Races at Bootleg Canyon, NV

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DateRace Competitors Men's FTD Rider Women's FTD Rider
15th Mar 2020Downhill Mike - Reaper Madness DH1344:24.34Cole SUETOS5:36.67Kailey SKELTON
14th Mar 2020Downhill Mike - Reaper Madness Enduro6022:28.70Paul SERRA27:20.10Alicia LEGGETT
16th Feb 2020Downhill Mike - Mob in Mojave DH-
15th Feb 2020Downhill Mike - Mob in Mojave Enduro-
15th Feb 20202020 North American Continental Enduro Series #1 - DVO Mob n Mojave-
19th Jan 2020Downhill Mike - Nevada State Champs DH-
18th Jan 2020Downhill Mike - Nevada State Champs Enduro-
17th Mar 2019Downhill Mike - Reaper Madness DH1653:57.83Aaron GWIN5:27.91Jessie JONES
16th Mar 2019Downhill Mike - Reaper Madness Enduro9120:06.10Paul SERRA23:12.20Stefanie MCDANIEL*
17th Feb 2019Downhill Mike - Mob in Mojave DH1333:33.02Nikolas NESTOROFF4:42.21Amanda WENTZ
16th Feb 2019Downhill Mike - Mob in Mojave Enduro9717:32.60Evan GEANKOPLIS19:35.90Stefanie MCDANIEL*
20th Jan 2019Downhill Mike - Nevada State Champs DH1313:15.76Nikolas NESTOROFF4:15.84Amanda WENTZ
19th Jan 2019Downhill Mike - Nevada State Champs Enduro9324:11.48Cody KELLEY29:01.07Stefanie MCDANIEL*
18th Mar 2018Downhill Mike - Reaper Madness Enduro8433:56.65Carter ANDERSON37:59.95Stefanie MCDANIEL*
18th Mar 2018Downhill Mike - Reaper Madness DH1403:23.29Logan BINGGELI4:32.73Chelsea KIMBALL
18th Feb 2018Downhill Mike - Mob in Mojave Enduro9224:13.46Evan GEANKOPLIS27:19.00Christine EIKMEIER
18th Feb 2018Downhill Mike - Mob in Mojave DH1274:33.97Liam SMILLIE5:45.91Veronika WIDMANN
21st Jan 2018Downhill Mike - Nevada State Champs DH1294:19.09Logan BINGGELI5:29.62Samantha KINGSHILL
20th Jan 2018Downhill Mike - Nevada State Champs Super-D10022:08.43Mckay VEZINA28:20.22Amanda PROPST
26th Mar 2017Downhill Mike - Reaper Madness DH1564:07.16Aaron GWIN5:03.90Samantha KINGSHILL
25th Mar 2017Downhill Mike - Reaper Madness Super-D5912:11.92Ryan GEIGER15:19.37Nicole SCHANILEC
12th Feb 2017Downhill Mike - Mob in Mojave DH1253:39.81Bruce KLEIN4:31.73Samantha KINGSHILL
11th Feb 2017Downhill Mike - Mob in Mojave Super-D727:45.50Alex SMITH (u30)9:22.20Rachel THROOP
16th Jan 2017Downhill Mike - Nevada State Champs Super-D768:52.08Cody KELLEY11:06.95Lia WESTERMANN
15th Jan 2017Downhill Mike - Nevada State Champs DH1353:26.72Logan BINGGELI4:55.82Samantha KINGSHILL
26th Mar 2016Benduro - 2016 Bootleg Benduro6226:07.00Jubal DAVIS33:31.00Amanda PROPST
13th Mar 2016Downhill Mike - Reaper Madness DH1593:38.40Aaron GWIN4:32.80Jacqueline HARMONY
12th Mar 2016Downhill Mike - Reaper Madness Super-D8712:23.99Johnny EASON15:05.55Lauren BINGHAM
14th Feb 2016Downhill Mike - Mob in Mojave DH1474:27.60Demetri TRIANTAFILLOU5:33.50Samantha KINGSHILL
13th Feb 2016Downhill Mike - Mob in Mojave Super-D829:10.95Bryn BINGHAM10:56.95Amanda PROPST
17th Jan 2016Downhill Mike - Nevada State Champs DH1793:13.25Logan BINGGELI4:09.03Samantha KINGSHILL
16th Jan 2016Downhill Mike - Nevada State Champs Super-D1099:41.40Christopher FAULKNER10:58.10Samantha KINGSHILL
15th Mar 2015Downhill Mike - Reaper Madness DH1793:34.59Aaron GWIN4:34.96Jacqueline HARMONY
14th Mar 2015Downhill Mike - Reaper Madness Super-D6611:13.40Bill LASHER19:34.50Amanda PROPST
15th Feb 2015Downhill Mike - Mob in Mojave DH1373:59.09Bruce KLEIN5:51.91Samantha KINGSHILL
14th Feb 2015Downhill Mike - Mob in Mojave Super-D6810:27.73Christopher FAULKNER13:26.60Sabrina NORTON
18th Jan 2015Downhill Mike - Nevada State Champs DH1723:22.21Kyle HOGAN4:14.10Jacqueline HARMONY
17th Jan 2015Downhill Mike - Nevada State Champs Super-D879:23.59Scott COUNTRYMAN10:57.47Sarah KAUFMANN
16th Mar 2014Downhill Mike - Reaper Madness Super-D5014:01.50Taylor LIDEEN34:42.00Sheri PETERS
16th Mar 2014Downhill Mike - Reaper Madness DH1953:41.09Kevin AIELLO5:12.69Samantha CHALOUPKA
16th Feb 2014Downhill Mike - Mob in Mojave Super-D4715:12.44Cody KELLEY22:45.53Holly PRIEST
16th Feb 2014Downhill Mike - Mob in Mojave DH1183:53.25Logan BINGGELI5:42.35Samantha CHALOUPKA
19th Jan 2014Downhill Mike - Nevada State Champs Super-D668:54.89Cody KELLEY11:27.67Allison OLIVER
19th Jan 2014Downhill Mike - Nevada State Champs DH1983:06.28Aaron GWIN4:22.69Samantha CHALOUPKA
17th Mar 20132013 Pro GRT #1
(Reaper Madness DH)
2543:46.21Logan BINGGELI4:42.92Jacqueline HARMONY
16th Mar 2013Downhill Mike - Reaper Madness Super-D4911:59.70Waylon SMITH16:54.40Jackie SWIDER
20th Jan 2013Downhill Mike - Nevada State Champs2723:11.24Mikey SYLVESTRI4:01.65Jacqueline HARMONY
19th Feb 2012Downhill Mike - Reaper Madness DH1673:58.51Mitch ROPELATO4:57.77Jacqueline HARMONY
18th Feb 2012Downhill Mike - Reaper Madness Super-D679:24.44Tom DORAN (O'BRIEN)11:43.72Andrea NAPOLI
20th Feb 2011Downhill Mike - Nevada State Champs videocam2473:11.18Mitch ROPELATO3:48.65Jacqueline HARMONY
14th Feb 2010Johnson Rockhard Presents... - The New Mob!1543:47.44Mitch ROPELATO4:28.96Melissa BUHL
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