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Date RaceCompetitorsMen's FTDWomen's FTD
11th Aug 20192019 Enduro World Series #6-
29th Aug 20182018 Phat Wednesdays #9 (Chainless...) photo_library2304:15.05 Remy METAILLER4:36.12 Christina CHAPPETTA
24th Aug 20182018 Phat Kids #5-
19th Aug 2018Crankworx - Canadian Open '18 photo_library2382:45.37 Troy BROSNAN3:16.27 Tracey HANNAH
19th Aug 20182018 Canada Cup #4-
16th Aug 2018Crankworx - Fox AirDH '18 photo_library4443:58.06 Finn ILES4:23.52 Jill KINTNER
14th Aug 2018Crankworx - Garbanzo '18 photo_library21912:46.84 Sam HILL (elt)14:29.74 Georgia ASTLE
13th Aug 2018Crankworx - Kidsworx DH (B-Line) photo_library2074:30.94 Joey DELESALLE5:11.43 Cameron BRAGG
12th Aug 2018Crankworx - Camelbak Canadian Open Enduro photo_library
(2018 Enduro World Series, Round 6)
49241:01.99 Martin MAES47:24.95 Cécile RAVANEL
11th Aug 2018Crankworx - Dual Speed & Style photo_library31
10th Aug 2018Crankworx - Kidsworx Enduro-
1st Aug 20182018 Phat Wednesdays #8 (Schleyer ...) photo_library1232:17.65 Jesse MELAMED2:54.07 Christina CHAPPETTA
28th Jul 2018WORCA - GMC Pump Track Challenge photo_library-
27th Jul 20182018 Phat Kids #4-
25th Jul 20182018 Phat Wednesdays #7 (Earth Circus) photo_library2095:54.90 Finn ILES6:37.16 Georgia ASTLE
16th Jul 2018WORCA - Phat Monday (Crabapple...)1112:20.34 Alastair ADAMS2:30.84 Laurie CITYNSKI
13th Jul 20182018 Phat Kids #3 (B-Line)843:39.55 Daniel CASTELLANOS4:07.11 Emily HOWELL
11th Jul 20182018 Phat Wednesdays #6 photo_library2473:18.86 Remy METAILLER3:37.42 Georgia ASTLE
4th Jul 20182018 Phat Wednesdays #5 (A-Line ⇨ ...) photo_library2293:18.87 Trevor BURKE3:37.11 Georgia ASTLE
29th Jun 20182018 Phat Kids #2 (Crabapple...)592:27.19 Ryan GRIFFITH2:49.55 Erin TIERNEY
27th Jun 20182018 Phat Wednesdays #4 photo_library2292:36.51 Chris KOVARIK2:52.60 Georgia ASTLE
24th Jun 20182018 BC Cup #1 photo_library
(2018 Dunbar Cycles Summer Series, Round 1)
1603:00.99 Jackson FREW3:29.51 Claire BUCHAR
15th Jun 20182018 Phat Kids #1 (Golden Tr...)712:40.58 Colby GORDON3:06.62 Lara MARKTHALER
12th Jun 20182018 Phat Wednesdays #3 (Fantastic...)1772:26.00 Chris KOVARIK2:42.65 Christina CHAPPETTA
6th Jun 20182018 Phat Wednesdays #2 (Upper Ang...) photo_library2323:10.08 Chris KOVARIK3:26.22 Christina CHAPPETTA
30th May 20182018 Phat Wednesdays #1 (B-Line) photo_library2243:30.96 Kevin CLARKE3:42.77 Christina CHAPPETTA
10th Sep 20172017 North American Enduro Tour #5CANCELLED
30th Aug 20172017 Phat Wednesdays #7 (Chainless...)2014:18.00 Dakotah NORTON4:57.43 Georgia ASTLE
25th Aug 20172017 Phat Kids #3 (Ninja Cou...)452:35.92 Pete VERHEYDE3:00.86 Chrissy DEVALL
20th Aug 2017Crankworx - Canadian Open '17
(2017 Canada Cup, Round 3)
2652:46.04 Troy BROSNAN3:17.85 Tracey HANNAH
16th Aug 2017Crankworx - AirDH '17 photo_library4124:02.17 Adrien LORON4:24.18 Jill KINTNER
15th Aug 2017Crankworx - Garbanzo '17 photo_library21912:21.19 Marcelo GUTIÉRREZ VILLEGAS14:06.96 Tracey HANNAH
14th Aug 2017Crankworx - Kidsworx DH (B-Line)1874:12.35 Landon DEVALL5:30.18 Molly BLAIR
13th Aug 2017Crankworx - SRAM Canadian Open Enduro photo_library
(2017 Enduro World Series, Round 7)
32843:52.16 Jesse MELAMED51:26.42 Cécile RAVANEL
12th Aug 2017Crankworx - SRAM Canadian Open Enduro Challenger11231:12.67 Petr MORAVEK39:16.03 Stepanka NESTLEROVA
29th Jul 2017WORCA - PhaSt Kidz533:38.33 Pete VERHEYDE4:51.87 Leah PEGRAM
26th Jul 20172017 Phat Wednesdays #6 (Ninja Cou...)2433:11.79 George NEWHAM3:32.64 Christina CHAPPETTA
19th Jul 20172017 Phat Kids #2 (B-Line ⇨ ...)973:34.58 Judd DEVALL4:02.57 Schalene SHELLY
12th Jul 20172017 Phat Wednesdays #5 (Schleyer ...)1832:25.77 George NEWHAM2:51.52 Keren WAREHAM
5th Jul 20172017 Phat Wednesdays #4 (Funshine ...)2392:34.25 Trevor BURKE2:48.82 Georgia ASTLE
28th Jun 20172017 Phat Kids #1632:39.95 Steve DONOHOE2:50.89 Chrissy DEVALL
25th Jun 20172017 BC Cup #12113:03.68 Chris KOVARIK3:21.63 Claire BUCHAR
14th Jun 20172017 Phat Wednesdays #3 (Upper Fan...)2492:30.27 Jesse MELAMED2:50.72 Georgia ASTLE
7th Jun 20172017 Phat Wednesdays #2 (Upper Ang...)2502:52.62 Jesse MELAMED3:14.45 Georgia ASTLE
31st May 20172017 Phat Wednesdays #1 (B-Line)2683:32.00 Chris KOVARIK3:46.06 Georgia ASTLE
11th Sep 20162016 North American Enduro Tour #4 - Whistler Fall Classic5424:27.20 Chris JOHNSTON29:07.52 Leonie PICTON
2nd Sep 20162016 Phat Kids #3 (Ninja Cou...)372:36.07 Finn FINESTONE3:28.83 Maya MIKKELSEN
31st Aug 20162016 Phat Wednesdays #9 (Chainless...)2324:30.85 Zander GEDDES5:00.12 Claire BUCHAR
21st Aug 2016Crankworx - Canadian Open '16
(2016 Canada Cup, Round 4)
2992:43.35 Troy BROSNAN3:10.92 Tracey HANNAH
17th Aug 2016Crankworx - AirDH '164154:04.02 Bas VAN STEENBERGEN4:22.74 Jill KINTNER
16th Aug 2016Crankworx - Garbanzo '1623212:19.28 Marcelo GUTIÉRREZ VILLEGAS14:14.32 Miranda MILLER
15th Aug 2016Crankworx - Kidsworx (B-Line)1905:17.52 Tristan LEMIRE6:08.30 Bailey GOLDSTONE
14th Aug 2016Crankworx - SRAM Canadian Open Enduro
(2016 Enduro World Series, Round 6)
21248:35.65 Richie RUDE55:25.69 Cécile RAVANEL
3rd Aug 20162016 Phat Wednesdays #8 (Joyride ⇨...)1342:16.81 Chris KOVARIK2:38.88 Claire BUCHAR
27th Jul 20162016 Phat Kids #2 (B-Line)963:38.00 Leif WILSON4:09.50 Bailey GOLDSTONE
20th Jul 20162016 Phat Wednesdays #7 (A-Line ⇨ ...)2333:10.39 George NEWHAM3:25.72 Claire BUCHAR
13th Jul 20162016 Phat Wednesdays #6 (Orient Ex...)2693:20.07 Remy METAILLER3:43.90 Claire BUCHAR
6th Jul 20162016 Phat Wednesdays #5 (Schleyer ...)1962:17.66 Chris KOVARIK2:46.74 Georgia ASTLE
29th Jun 20162016 Phat Kids #1 (Crabapple...)622:39.06 Jackson GOLDSTONE3:05.83 Jaya GUIBERT
25th Jun 2016Cycling BC - BC Champs1562:53.94 Kirk MCDOWALL3:18.17 Claire BUCHAR
15th Jun 20162016 Phat Wednesdays #4 (Funshine ...)2932:30.86 Remy METAILLER2:48.42 Claire BUCHAR
8th Jun 20162016 Phat Wednesdays #3 (Fantastic...)2142:43.39 Chris KOVARIK3:01.69 Claire BUCHAR
1st Jun 20162016 Phat Wednesdays #22473:26.08 Yoann BARELLI3:46.24 Claire BUCHAR
29th May 20162016 North American Enduro Tour #1 - Whistler Spring Classic9721:55.57 Joshua CARLSON26:41.85 Miranda MILLER
25th May 20162016 Phat Wednesdays #1 (B-Line)2533:29.42 Chris KOVARIK3:46.32 Claire BUCHAR
19th Sep 2015WORCA - Phat Weekend EnduroCANCELLED
13th Sep 2015WORCA - Phat Weekend DHCANCELLED
2nd Sep 20152015 Phat Wednesdays #9 (Chainless...)1885:18.97 Chris KOVARIK5:51.94 Leonie PICTON
28th Aug 20152015 Phat Kids #3 (Ninja Cou...)502:33.44 Finn FINESTONE4:12.24 Kirstin HIGGINS
26th Aug 20152015 Phat Wednesdays #8 (In Deep ⇨...)1215:40.87 Chris KOVARIK6:38.60 Claire BUCHAR
16th Aug 2015Crankworx - Canadian Open '15
(2015 Canada Cup, Round 3)
2942:32.22 Calum MACKIE3:20.95 Casey BROWN
12th Aug 2015Crankworx - AirDH '153904:07.70 Steve SMITH4:30.30 Jill KINTNER
11th Aug 2015Crankworx - Garbanzo '15 photo_library21912:56.93 Marcelo GUTIÉRREZ VILLEGAS14:43.15 Claire BUCHAR
10th Aug 2015Crankworx - Kidsworx (B-Line)1705:07.14 Sten PETERSEN5:34.77 Bailey GOLDSTONE
9th Aug 20152015 Enduro World Series #6 photo_library videocam26849:23.84 Richie RUDE56:36.78 Tracy MOSELEY
29th Jul 20152015 Phat Wednesdays #7 (Joyride ⇨...)1282:09.96 Chris KOVARIK2:32.77 Claire BUCHAR
22nd Jul 20152015 Phat Kids #2 (B-Line)733:32.20 Lucas CRUZ4:09.10 Bailey GOLDSTONE
15th Jul 20152015 Phat Wednesdays #6 (Schleyer ...)1512:34.39 Chris KOVARIK3:10.19 Claire BUCHAR
1st Jul 20152015 Phat Wednesdays #5 (Ninja Cou...)1913:29.35 Remy METAILLER3:53.25 Claire BUCHAR
28th Jun 20152015 BC Cup #2 & BC Champs1892:33.63 Chris KOVARIK3:03.30 Jaime HILL
24th Jun 20152015 Phat Kids #1 (Crabapple...)402:20.97 Lucas CRUZ3:12.12 Kirstin HIGGINS
17th Jun 20152015 Phat Wednesdays #4 (Funshine ...)2723:38.41 Chris KOVARIK3:59.20 Claire BUCHAR
12th Jun 20152015 Funduro #33910:39.69 Jesse MELAMED12:51.79 Katrina STRAND
10th Jun 20152015 Phat Wednesdays #3 (Fantastic...)2262:48.58 Jesse MELAMED3:09.31 Christina CHAPPETTA
5th Jun 20152015 Funduro #2708:59.54 Shane GAYTON10:20.43 Georgia ASTLE
3rd Jun 20152015 Phat Wednesdays #2 (Angry Pir...)2613:30.51 Chris KOVARIK3:50.60 Claire BUCHAR
29th May 20152015 Funduro #1448:14.86 Shane GAYTON9:41.45 Christina CHAPPETTA
27th May 20152015 Phat Wednesdays #1 (B-Line)2663:16.62 Chris KOVARIK3:29.34 Leonie PICTON
16th May 2015WORCA - GO Enduro
(2015 North American Enduro Tour, Round 1)
9224:50.10 Jesse MELAMED30:17.88 Claire BUCHAR
27th Sep 2014WORCA - Phat Weekend Enduro3219:09.98 Shane GAYTON26:07.03 Simmone LYONS
14th Sep 2014WORCA - Phat Weekend DH546:09.11 Chris KOVARIK7:01.31 Claire BUCHAR
6th Sep 20142014 Phat Kids #4 (Ninja Cou...)382:46.80 Finn FINESTONE3:50.80 Bailey GOLDSTONE
27th Aug 20142014 Phat Wednesdays #9 (A-Line)2364:30.40 Nick GEDDES4:56.16 Claire BUCHAR
26th Aug 20142014 Phat Kids #3 (B-Line ⇨ ...)384:00.00 Sten PETERSEN4:42.00 Bailey GOLDSTONE
17th Aug 2014Crankworx - Canadian Open '14
(2014 Canada Cup, Round 3)
3232:50.92 Marcelo GUTIÉRREZ VILLEGAS3:18.96 Tracey HANNAH
13th Aug 2014Crankworx - AirDH '143874:22.88 Mick HANNAH4:42.69 Jill KINTNER
12th Aug 2014Crankworx - Kidsworx (B-Line)944:05.09 Damian GEORGYEV4:16.87 Valentina HÖLL
12th Aug 2014Crankworx - Garbanzo '1424512:24.65 Marcelo GUTIÉRREZ VILLEGAS14:22.64 Claire BUCHAR
10th Aug 20142014 Enduro World Series #6
(2014 North American Enduro Tour, Round 7)
32051:11.44 Jared GRAVES58:04.15 Cécile RAVANEL
30th Jul 20142014 Phat Wednesdays #81082:16.47 Chris KOVARIK2:39.57 Claire BUCHAR

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