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DateEvent Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
9th Aug 20202020 Coupe de France VTT #1217Loris VERGIER3:27.98Melanie CHAPPAZ4:07.65
20th Jul 2019FFC - French DH National Champs '19252Thibaut DAPRELA4:04.56Marine CABIROU4:35.65
13th Jul 2019Megavalanche - Megavlanche Amateurs '19-
13th Jul 2019Megavalanche - Megavlanche '19-
12th Jul 2019Megavalanche - Megavlanche Ladies '19-
12th Jul 2019Megavalanche - Megavlanche E-Bike '19-
12th Jul 2019Megavalanche - Megavlanche Challenge '19-
12th Jul 2019Megavalanche - Megavlanche Affinity '19-
11th Jul 2019Megavalanche - Megavlanche Kids '19-
9th Jul 2017Megavalanche - Megavlanche Amateurs '17221Nathan BONNAUDET30:48.00
9th Jul 2017Megavalanche - Megavlanche '17 359Damien OTON23:42.00
8th Jul 2017Megavalanche - Megavlanche Ladies '1743Isabeau COURDURIER53:22.00
8th Jul 2017Megavalanche - Megavlanche E-Bike '1737Kenny MULLER1h00:53.00Nadine SAPIN1h20:39.00
8th Jul 2017Megavalanche - Megavlanche Challenge '17340Xavier MURIGNEUX49:45.00
8th Jul 2017Megavalanche - Megavlanche Affinity '17285Benjamin BERNARDI59:20.00
7th Jul 2017Megavalanche - Megavlanche Kids '1739Eliot SERET12:58.00
10th Jul 2016Megavalanche - Megavlanche Amateurs '16224François VOITEY56:37.64
10th Jul 2016Megavalanche - Megavlanche '16 353Rémy ABSALON43:19.95
9th Jul 2016Megavalanche - Megavlanche Ladies '1647Pauline DIEFFENTHALER51:53.03
9th Jul 2016Megavalanche - Megavlanche E-Bike '1620Guillaume HEINRICH40:14.35Morgane SUCH47:53.02
9th Jul 2016Megavalanche - Megavlanche Challenge '16345Manuel SCHATZ49:57.53
9th Jul 2016Megavalanche - Megavlanche Affinity '16253Dmytro SINITSYN1h04:10.29
12th Jul 2015Megavalanche - Megavlanche Amateurs '15232Lucas FRIGOUT51:53.40
12th Jul 2015Megavalanche - Megavlanche '15 355Rémy ABSALON40:54.93
11th Jul 2015Megavalanche - Megavlanche Ladies '15 43Cécile RAVANEL48:16.96
11th Jul 2015Megavalanche - Megavlanche E-Bike '15 9Olivier GIORDANENGO41:33.00
11th Jul 2015Megavalanche - Megavlanche Challenge '15 363Mirco WIDMER44:14.00
11th Jul 2015Megavalanche - Megavlanche Affinity '15 75Dimitri DAMON1h02:12.95
13th Jul 2014Megavalanche - Megavlanche '14277Pierre Charles GEORGES55:41.58
12th Jul 2014Megavalanche - Megavlanche Ladies '14 61Mélanie PUGIN46:55.02
12th Jul 2014Megavalanche - Megavlanche Challenger/Affinity 1 '14 310Stefan PETER47:08.07
12th Jul 2014Megavalanche - Megavlanche Amateur/Affinity 2 '14 364Joel DUVAL44:29.00
8th Jun 20032003 Tissot World Cup 4x #2121Eric CARTERTracy MOSELEY
8th Jun 20032003 Tissot UCI World Cup DH #2227Nathan RENNIE3:16.71Anne-Caroline CHAUSSON3:37.15
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