA #5 & Scottish Champs '17 185Ben CATHRO4:40.71Katy WINTON5:43.17
8th Jul 2017No Fuss Events - Endurance DH 88Fraser HOUSTON5:41.38Jac MARQUIS46:02.29
4th Jun 20172017 UCI World Cup DH #2 218Greg MINNAAR4:40.34Tracey HANNAH5:39.30
3rd Jun 2017Scottish Cycling - Scottish Cycling Mini DH Final 81Alasdair POLL59.60sPolly HENDERSON1:04.99
3rd Jun 20172017 4x Pro Tour #3 62Tomáš SLAVÍKNatasha BRADLEY
14th May 20172017 HSBC UK | DH National Series #2 283Danny HART (elt)4:31.81Manon CARPENTER5:07.51
22nd Apr 20172017 Scottish Cycling North Mini DH #272Alasdair POLL1:24.00Aimi KENYON1:54.00
12th Mar 20172017 POC Scottish Enduro Series #1 376Lewis BUCHANAN16:05.37Eilidh WELLS22:08.06
25th Sep 20162016 SDA #5 163Ben CATHRO1:22.58Deborah PRIMROSE1:49.39
5th Jun 20162016 UCI World Cup DH #3 228Greg MINNAAR4:35.60Rachel ATHERTON5:11.22
4th Jun 2016Scottish Cycling - Mini DH 66Charlie ALDRIDGE1:01.89Polly HENDERSON1:09.24
4th Jun 20162016 4x Pro Tour #338Tomáš SLAVÍKSteffi MARTH
15th May 20162016 Shimano BDS #2 254Danny HART (elt)4:36.83Rachel ATHERTON5:12.73
7th May 2016Scottish Cycling - Mini DH53Keir GIBSON1:24.00Mieke KALMIJN1:42.00
17th Apr 20162016 POC Scottish Enduro Series #2 324Joe BARNES (elt)21:32.80Kirsty ADAM29:28.00
13th Sep 20152015 POC Scottish Enduro Series #5242Alisdair EKIN13:45.00Donna DEVLIN15:15.00
28th Jun 20152015 SDA #3 184Fraser MCGLONE4:50.14Elena MELTON6:20.30
7th Jun 20152015 UCI World Cup DH #2 255Greg MINNAAR4:47.69Rachel ATHERTON5:31.65
6th Jun 20152015 Scottish Power Youth Mini DH #6 73Myles REID1:06.07Polly HENDERSON1:19.43
6th Jun 20152015 4x Pro Tour #249Joost WICHMANNatasha BRADLEY
17th May 20152015 Rose Bikes BDS #2 326Gee ATHERTON1:20.78Rachel ATHERTON1:32.53
9th May 20152015 Scottish Power Youth Mini DH #461Ben CLERKIN1:28.14Emily CARRICK-ANDERSON1:48.09
21st Sep 20142014 SDA #5 272Greg WILLIAMSON4:38.20Beverley BARNES6:09.37
8th Jun 20142014 UCI World Cup DH #3 243Troy BROSNAN4:36.58Emmeline RAGOT5:12.62
7th Jun 20142014 Scottish Power Youth Mini DH #5 50Myles REID1:03.21Katie ALLEN1:22.95
7th Jun 20142014 4x Pro Tour #3 40Tomáš SLAVÍKKaty CURD
11th May 20142014 Shimano BDS #2 355Gee ATHERTON4:46.22Emmeline RAGOT5:29.07
3rd May 20142014 Scottish Power Youth Mini DH #1 53Jack DEVLIN2:26.00Chloe CUMMING2:52.00
23rd Feb 20142014 POC Scottish Enduro Series #1273Joe BARNES (elt)14:13.00Emma GUY19:56.00
8th Sep 20132013 SDA #5 233Fraser MCGLONE4:58.27Emma ATKINSON (elt)6:32.21
9th Jun 20132013 UCI World Cup DH #1 248Gee ATHERTON4:36.71Rachel ATHERTON5:08.85
8th Jun 20132013 4x Pro Tour #263Tomáš SLAVÍKKaty CURD
12th May 20132013 Saracen BDS #2 338Danny HART (elt)4:46.88Floriane PUGIN5:27.07
2nd Sep 20122012 Fetish Bike DH Series #3 - Kill The Bill 372Pete WILLIAMS5:05.22Rebecca KENNEDY7:43.90
15th Jul 2012SDA - Scottish Champs '12 211Greg WILLIAMSON4:53.66Bex REILLY6:44.20
10th Jun 20122012 UCI World Cup DH #3 213Aaron GWIN4:48.21Emmeline RAGOT5:27.09
9th Jun 20122012 4x Pro Tour #468Michal PROKOPMelissa BUHL
13th May 20122012 Halo BDS #2 336Danny HART (elt)4:52.11Manon CARPENTER5:31.18
3rd Jul 2011Borderline Events - Kill The Bill 2122Joe CONNELL5:10.08Sara-Jane RENNIE7:00.55
5th Jun 20112011 UCI World Cup DH #2 225Greg MINNAAR4:43.85Tracy MOSELEY5:21.90
15th May 20112011 SDA #2 338Ruaridh CUNNINGHAM5:03.45Rachel ATHERTON5:57.46
12th Sep 20102010 SDA #5 318Ben CATHRO5:01.60Bex REILLY6:41.32
6th Jun 20102010 UCI World Cup DH #2 208Gee ATHERTON4:35.70Sabrina JONNIER5:11.57
9th May 20102010 Halo BDS #2 316Chris KOVARIK5:02.44Rachel ATHERTON5:44.47
6th Sep 2009Borderline Events - Kill The Bill213Ben CATHRO5:00.32Angela FOSTER7:30.71
28th Jun 20092009 NPS #3 273Ben CATHRO4:50.11Manon CARPENTER6:00.73
7th Jun 20092009 Nissan UCI World Cup DH #4 177Greg MINNAAR4:38.98Tracy MOSELEY5:17.65
17th May 20092009 SDA #2 293Ben HALL (mas)5:02.61Emma ATKINSON (elt)6:34.11
6th Jul 20082008 NPS #3 266Greg MINNAAR4:50.48Katy CURD5:59.02
8th Jun 20082008 Nissan UCI World Cup DH #3 217Greg MINNAAR4:43.52Tracy MOSELEY5:20.87
18th May 20082008 SDA #2 269Ben CATHRO4:59.90Tracy MOSELEY5:35.86
9th Sep 2007UCI - DHI World Championships '07 210Sam HILL (elt)4:52.01Sabrina JONNIER5:28.35
7th Sep 2007UCI - 4x World Championships '0769Brian LOPESJill KINTNER
17th Jun 20072007 SDA #3 272Steve PEAT4:59.64Tracy MOSELEY5:39.34
24th Sep 20062006 CRC NPS #5 327Marc BEAUMONT4:12.63Tracy MOSELEY4:53.94
9th Jul 20062006 SDA #4252David YOUNG4:24.78Jaymie MART6:20.37
28th May 20062006 UCI World Cup 4x #2-
28th May 20062006 UCI World Cup DH #2 207Sam HILL (elt)4:25.33Tracy MOSELEY5:12.05
11th Sep 20052005 UCI World Cup DH #8168Steve PEAT4:11.44Tracy MOSELEY4:59.97
11th Sep 20052005 UCI World Cup 4x #8-
10th Jul 2005SDA - Scottish Champs '05262Stu THOMSON4:24.08Emma GUY5:41.67
22nd May 20052005 NPS #3335Neil DONOGHUE4:41.33Helen GASKELL5:16.61
12th Sep 20042004 SDA #5285Tom BRAITHWAITE (elt)4:31.46Polly HARRISON6:43.11
18th Jul 2004SDA - UK DH National Champs '04225Gee ATHERTON4:14.60Rachel ATHERTON5:20.90
6th Jun 20042004 Tissot UCI World Cup DH #1 181Greg MINNAAR4:10.24Anne-Caroline CHAUSSON4:53.20
5th Jun 20042004 Tissot World Cup 4x #1 96Guido TSCHUGGAnne-Caroline CHAUSSON
6th Jun 2003SDA - Scottish Champs '03 279Crawford CARRICK-ANDERSON4:14.90Lucy LOFTUS5:36.30
1st Jun 20032003 Tissot UCI World Cup DH #1 157Cédric GRACIA4:08.05Céline GROS4:42.57
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