Races at Les Deux Alpes

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Date  RaceCompetitorsMen's FTDWomen's FTD
2nd Jul 2017Les Deux Alps - Mountain of Hell '1770033:31.09 (Rémy ABSALON)43:26.33 (Morgane SUCH)
24th Jul 20162016 iXS European Cup #5 photo_library1943:48.25 (David TRUMMER)4:32.00 (Carina CAPPELLARI)
12th Jul 20152015 iXS European Cup #32593:44.76 (Loïc BRUNI)4:28.32 (Myriam NICOLE)
6th Jul 2014Crankworx - AirDH '14
(2014 iXS European Cup, Round 4)
2153:35.62 (Gee ATHERTON)4:06.60 (Myriam NICOLE)
10th Jul 2013Crankworx - AirDH '131263:32.37 (Gee ATHERTON)4:02.75 (Rachel ATHERTON)
7th Jul 20132013 Enduro World Series #328132:54.74 (Jerome CLEMENTZ)38:54.91 (Tracy MOSELEY)
11th Jul 2012Crankworx - AirDH '121034:26.87 (Gee ATHERTON)5:15.67 (Rachel ATHERTON)
13th Jun 20042004 Tissot World Cup #22313:08.52 (Steve PEAT)3:37.40 (Tracy MOSELEY)
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iXS Flow body armour
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