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DateEvent Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
5th Jun 2021Massanutten Resort - Massanutten HOO-HA!84Adam WILLIAMS21:22.20Lindsey CARPENTER23:50.70
2nd May 20212021 Downhill Southeast - Round 1 - Massanutten YEE-HA! 316Dakotah NORTON2:32.96Frida RØNNING3:19.81
15th Sep 2019Massanutten Resort - VA State Champs64Ronnie VANCE3:18.58Jordan BELL4:48.82
1st Jun 2019Massanutten Resort - Massanutten HOO-HA!69Adam WILLIAMS28:16.00Lindsey CARPENTER33:31.30
28th Apr 20192019 Downhill Southeast #2 - Massanutten YEE-HA!163Ian NORRIS3:02.10Susan CURTIN4:35.60
2nd Jun 2018Massanutten Resort - Massanutten HOO-HA!74Sam SKIDMORE33:55.42Lindsey CARPENTER38:35.12
29th Apr 20182018 Downhill Southeast #2 - Massanutten YEE-HA!183Logan MULALLY3:04.46Riley WEIDMAN4:15.43
30th Apr 20172017 Maxxis Gravity Series #1 - Massanutten YEE-HA!166Logan MULALLY3:11.05Lindsey CARPENTER4:03.37
11th Sep 20162016 Maxxis Gravity Series #5 118Ian NORRIS3:13.77Kristin LENART4:20.05
1st May 20162016 Maxxis Gravity Series #1b - Massanutten YEE-HA! 155Kyle GRAU3:11.39Caroline WASHAM4:05.36
26th Apr 2015


2015 Gravity East Series #1 - Massanutten YEE-HA!












18th May 2014Massanutten Resort - Massanutten YEE-HA!85Ethan QUEHL3:27.61Scout CLARK4:31.74
28th Apr 2013Massanutten Resort - Massanutten YEE-HA!CANCELLED
9th Jun 2012Massanutten Resort - Massanutten HOO-HA!84Victor ALBER12:03.00Susan HAYWOOD13:14.00
29th Apr 2012Massanutten Resort - Massanutten YEE-HA!210Luca SHAW3:18.52Anne GALYEAN3:59.63
1st May 2011Massanutten Resort - Massanutten YEE-HA!168Logan MULALLY3:23.25Lauren DANEY4:09.22
2nd May 20102010 Gravity East Series #1 - Massanutten YEE-HA!259Geritt BEYTAGH3:12.14Anne GALYEAN4:08.27
9th May 2009Massanutten Resort - Massanutten YEE-HA!246Sean MCCLENDON3:23.55Allegra BURCH4:20.16
10th May 2008Massanutten Resort - Massanutten YEE-HA!234Jürgen BENEKE3:22.66Susan HAYWOOD4:32.59
12th May 2007Massanutten Resort - Massanutten YEE-HA!256Trevyn NEWPHER3:17.01Kathi KRAUSE4:33.52
6th Jul 19971997 Grundig UCI World Cup DH #595Tomas MISSER4:28.07Leigh DONOVAN5:03.01
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