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DateEvent Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
14th Aug 20212021 Big Mountain Enduro #4 452Richie RUDE20:07.75Lia WESTERMANN23:33.16
10th Jul 2021USAC - US Enduro National Champs '21 237Cody KELLEY17:25.60Amy MORRISON20:11.00
6th Jul 2021USAC - US XC National Champs '21 -
6th Jul 2021USAC - US DS National Champs '21 -
6th Jul 2021USAC - US DH National Champs '21 358Dakotah NORTON3:24.98Kailey SKELTON4:05.89
20th Sep 20202020 Big Mountain Enduro #2310Kasper WOOLLEY26:00.10Isabella NAUGHTON30:59.00
6th Sep 20202020 Trestle Gravity Series #4 - Air Downhill125Derek ANDERSON1:49.82Janelle SOUKUP2:04.30
5th Sep 20202020 Trestle Gravity Series #3 - Super Downhill123Dillon LEMARR4:13.00Camila NOGUEIRA5:04.00
26th Jul 20202020 Trestle Gravity Series #2 - Downhill113George POGGEMEYER6:10.63Lauren KINNEY8:05.48
25th Jul 20202020 Trestle Gravity Series #1 - Air Downhill115Kenneth GUSTAFSON3:34.98Leah VANDERLINDEN3:58.77
6th Jul 2020USAC - US XC National Champs '20CANCELLED
6th Jul 2020USAC - US Enduro National Champs '20CANCELLED
6th Jul 2020USAC - US DS National Champs '20CANCELLED
6th Jul 2020USAC - US DH National Champs '20CANCELLED
1st Sep 20192019 Trestle Gravity Series #6 - Downhill79Christian ATKINS5:57.62Clare HAMILTON6:31.24
31st Aug 20192019 Trestle Gravity Series #5 - Super Downhill73Dylan CRANE5:26.14Clare HAMILTON5:58.81
30th Aug 20192019 Trestle Gravity Series #4 - Air Downhill117Derek ANDERSON3:13.72Madison PITTS3:48.30
28th Jul 2019USAC - US DH National Champs '19291Neko MULALLY5:01.42Jill KINTNER5:47.75
27th Jul 2019USAC - US XC National Champs '19-
26th Jul 2019USAC - US Enduro National Champs '19 (EWS Qualifier)193Richie RUDE25:28.60Amy MORRISON30:10.20
26th Jul 2019USAC - US DS National Champs '19165Mitch ROPELATOJill KINTNER
13th Jul 20192019 Big Mountain Enduro #2504Lincoln RHONEMUS21:49.00Grace AIMAR26:03.70
30th Jun 20192019 Trestle Gravity Series #3 - Downhill115Chris HIGGERSON4:17.46Clare HAMILTON4:44.64
29th Jun 20192019 Trestle Gravity Series #2 - Chainless Downhill71Christian ATKINS4:31.27Clare HAMILTON5:05.76
28th Jun 20192019 Trestle Gravity Series #1 - Air Downhill104Quintin KURTZ3:31.66Madison PITTS3:58.80
25th Aug 20182018 Trestle Gravity Series #6 - Downhill (Search & …)-
12th Aug 20182018 Trestle Gravity Series #5 - Chainless Downhill (Dirty Dozen)-
11th Aug 20182018 Trestle Gravity Series #4 - Air Downhill (Lower Rai…)-
29th Jul 20182018 Trestle Gravity Series #3 - Downhill-
28th Jul 20182018 Trestle Gravity Series #2 - Super Downhill-
27th Jul 20182018 Trestle Gravity Series #1 - Air Downhill (Rain Maker)-
9th Jul 2017


2017 Big Mountain Enduro #4




Richie RUDE








5th Sep 2015


2015 Big Mountain Enduro #4




Richie RUDE








1st Sep 20142014 Trestle Gravity Series #552Chris HIGGERSON5:20.08Jacqueline THOMAS6:43.07
31st Aug 20142014 Trestle Gravity Series #457Chris HIGGERSON6:14.17Jacqueline THOMAS7:50.63
30th Aug 20142014 Trestle Gravity Series #361Dillon LEMARR3:16.15Jacqueline THOMAS3:37.27
27th Jul 2014


2014 Enduro World Series #5








Anne-Caroline CHAUSSON




24th Jul 2014Colorado Freeride Festival - AirDH '1460Brian BUELL3:23.31Tracey HANNAH3:40.88
20th Jul 20142014 Trestle Gravity Series - Colorado State Champs118Austin HACKETT-KLAUBE5:36.36Jacqueline THOMAS6:31.73
6th Jul 20142014 Trestle Gravity Series #2112Chris HIGGERSON4:30.90Heather IRMIGER5:20.60
5th Jul 20142014 Trestle Gravity Series #195Brian BUELL3:25.70Jacqueline THOMAS3:48.70
2nd Sep 20132013 Trestle Gravity Series #958Alexander WILLIE3:31.55Jacqueline THOMAS3:50.29
1st Sep 20132013 Trestle Gravity Series #889Chris HIGGERSON5:32.78Jacqueline THOMAS6:14.68
31st Aug 20132013 Trestle Gravity Series #765Jack DEAN2:44.26Jacqueline THOMAS2:56.09
11th Aug 20132013 Trestle Gravity Series #6104Javier LOPEZ RUIZ6:58.35Jacqueline THOMAS7:49.42
10th Aug 20132013 Trestle Gravity Series #574Michael BUELL2:26.96Jacqueline THOMAS2:49.47
28th Jul 20132013 Enduro World Series #4231Jerome CLEMENTZ41:12.45Tracy MOSELEY45:45.85
25th Jul 2013Colorado Freeride Festival - AirDH '1365Brian BUELL3:28.43Jacqueline THOMAS3:50.99
7th Jul 20132013 Trestle Gravity Series #4109Chris HIGGERSON4:32.05Chrissy BOYER5:30.42
6th Jul 20132013 Trestle Gravity Series #394Matthew THOMPSON (pro)3:23.13Jacqueline THOMAS3:41.18
23rd Jun 20132013 Trestle Gravity Series #2102Chris HIGGERSON4:23.19Jacqueline THOMAS5:59.45
22nd Jun 20132013 Trestle Gravity Series #178Brian BUELL3:34.98Jacqueline THOMAS3:54.98
29th Jul 2012Crankworx - Crankworx Colorado - Air DH79Brian BUELL3:27.47Melissa BUHL3:41.91
6th Sep 20102010 Mountain States Cup DH #7 Winter Park Pursuit188Brian BUELL6:31.24Julie OLSEN8:14.35
5th Sep 20102010 Mountain States Cup Super-D #7 Winter Park Pursuit55Kevin SOLLER7:57.55Annemarie MUEHLBRADT9:55.10
1st Aug 20102010 ProGRT #4149Bryson MARTIN Jr.6:26.00Jill KINTNER7:15.73
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