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DateEvent Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
18th Sep 20212021 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup DH #6 140Loïc BRUNI3:13.38Valentina HÖLL3:39.68
18th Sep 20212021 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC #6-
17th Sep 20212021 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC Short Track #6 -
15th Sep 20212021 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup DH #5140Reece WILSON3:10.07Valentina HÖLL3:40.23
13th Jun 20212021 Downhill Southeast #2 401Isak LEIVSSON4:19.11Caroline WASHAM6:27.65
20th Sep 20202020 USA National DH Series #4 189Nik NESTOROFF3:45.60Frida RØNNING4:17.30
13th Sep 20202020 WV Enduro Series #3 134Aaron COXEN23:23.19Lindsey CARPENTER30:22.00
20th Aug 2020Snowshoe Mtn - Pedals & Pints - DH91Ronnie VANCE5:54.30Angelica PIETRANTON7:39.70
2nd Aug 20202020 Downhill Southeast #3 220Neko MULALLY3:44.87Caroline WASHAM4:43.49
22nd Sep 20192019 WV Enduro Series #6 140Sam SKIDMORE21:05.60Lindsey CARPENTER24:22.90
8th Sep 20192019 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC #7217Lars FORSTER1h26:09.00Pauline FERRAND PREVOT1h17:51.00
8th Sep 20192019 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC Short Track #7-
7th Sep 20192019 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup DH #8 146Danny HART (elt)3:03.63Marine CABIROU3:43.03
30th Jun 20192019 Downhill Southeast #4155Neko MULALLY4:05.00Caroline WASHAM5:04.00
2nd Sep 20182018 WV Enduro Series #686Sam SKIDMORE21:04.40Susan HAYWOOD26:41.40
22nd Jul 2018USAC - US XC National Champs '18 1020Howard GROTTS1h32:11.00Kate COURTNEY1h12:47.00
22nd Jul 2018USAC - US Enduro National Champs '18 (EWS Qualifier) 136Seamus POWELL29:59.20Porsha STOCKTON37:40.50
22nd Jul 2018USAC - US DS National Champs '18 88Luca COMETTIJordan BELL
22nd Jul 2018USAC - US DH National Champs '18 194Neko MULALLY3:11.10Samantha SORIANO4:08.80
2nd Sep 20172017 WV Enduro Series #6-
20th Aug 2017Snowshoe Mtn - Snowshoe Bike Park race weekend-
23rd Jul 2017USAC - US DH National Champs '17 234Aaron GWIN3:41.87Jill KINTNER4:53.72
20th Jul 2017USAC - US Enduro National Champs '17 126Seamus POWELL35:27.90Ellen CARROLL45:12.00
24th Sep 20162016 Snowshoe #380Thomas ZULA5:40.78Scout CLARK7:29.38
21st Aug 2016


2016 ProGRT #6








Lauren DANEY




23rd Jul 20162016 Snowshoe #1102Kyle GRAU4:07.90Scout CLARK5:27.50
27th Sep 20152015 Southeastern Gravity Series #4 93Dakotah NORTON4:34.40Scout CLARK5:39.20
26th Jul 20152015 ProGRT #4 178Neko MULALLY3:17.90Jill KINTNER3:55.20
27th Sep 20142014 Snowshoe #3125Kyle GRAU4:18.61Rae GANDOLF5:46.12
13th Jul 20142014 ProGRT #4 124Neko MULALLY4:00.47Lauren DANEY5:17.65
29th Jun 20142014 Snowshoe #2117Kyle GRAU4:35.30Rae GANDOLF5:39.51
28th Jun 20142014 Snowshoe #1135Matthew FITZGERALD (u23)4:24.86Rae GANDOLF5:29.70
15th Sep 20132013 Snowshoe #3127Tim PRICE4:45.80Rae GANDOLF6:19.20
28th Jul 20132013 Snowshoe #2117Kyle GRAU4:45.25Lindsey YOKLEY7:05.54
14th Jul 20132013 ProGRT #9 123Neko MULALLY4:08.97Anne GALYEAN5:06.16
9th Jun 20132013 Snowshoe #1166Max MORGAN (pro)4:24.51Rae GANDOLF5:46.67
23rd Sep 20122012 Snowshoe #3100Jay FESPERMAN4:10.90Rae GANDOLF5:03.10
9th Sep 20122012 Gravity East Series #5 136Ethan QUEHL4:24.47Rae GANDOLF5:16.66
29th Jul 20122012 Snowshoe #2142Luca SHAW4:31.50Rae GANDOLF5:46.30
10th Jun 20122012 Snowshoe #1145Jay FESPERMAN4:12.80Hillary MARQUES4:52.26
4th Sep 20112011 Snowshoe Powerade #3 (DH)103Trevyn NEWPHER4:26.95Anne GALYEAN5:26.87
31st Jul 20112011 Snowshoe Powerade #2 (DH)113Trevyn NEWPHER4:42.35Anne GALYEAN5:33.01
3rd Jul 20112011 Snowshoe Powerade #1 (DH)112Trevyn NEWPHER4:35.04Rae GANDOLF5:27.49
2nd Jul 20112011 Snowshoe Powerade #1 (GS)31Trevyn NEWPHER39.33sKatelyn BAGNAL58.48s
5th Jun 20112011 Gravity East Series #1158Leland O'CONNOR4:59.92Anne GALYEAN5:52.64
3rd Oct 20102010 Snowshoe Powerade #4 (DH)88Christopher HERNDON2:13.50Lauren DANEY2:51.70
2nd Oct 20102010 Snowshoe Powerade #4 (GS)28Christopher HERNDON39.90sDanielle PARISH55.40s
29th Aug 20102010 Snowshoe Powerade #3 (DH)109Geritt BEYTAGH5:08.80Anne GALYEAN6:33.60
28th Aug 20102010 Snowshoe Powerade #3 (GS)26Trevyn NEWPHER41.40sMarlie SMITH56.40s
25th Jul 20102010 Snowshoe Powerade #2 (DH)101Ethan QUEHL4:17.60Rae GANDOLF5:38.00
24th Jul 20102010 Snowshoe Powerade #2 (GS)35Trevyn NEWPHER41.10s
20th Jun 20102010 Snowshoe Powerade #1 (DH)131Geritt BEYTAGH4:54.70Lauren DANEY6:04.50
19th Jun 20102010 Snowshoe Powerade #1 (GS)43Trevyn NEWPHER42.30sLiz SCOVILLE1:01.90
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