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Events at Rhyd y Felin

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DateEvent Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
18th Jul 2021Pearce Events - UK DH National Champs '21 289Matt WALKER (elt)2:27.02Katherine SHARP3:06.67
12th Jul 2020Si Paton - UK DH National Champs '20CANCELLED
3rd May 20202020 Pearce Cycles #1CANCELLED
23rd Jun 20192019 HSBC UK | DH National Series #3 256Jamie EDMONDSON2:51.95Stacey FISHER3:29.26
12th Aug 20182018 HSBC UK | DH National Series #4 216Joe BREEDEN2:57.11Katy CURD3:51.89
24th Jun 20182018 Pearce Cycles #3 301Joe SMITH (elt)2:43.47Abbie SLOAN3:24.80
23rd Jul 2017Borderline Events - UK DH National Champs '17 240Greg WILLIAMSON2:50.02Rachel ATHERTON3:11.61
18th Jun 20172017 HSBC UK | DH National Series #3 244Charlie HATTON3:03.75Tahnée SEAGRAVE3:37.54
11th Jun 20172017 Pearce Cycles #3 312Daniel TAY3:14.59Abbie SLOAN4:39.04
12th Jun 20162016 Pearce Cycles #3 317Robert SMITH (elt)3:07.01Ellie MAXFIELD3:54.26
29th May 20162016 Shimano BDS #3 235Innes GRAHAM3:09.43Katy CURD3:48.00
28th Jun 20152015 Rose Bikes BDS #4 304Joe SMITH (elt)3:24.42Rachel ATHERTON4:05.07
14th Jun 20152015 Pearce Cycles #3 296Will JONES (elt)2:54.45Carrie POOLE3:41.73
15th Jun 20142014 Pearce Cycles #3 278Will JONES (elt)2:55.88Suzanne LACEY3:40.64
4th May 20142014 Pearce Cycles #2 290Jay WILLIAMSON3:27.85Suzanne LACEY4:26.94
21st Jul 2013Borderline Events - UK DH National Champs '13 305Gee ATHERTON3:22.02Rachel ATHERTON3:38.81
5th May 20132013 Pearce Cycles #2 325Joe SMITH (elt)2:59.79Manon CARPENTER3:41.51
15th Jul 20122012 Pearce Cycles #4 304Adam BRAYTON3:10.38Jess STONE4:02.69
31st Jul 20112011 Pearce Cycles #4 306Alex BOND (elt)2:47.06Manon CARPENTER3:18.38
13th Jun 20102010 Pearce Cycles #4 279Joe SMITH (elt)2:43.95Emma WAREHAM3:26.11
5th Jul 20092009 Pearce Cycles #3 247Marc BEAUMONT2:55.68Tracy MOSELEY3:32.79
20th Jul 2008Pearce Events - UK DH National Champs '08264Steve PEAT2:50.68Tracy MOSELEY3:19.22
15th Jun 20082008 Pearce Cycles #4284James HUGHES (vet)2:49.37Emily HORRIDGE3:15.05
10th Jun 20072007 Pearce Cycles #2 286Sam DALE (elt)2:45.69Sue MAHONY3:32.05
18th Jun 20062006 Midlands Series #3 273Marc BEAUMONT2:40.01Jules COVENTRY3:56.03
4th Jul 20042004 Midlands Super Series #5197Dan CITCHLOW3:06.58Jules COVENTRY4:36.49
3rd Jul 20042004 Midlands Super Series #4220Brendan FAIRCLOUGH3:12.26Jules COVENTRY5:08.81
3rd Aug 20032003 Midlands Super Series #5 177Neil DONOGHUE2:50.72Kirsty PRICE4:45.01
2nd Aug 20032003 Midlands Super Series #4176Marc BEAUMONT2:57.09Suzy OSBORN5:33.04
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