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Date RaceCompetitorsMen's FTDWomen's FTD
18th Aug 20192019 SDA #4-
22nd Jul 2018SDA - UK National Champs '18 photo_library videocam1552:15.65 Matt WALKER (elt)3:00.09 Katy CURD
6th May 2018No Fuss Events - MacAvalanche photo_library27821:03.06 Fergus LAMB30:37.08 Nicki MOORE
28th May 20172017 SDA #3 photo_library1242:06.89 Ben CATHRO2:59.85 Mikayla PARTON
7th May 2017No Fuss Events - MacAvalanche photo_library28016:55.00 Chris HUTCHENS22:39.00 Fiona BEATTIE
29th May 20162016 SDA #3 photo_library1352:07.25 Ben CATHRO3:01.71 Deborah PRIMROSE
7th May 2016No Fuss Events - MacAvalanche photo_library videocam19027:12.00 Callum MCCUBBING35:59.00 Roslynn NEWMAN
26th Jul 20152015 SDA #4 photo_library1132:16.73 Lewis BUCHANAN (elt)3:24.95 Tara O'BOYLE
24th May 20152015 SDA #2 photo_library1992:43.10 Kenta GALLAGHER3:38.16 Rona STRIVENS
9th May 20152015 Bluegrass Endurotour #1 photo_library13124:56.00 Chris HUTCHENS33:57.00 Roslynn NEWMAN
22nd Jun 2014SDA - Scottish Champs '14 photo_library videocam1862:32.41 Ben CATHRO3:36.34 Elena MELTON
4th May 20142014 Bluegrass Endurotour #28223:08.00 Joe BARNES (elt)34:28.00 Hannah BARNES (end)
19th May 20132013 SDA #2 photo_library1712:56.46 Greg WILLIAMSON3:55.78 Emma ATKINSON (elt)
30th Sep 2012SDA - Red Run782:57.94 Joe CONNELL4:21.96 Roslynn NEWMAN
19th Aug 20122012 Northern Downhill #3CANCELLED
8th Jul 20122012 Halo BDS #3 photo_library videocam1482:19.51 Adam BRAYTON3:04.27 Manon CARPENTER
20th May 20122012 SDA #2 photo_library1432:28.13 Ronan TAYLOR3:16.70 Sarah NEWMAN
13th Nov 20112011/12 The Winter Series #1242:47.58 Mitchell SKENE
2nd Oct 20112011 SDA #5 photo_library videocam1542:21.97 Joe BARNES (elt)5:31.60 Lottie MALLIN-MARTIN
29th May 20112011 Halo BDS #3 photo_library videocamCANCELLED
16th May 20102010 SDA #2 photo_library videocam2182:50.01 Fraser MCGLONE4:03.70 Sarah NEWMAN
12th Jul 2009SDA - Scottish Champs '09 photo_library1982:49.93 Ben CATHRO3:50.27 Helen GASKELL
13th Jul 2008SDA - Scottish Champs '08 photo_library1852:38.26 Joe BARNES (elt)3:20.34 Helen GASKELL
Manitou Matoc fork
Manitou Matoc fork
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