Races at Mountain Creek, NJ

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DateRace Competitors Men's FTD Rider Women's FTD Rider
25th Oct 20202020 Maxxis ESC Specialized DH #8-
26th Jul 20202020 Maxxis ESC Specialized Enduro #7-
26th Jul 20202020 North American Continental Enduro Series #6 - Maxxis ESC-
24th May 20202020 USA National DH Series #3-
29th Sep 20192019 Maxxis ESC Intense DH #7 photo_library1642:43.88Steve ESTABROOK3:20.61Mazie HAYDEN
29th Sep 20192019 Maxxis ESC Specialized Enduro #11 photo_library16716:59.33Seamus POWELL21:23.40Sarah HOWERTER
11th Aug 20192019 Mid Atlantic Super Series Enduro #5 - King of the Mountain photo_library10417:26.00Chris MILLER25:19.00Janel DEMETER
19th May 20192019 Pro GRT #3 photo_library1692:18.34Dakota NORTON2:46.32Caroline WASHAM
26th Aug 20182018 Maxxis ESC Enduro #8 photo_library12618:20.00Adam ROBBINS23:16.00Rachel PAGEAU
26th Aug 20182018 Maxxis ESC DH #6 photo_library1252:36.36Isaac ALLAIRE3:17.14Kristin LENART
1st Jul 20182018 CLIF Enduro East #1 (EWS Qualifier) photo_library8529:32.59Adam ROBBINS38:19.25Kimberley QUINLAN
27th May 20182018 Pro GRT #3 photo_library1662:27.55Aaron GWIN3:12.87Samantha SORIANO
28th May 2017US Open - 2017 US Open of Mountain Biking photo_library videocam2362:22.12Neko MULALLY2:43.29Jill KINTNER
18th Sep 20162016 Triple Crown Eastern Enduro #1 photo_library11112:14.00Antoine CARON15:07.00Dawn BOURQUE
29th May 20162016 Pro GRT #2 photo_library videocam
(2016 Vittoria ESC Atlantic Cup DH, Round 2)
2882:01.77Aaron GWIN2:20.79Jill KINTNER
18th Oct 2015Eastern States Cup - Vittoria East Coast Super DH Champs photo_library1052:38.74Richie RUDE3:14.65Lauren DANEY
4th Oct 20152015 Triple Crown Eastern Enduro #2 - King of the Mountain Enduro photo_library14219:20.00Seamus POWELL24:20.00Lauren PETERSEN
31st May 20152015 Vittoria ESC Atlantic Cup DH #3 - Mountain Creek Spring Classic photo_library
(2015 Pro GRT, Round 2)
3262:05.83Aaron GWIN2:29.36Jill KINTNER
30th May 2015Eastern States Cup - Mountain Creek Spring Classic Super D photo_library48
28th Mar 2015Mountain Creek Bike Park - Transition Race photo_library813:33.82A.Chase T. FIELDS7:01.09G C.Fields N. MURRAY
19th Oct 2014Eastern States Cup - 2014 ESC Super Champs photo_library1392:34.57Richie RUDE3:29.30Kristen COURTNEY
14th Sep 20142014 Triple Crown Eastern Enduro #2 - King of the Mountain Enduro
(2014 North American Enduro Tour, Round 9)
13620:14.85Nathan KANNEY26:17.91Kelly AULT
8th Jun 20142014 Gravity East Series #2 photo_library1752:27.87Ivan Alejandro ORTIZ RODRÍGUEZ3:22.27Amy TEMARANTZ
18th May 20142014 Pro GRT #2 photo_library
(2014 ESC Atlantic Cup DH, Round 2)
2842:08.01Aaron GWIN2:51.94Rae GANDOLF
18th May 20142014 ESC Super-D #162
26th Oct 2013Gravity East - GES Last Call822:39.40George RYAN3:18.56Lauren DANEY
6th Oct 20132013 Triple Crown Eastern Enduro #2 - King of the Mountain Enduro12421:41.28Jake HAMM28:30.99Jane PEARSON
2nd Jun 20132013 Gravity East Series #2 photo_library1602:35.32Ivan Alejandro ORTIZ RODRÍGUEZ3:24.33Anne GALYEAN
19th May 20132013 ESC #1 photo_library videocam
(2013 Pro GRT, Round 4)
2542:12.98Brook MACDONALD2:48.71Anne GALYEAN
18th May 20132013 ESC Super-D #169
14th Oct 2012Gravity East - GES Last Call photo_library videocam712:42.22Neko MULALLY3:41.89Elinor WESNER
3rd Jun 20122012 Gravity East Series #1 photo_library videocam1392:37.14Logan MULALLY3:47.86Elizabeth JONES
20th May 20122012 ESC #1 photo_library videocam
(2012 Pro GRT, Round 2)
2172:10.09Aaron GWIN2:52.25Lauren DANEY
16th Oct 20112011 Diablo DH #8CANCELLED
16th Oct 20112011 Diablo DH #7CANCELLED
7th Aug 20112011 Diablo DH #6CANCELLED
7th Aug 20112011 Diablo DH #5CANCELLED
17th Jul 20112011 Diablo DH #4382:20.50George RYAN3:12.22Amy TEMARANTZ
17th Jul 20112011 Diablo DH #3432:16.39George RYAN2:55.52Elinor ZELLER
26th Jun 20112011 Diablo DH #2512:18.59Jason SCHEIDING2:53.07Caitlyn ANDERSON
26th Jun 20112011 Diablo DH #1572:43.84Alex MOSCHITTI3:34.59Amy TEMARANTZ
29th May 2011US Open - 2011 US Open (DH) videocam3242:19.35Aaron GWIN2:49.16Jill KINTNER
28th May 2011US Open - 2011 US Open (GS) videocam12236.73sMitch ROPELATO40.62sJill KINTNER
24th Oct 20102010 Diablo DH #5742:22.73Phillip KMETZ3:42.96Caitlyn ANDERSON
26th Sep 20102010 Diablo DH #4622:28.60Neko MULALLY3:21.10Becky GARDNER
8th Aug 20102010 Diablo DH #3812:16.26Jason MEMMELAAR2:58.17Becky GARDNER
27th Jun 20102010 Diablo DH #2882:27.61George RYAN3:23.79Becky GARDNER
30th May 2010US Open - 2010 US Open (DH) videocam3362:19.55Andrew NEETHLING2:40.16Tracy MOSELEY
29th May 2010US Open - 2010 US Open (GS) videocam11739.52sBrendan FAIRCLOUGH43.18sJill KINTNER
9th May 20102010 Diablo DH #1932:14.47Jürgen BENEKE3:08.99Becky GARDNER
18th Oct 20092009 Diablo DH #5402:42.88Jason MEMMELAAR3:37.98Hillary MARQUES
13th Sep 20092009 Diablo DH #4462:15.61Ivan Alejandro ORTIZ RODRÍGUEZ3:09.26Hillary MARQUES
23rd Aug 20092009 Diablo DH #3582:11.12Jürgen BENEKE3:18.51Becky GARDNER
12th Jul 20092009 Diablo DH #2742:39.90George RYAN3:52.33Hannah TRIMBLE
24th May 2009US Open - 2009 US Open (DH) videocam1902:30.11Sam HILL (elt)3:05.47Miranda MILLER
17th May 20092009 Diablo DH #11062:12.45Jürgen BENEKE2:51.71Allegra BURCH
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