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Events at Silver Mtn, Kellogg, ID

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DateEvent Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
13th Jun 2021Race Cascadia - North America Enduro Cup (EWS Qualifier) 363Max SEDLAK40:21.71Kate LAWRENCE48:43.57
19th Jul 20202020 NW Cup #2 461Matthew STERLING2:12.06Ella ERICKSON2:42.18
13th Jun 2020Race Cascadia - North America Enduro CupCANCELLED
4th Aug 20192019 NW Cup #6 276Chris KOVARIK2:19.60Claire BUCHAR2:44.95
15th Jun 2019


2019 Cascadia Dirt Cup - Bonus race (EWS Qualifier)








Adele MERY




14th Jul 20182018 Sturdy Dirty Women's Enduro #2 71Alicia LEGGETT29:03.91
1st Jul 2018


Race Cascadia - North America Enduro Cup (EWS Qualifier)












24th Jun 20182018 NW Cup #4 281Carson EISWALD2:14.06Autumn PARHAM2:53.95
24th Nov 20172017 Silver Race Series #3-
27th Aug 20172017 Silver Race Series #2-
30th Jul 20172017 Silver Race Series #1-
16th Jul 20172017 NW Cup #5255Carson EISWALD2:10.41Jaime REES2:38.09
25th Sep 20162016 Silver Race Series - Super-D #3 & Silveroxx89Kent BILLINGSLEY13:54.12Alicia LEGGETT17:30.44
24th Sep 20162016 Silver Race Series - DH #3 & Silveroxx78Matthew CHYNOWETH2:14.96Alli GAERTNER3:03.65
28th Aug 20162016 Silver Race Series - Super-D #257Kent BILLINGSLEY8:28.94Dana SPERLE9:43.68
27th Aug 20162016 Silver Race Series - DH #249Kent BILLINGSLEY2:53.50Emily WELLINGTON3:53.49
31st Jul 20162016 Silver Race Series - Super-D #162Matthew CHYNOWETH9:25.56Karina MAGRATH11:52.25
30th Jul 20162016 Silver Race Series - DH #152Wood SKINNER2:16.59Ella ERICKSON2:49.88
26th Jun 20162016 NW Cup #4220Luke STROBEL2:12.38Jaime REES2:37.37
12th Jun 2016North American Enduro Coalition - North American Enduro Cup215Logan WETZEL37:44.00Kim HARDIN44:34.26
4th Oct 20152015 Silver Race Series #769Tyler JAROSZ17:20.67Jaime REES20:17.38
3rd Oct 20152015 Silver Race Series #668Matthew CHYNOWETH2:36.46Katie SANDERS2:58.23
6th Sep 20152015 Silver Race Series #548Alec WATTS2:35.39Jen ERICKSON3:42.68
23rd Aug 20152015 NW Cup #6187Weston POTTER2:22.46Kjersti CHRISTENSEN3:04.83
9th Aug 20152015 Silver Race Series #453Bryan CRUM3:43.36Jaime REES4:15.77
19th Jul 20152015 Silver Race Series #356Mike GAERTNER3:59.24Brittani MARQUAND4:59.50
28th Jun 20152015 Silver Race Series #243Matthew CHYNOWETH2:27.43Susan NUBBINS3:12.36
27th Jun 20152015 Silver Race Series #139Erik GRAY2:31.61Ella ERICKSON2:50.32
5th Oct 20142014 Silver Race Series #7 & Silveroxx68Kent BILLINGSLEY14:36.93Jaime REES16:37.52
4th Oct 20142014 Silver Race Series #6 & Silveroxx64Alec WATTS2:18.67Jaime REES2:48.98
7th Sep 20142014 Silver Race Series #553Kent BILLINGSLEY5:43.76Jaime REES6:23.32
3rd Aug 20142014 Silver Race Series #449Kent BILLINGSLEY2:29.31Jaime REES2:50.42
13th Jul 20142014 Silver Race Series #351Kent BILLINGSLEY4:23.13Chelsey HENRY5:20.62
15th Jun 20142014 Silver Race Series #238Kent BILLINGSLEY14:11.16Sandy DENSMORE19:31.57
14th Jun 20142014 Silver Race Series #152Kent BILLINGSLEY4:11.69Gretchen RANDOLPH6:07.63
16th Jun 20132013 All Gravity Series #2 (DH2)44Justin COVEY4:52.45Adrian HOPKINS6:01.18
15th Jun 20132013 All Gravity Series #2 (DH1)41Evan HARMON5:55.51Adrian HOPKINS7:10.49
30th Sep 20122012 All Gravity Series #6 (DH2)66Anthony WILLIAMS3:21.76Sandy DENSMORE4:03.45
29th Sep 20122012 All Gravity Series #6 (DH1)56Kyle THOMAS4:30.97Emily WELLINGTON6:22.53
24th Jun 20122012 All Gravity Series #2 (DH2)68Charlie SPONSEL4:30.73Ruth THOMAS6:30.56
23rd Jun 20122012 All Gravity Series #2 (DH1)64Evan HARMON3:13.85Ruth THOMAS3:54.77
2nd Oct 20112011 All Gravity Series #5 (DH)86Tim WISEMAN3:23.95Sandy DENSMORE4:07.42
1st Oct 20112011 All Gravity Series #5 (Super-D)70Kyle THOMAS9:55.01Jaime REES11:06.75
19th Jun 20112011 All Gravity Series #2 (DH2)78Kyle THOMAS4:50.80Beth HAUSAM6:07.68
18th Jun 20112011 All Gravity Series #2 (DH1)97Rob CRUMP13:24.82Beth HAUSAM15:00.48
3rd Oct 20102010 All Gravity Series #4 (DH)82Lane PAXTON10:04.93Jaime REES11:01.57
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