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DateEvent Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
26th Mar 20232023 Southridge Winter DH Series #6-
25th Mar 20232023 Southridge Winter Enduro Series #6-
13th Mar 20232023 Southridge Winter DH Series #5-
12th Mar 20232023 Southridge Winter Enduro Series #5-
26th Feb 20232023 Southridge Winter DH Series #4-
25th Feb 20232023 Southridge Winter Enduro Series #4-
12th Feb 20232023 Southridge Winter DH Series #3-
11th Feb 20232023 Southridge Winter Enduro Series #3-
29th Jan 20232023 Southridge Winter DH Series #2-
28th Jan 20232023 Southridge Winter Enduro Series #2-
15th Jan 20232023 Southridge Winter DH Series #1-
14th Jan 20232023 Southridge Winter Enduro Series #1-
13th Nov 2022Southridge USA - Southridge Annual Challenge DH 87Blake HANSON1:08.39Sara LIGMAN1:29.58
12th Nov 2022Southridge USA - Southridge Annual Challenge Enduro 23Thomas WEBB6:03.74
2nd Oct 20222022 Southridge USA Snow Valley MTB - DH #3 98Maison DUNCAN2:38.40Samantha PORRAS3:10.46
1st Oct 20222022 Southridge USA Snow Valley MTB - Enduro #3 50Kash STEELE13:07.60Lynnette STOWERS15:36.33
18th Sep 20222022 Southridge USA Snow Valley MTB - DH #2 106Cody SPENCER2:44.48Sydney PHILLIPS3:03.17
17th Sep 20222022 Southridge USA Snow Valley MTB - Enduro #2 52Reid HUELSENBECK12:46.59Jackie RESEIGNE15:17.52
28th Aug 20222022 Southridge USA Snow Valley MTB - DH #1 94Gavin TOMLINSON3:12.68Samantha PORRAS3:52.40
27th Aug 20222022 Southridge USA Snow Valley MTB - Enduro #1 43Douglas LAU10:57.03Jackie RESEIGNE12:25.76
20th Mar 20222022 Southridge Winter DH Series #6 121Steven WALTON59.73sKailey SKELTON1:13.61
19th Mar 20222022 Southridge Winter Enduro Series #641Nikolas NESTOROFF3:22.36
6th Mar 20222022 Southridge Winter DH Series #5 122Dane CARVER1:09.46Addison BUCKENBERGER1:32.77
5th Mar 20222022 Southridge Winter Enduro Series #532Steven WALTON6:08.47Dani GEORGE7:28.58
20th Feb 20222022 Southridge Winter DH Series #4 125Steven WALTON1:10.78McKenna MERTEN1:40.44
19th Feb 20222022 Southridge Winter Enduro Series #4 33Steven WALTON4:46.37Dani GEORGE6:10.42
6th Feb 20222022 Southridge Winter DH Series #3 137Steven WALTON1:02.26Kailey SKELTON1:18.16
5th Feb 20222022 Southridge Winter Enduro Series #3 30Steven WALTON4:33.63Dani GEORGE5:43.02
23rd Jan 20222022 Southridge Winter DH Series #2 140Nikolas NESTOROFF1:04.41Kailey SKELTON1:19.92
22nd Jan 20222022 Southridge Winter Enduro Series #2 32Nikolas NESTOROFF5:54.90
9th Jan 20222022 Southridge Winter DH Series #1 143Nikolas NESTOROFF59.07sKailey SKELTON1:16.57
8th Jan 20222022 Southridge Winter Enduro Series #1 44Nikolas NESTOROFF3:16.24Claire FIENE4:39.80
14th Nov 2021Southridge USA - Southridge Annual Challenge DH-
13th Nov 2021Southridge USA - Southridge Annual Challenge Enduro-
9th May 20212021 Southridge Winter DH Series #5137Steven WALTON1:00.41Kailey SKELTON1:15.31
8th May 20212021 Southridge Winter Enduro Series #5-
25th Apr 20212021 Southridge Winter DH Series #4168Steven WALTON1:04.50Kailey SKELTON1:20.10
24th Apr 20212021 Southridge Winter Enduro Series #4-
11th Apr 20212021 Southridge Winter DH Series #3129Austin DOOLEY1:03.30Sydney PHILLIPS1:25.50
10th Apr 20212021 Southridge Winter Enduro Series #3-
21st Mar 20212021 Southridge Winter DH Series #2152Austin DOOLEY1:04.47Kailey SKELTON1:20.89
20th Mar 20212021 Southridge Winter Enduro Series #2-
10th Jan 20212021 Southridge Winter DH Series #1170Steven WALTON1:26.70Kailey SKELTON1:56.30
9th Jan 20212021 Southridge Winter Enduro Series #1-
15th Nov 2020Southridge USA - Southridge Annual Challenge DHCANCELLED
14th Nov 2020Southridge USA - Southridge Annual Challenge EnduroCANCELLED
17th May 20202020 Cal State DH #2CANCELLED
8th Mar 20202020 Southridge Winter DH Series #5131Aaron GWIN1:57.16Derin MERTEN2:41.57
7th Mar 20202020 Southridge Winter Enduro Series #5RESULTS LOST
23rd Feb 20202020 Southridge Winter DH Series #4146Aaron GWIN2:02.02McKenna MERTEN2:51.02
22nd Feb 20202020 Southridge Winter Enduro Series #437Stephen BENNY6:21.60McKenna MERTEN9:14.64
9th Feb 20202020 Southridge Winter DH Series #3158Dante SILVA2:09.26McKenna MERTEN2:48.13
8th Feb 2020Southridge USA - Predator Night Race DH79Cody MASSON2:36.61Jackie RESEIGNE3:20.56
8th Feb 20202020 Southridge Winter Enduro Series #355Steven WALTON6:18.01Claire FIENE9:38.98
26th Jan 20202020 Southridge Winter DH Series #2162Bruce KLEIN1:57.70McKenna MERTEN2:33.48
25th Jan 20202020 Southridge Winter Enduro Series #249Aiden CHAPIN6:07.77Lauren STRICKLAND9:11.73
12th Jan 20202020 Southridge Winter DH Series #1 163Bruce KLEIN2:04.30Kera LINN2:49.13
11th Jan 20202020 Southridge Winter Enduro Series #151Steven CISAR7:20.70Michelle ARGUELLO9:54.10
17th Nov 2019Southridge USA - Southridge Annual Challenge Enduro35Steven CISAR7:45.20
17th Nov 2019Southridge USA - Southridge Annual Challenge DH105Steven WALTON1:39.29Staci JOHNSON2:13.55
19th May 20192019 Cal State DH #368Caleb HOLLAND3:10.11Grace LAWSON4:16.43
7th Apr 20192019 Cal State DH #179Zane FLETCHER3:12.74Staci JOHNSON4:51.98
10th Mar 20192019 Southridge Winter DH Series #5145Zane FLETCHER3:12.50Flora LESOIN3:54.70
9th Mar 20192019 Southridge Winter Enduro Series #568Tevin CAMPBELL6:57.95Danielle ROMERO12:58.11
24th Feb 20192019 Southridge Winter DH Series #4151Aaron GWIN3:06.38Flora LESOIN4:09.37
23rd Feb 20192019 Southridge Winter Enduro Series #457Chappy FIENE7:33.19Jackie RESEIGNE11:36.08
10th Feb 20192019 Southridge Winter DH Series #3140Steven WALTON3:11.79Flora LESOIN4:04.29
9th Feb 20192019 Southridge Winter Enduro Series #363Aiden CHAPIN7:23.90Amber TINSTMAN9:28.10
27th Jan 20192019 Southridge Winter DH Series #2135Austin DOOLEY4:04.25Jordan SCOTT5:12.24
26th Jan 20192019 Southridge Winter Enduro Series #257Aiden CHAPIN7:48.04Danielle ROMERO14:09.54
13th Jan 20192019 Southridge Winter DH Series #1129Steven WALTON2:56.60Dixie OWENS4:04.50
12th Jan 20192019 Southridge Winter Enduro Series #145Aiden CHAPIN7:24.44
18th Nov 2018


2018 Cal State DH #3












21st Oct 20182018 Cal State DH #273Methasit BOONSANE3:38.13Jordan SCOTT4:36.68
30th Sep 20182018 Cal State DH #177Ryan PINKERTON3:10.95Lecksi WINGER4:17.74
8th Apr 2018Southridge USA - Fontana City National132Bruce KLEIN1:56.47Rachel STRAIT2:39.26
25th Mar 20182018 KMC Winter Training Series #6147Aaron GWIN2:55.60McKenna MERTEN3:57.75
24th Mar 20182018 KMC Winter Training Super-D Series #665Cody MASSON6:24.72Laura BOASE8:34.59
11th Mar 20182018 KMC Winter Training Series #5102Aaron GWIN1:54.00Heather MUNIVE2:55.10
10th Mar 20182018 KMC Winter Training Super-D Series #549Cody HULL5:53.97Crystal ANTHONY7:20.88
25th Feb 20182018 KMC Winter Training Series #4139Bruce KLEIN1:56.13Anneke BEERTEN2:29.80
24th Feb 20182018 KMC Winter Training Super-D Series #443Cody HULL5:44.10Maranda MALISKA8:09.20
11th Feb 20182018 KMC Winter Training Series #3151Bruce KLEIN1:58.00Anneke BEERTEN2:24.70
10th Feb 20182018 KMC Winter Training Super-D Series #360Cody MASSON6:57.98Megan DUEHRING9:18.64
28th Jan 20182018 KMC Winter Training Series #2111Cody JOHNSON (pro)2:10.57McKenna MERTEN3:08.57
27th Jan 20182018 KMC Winter Training Super-D Series #257Cody MASSON6:01.74Julia GIBBONS7:43.96
14th Jan 20182018 KMC Winter Training Series #1150Bruce KLEIN1:56.03Dani JOHNSON2:44.20
13th Jan 20182018 KMC Winter Training Super-D Series #185Cody MASSON7:15.47Megan DUEHRING9:36.72
19th Nov 2017Southridge USA - Southridge Annual Challenge68Cole PICCHIOTTINO2:02.10Amanda WENTZ3:00.90
5th Nov 20172017 Cal State DH #380Cole PICCHIOTTINO1:58.61Natalie VITALIE2:45.78
22nd Oct 20172017 Cal State DH #290Cole PICCHIOTTINO2:03.06McKenna MERTEN2:46.92
1st Oct 20172017 Cal State DH #1113Cole PICCHIOTTINO2:07.84C.J. SELIG2:48.26
2nd Apr 20172017 Fontana Winter #7189Aaron GWIN1:56.29Emily GACAD2:54.85
1st Apr 20172017 Fontana Winter Super-D #7150Evander HUGHES11:42.00Christine EIKMEIER14:00.00
19th Mar 20172017 Fontana Winter #6164Aaron GWIN1:49.97Emily GACAD2:47.91
18th Mar 20172017 Fontana Winter Super-D #687Tyler WEYMAN3:37.54Heather GAMBINI4:34.60
5th Mar 20172017 Fontana Winter #5176Steven WALTON1:59.02Anneke BEERTEN2:20.13
4th Mar 20172017 Fontana Winter Super-D #566Dillon SANTOS8:14.53Sarah VIGGERS9:56.96
19th Feb 20172017 Fontana Winter #4168Charlie HARRISON1:54.80Caroline BUCHANAN2:17.70
18th Feb 20172017 Fontana Winter Super-D #432Cole PICCHIOTTINO6:57.61Heather GAMBINI9:19.77
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