Races at Llangollen

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Date  RaceCompetitorsMen's FTDWomen's FTD
2nd Sep 2018Proper Downhill - Proper Downhill Welsh ChampsCANCELLED
10th Jun 20182018 Gravity Events UK DH #3 photo_library1652:00.72 (Robert SMITH (elt))2:25.52 (Becci SKELTON)
20th Aug 20172017 HSBC BDS #4 photo_library2322:13.33 (Matt WALKER (elt))2:25.94 (Tahnée SEAGRAVE)
25th Jun 20172017 Borderline Events UK DH #3 photo_library1732:14.11 (Matt SIMMONDS)2:51.87 (Becci SKELTON)
18th Sep 20162016 Shimano BDS #6 photo_library2382:00.31 (Jack READING)2:16.62 (Tahnée SEAGRAVE)
22nd May 20162016 Borderline Events UK DH #2 photo_library2222:12.14 (Matt SIMMONDS)2:41.88 (Ellie MAXFIELD)
6th Sep 20152015 Welsh DH #3 & Welsh Champs photo_library2262:02.54 (Jack READING)2:40.06 (Becci SKELTON)
19th Jul 2015Borderline Events - UK National Champs '15 photo_library videocam3202:04.84 (Danny HART)2:17.14 (Rachel ATHERTON)
31st May 20152015 Rose Bikes BDS #3 photo_library videocam3002:09.45 (Joe SMITH (elt))2:37.28 (Manon CARPENTER)
10th May 20152015 Welsh DH #1CANCELLED
5th Oct 2014BDS - Welsh ChampsCANCELLED
31st Aug 20142014 Borderline Events UK DH #3 photo_library videocam2142:00.20 (Jack READING)2:27.40 (Suzanne LACEY)
29th Jun 20142014 Shimano BDS #4 photo_library videocam3272:08.13 (Gee ATHERTON)2:30.67 (Rachel ATHERTON)
29th Sep 20132013 GaS King/Queen of the Mtn #3CANCELLED
1st Sep 20132013 Borderline Events UK DH #5 photo_library videocam1761:46.67 (Jack READING)2:44.96 (Lauren BEATY)
18th Aug 20132013 GaS King/Queen of the Mtn #2CANCELLED
28th Jul 20132013 GaS King/Queen of the Mtn #1 photo_library videocam672:22.92 (James HUGHES (mas2))3:14.64 (Sarah STAPLES)
30th Jun 20132013 Saracen BDS #4 photo_library videocam2941:56.40 (Gee ATHERTON)2:08.40 (Rachel ATHERTON)
23rd Sep 20122012 Halo BDS #6 photo_library videocam2842:11.22 (Phil ATWILL)2:33.91 (Manon CARPENTER)
27th May 20122012 The Summer Series #1 photo_library videocam1912:10.35 (Mike JONES (elt))2:53.96 (Jenna WOODRUFF)
24th Jul 2011BDS - UK National Champs '11 photo_library videocam2902:07.68 (Ruaridh CUNNINGHAM)2:37.66 (Tracy MOSELEY)
26th Jun 20112011 Halo BDS #4 photo_library videocam3181:44.16 (Josh BRYCELAND)2:05.10 (Manon CARPENTER)
27th Jun 20102010 Halo BDS #3 photo_library videocam2781:42.50 (Brendan FAIRCLOUGH)2:14.57 (Katy CURD)
2nd May 20102010 Welsh DH #1 & Welsh Champs photo_library2551:51.24 (Brendan FAIRCLOUGH)2:09.71 (Rachel ATHERTON)
31st May 20092009 NPS #2 photo_library videocam2581:54.71 (Brendan FAIRCLOUGH)2:30.52 (Helen GASKELL)
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