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DateEvent Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
20th Sep 20202020 Full Tilt Gravity Stage Racing #3CANCELLED
26th May 20192019 NW Cup #3 292Jason EISWALD3:28.57Claire BUCHAR4:12.29
3rd Jun 20182018 NW Cup #3 299Demetri TRIANTAFILLOU3:24.03Sarah OLSEN4:20.83
4th Jun 20172017 NW Cup #3264Nate FURBEE3:23.59Kaytlin MELVIN4:21.47
10th Jul 20162016 NW Cup #5187Luke STROBEL3:34.06Jaime REES4:33.98
29th May 20162016 NW Cup #3236Luke STROBEL3:28.25Jaime REES4:02.20
13th Sep 20152015 Oregon Enduro #4
(2015 North American Enduro Tour, Round 9)
86Alexander MCGUINNIS38:46.04Kim RUSSELL46:56.15
12th Jul 20152015 NW Cup #4164Luke STROBEL3:45.04Shelby REILLY4:52.64
21st Jun 20152015 NW Cup #3195Kirk MCDOWALL3:35.80Kjersti CHRISTENSEN4:45.92
28th Sep 20142014 Oregon Enduro #5
(2014 North American Enduro Tour, Round 10)
120Charlie SPONSEL37:36.84Kathy PRUITT42:53.16
22nd Jun 20142014 NW Cup #3 218Bryn ATKINSON3:30.39Jaime REES4:28.90
8th Sep 20132013 Oregon Enduro #5145Adam CRAIG38:55.80Rosara JOSEPH43:55.40
14th Jul 20132013 NW Cup #5126Mikey SYLVESTRI3:48.68Britney WHITE5:14.61
23rd Jun 20132013 NW Cup #4
(2013 Grand Prix of MTB, Round 2)
166Ken FAUBERT3:46.13Britney WHITE4:54.90
9th Sep 20122012 Oregon Enduro #5-
22nd Jul 20122012 NW Cup #5143Kirk MCDOWALL3:47.41Karen O'CONNELL5:14.02
17th Jun 20122012 NW Cup #4199Ken FAUBERT3:52.14Michelle WEEKLY5:22.05
25th Sep 2011Hurricane Racing - Oregon State Champs
(Hurricane Racing - Scotty Graham Memorial DH)
69Mikey SYLVESTRI3:54.26Anita DILLES6:06.13
10th Jul 20112011 NW Cup #4 149Luke STEVENS4:00.09Shelby REILLY6:02.57
26th Jun 20112011 NW Cup #3 222Mikey SYLVESTRI3:45.58Chelsey HENRY5:28.73
26th Sep 20102010 Fluidride Cup #4 121Mikey SYLVESTRI3:54.43Jaime REES4:50.40
11th Jul 20102010 Fluidride Cup #3 130Mikey SYLVESTRI3:49.06Jaime REES5:06.89
27th Jun 20102010 Fluidride Cup #2 142Keith THOMPSON4:42.85Jaime REES6:28.43
27th Sep 20092009 Fluidride Cup #6219Mikey SYLVESTRI2:27.50Jill KINTNER3:00.83
12th Jul 20092009 Fluidride Cup #4215Bryn ATKINSON4:08.45Sara JOHNSON5:45.38
28th Jun 20092009 Fluidride Cup #3270J.D. SWANGUEN4:02.00Lisa MYKLAK4:57.14
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