Races at Victoria Park, Christchurch

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Date RaceCompetitorsMen's FTDRiderWomen's FTDRider
18th Feb 20182018 NZ National DH #4 (Lava Flow)832:13.79Sam BLENKINSOP2:50.41Kate WEATHERLY
17th Jan 20152015 NZ MTB Cup #21172:26.82George BRANNIGAN3:15.39Alanna COLUMB
5th Apr 20142013/14 The Bikery Enduro Series #55720:07.00Justin LEOV28:56.00Renee WILSON
19th Jan 20142013 Gravity Canterbury Gravity - NZ Open
(2014 NZ MTB Cup, Round 1)
1192:15.62George BRANNIGAN3:03.22Bob LATCHEM
15th Dec 20132013 Gravity Canterbury Gravity #3682:17.65Joseph NATION3:17.22Sophie TYAS
1st Dec 20132013 Gravity Canterbury Novice #2323:16.30Michael MCALLISTER
13th Oct 20132013 Gravity Canterbury Gravity #1812:44.70Rupert CHAPMAN3:59.70Georgia PETRIE
29th Sep 20132013 Gravity Canterbury Novice #1582:23.69Justin MCDONALD2:48.74Natalia RAMES-DAVISON
9th Dec 2012Gravity Canterbury - 2012 NZ Open682:22.06Rupert CHAPMAN3:21.87Sophie TYAS
20th Nov 20112011 Gravity Canterbury Summer #3 videocam
(Canterbury Champs)
842:49.37Sam PERRY4:25.83Pippa HOLDOM
6th Nov 20112011 Gravity Canterbury Novice #2 videocam411:35.90Michael NATION2:06.30Joanna GREENSLADE
2nd Oct 20112011 Gravity Canterbury Novice #1571:46.72Brook MITCHELL2:22.41Heidi KAHL
30th Jan 20112010 Gravity Canterbury Novice #2 videocam343:07.95Pete BIEBLY3:56.53Lani GIELINGH
12th Dec 2010Gravity Canterbury - 2010 NZ Open772:20.42Justin LEOV3:19.86Amy LAIRD
21st Nov 20102010 Gravity Canterbury Summer #3652:10.60Daniel FRANKS4:07.60Melanie BLOMFIELD
31st Oct 20102010 Gravity Canterbury Summer #21072:39.74Freddie KING3:36.57Amy LAIRD
17th Oct 20102010 Gravity Canterbury Summer #1 videocam1152:27.00Cam COLE3:09.60Amy LAIRD
10th Oct 20102010 Gravity Canterbury Novice #1422:31.50Romain MOCHON3:08.40Pippa HOLDOM
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Ghost FR AMR
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