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DateEvent Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
15th Sep 20242024 Welsh Enduro #5-
8th Sep 20242024 Gravity Events UK DH #5-
16th Jun 20242024 Gravity Events UK DH #2 & Welsh Champs-
9th Jun 20242024 Gravity Events UK Mini DH #1-
19th May 20242024 Welsh MTB XC #3 178n/an/a
10th Sep 20232023 Welsh Enduro #5 291Riley SCOTT6:22.33Becci SKELTON7:34.28
13th Aug 20232023 Hope PMBA Enduro #4 138Jono JONES (elt)12:08.02Jess STONE13:56.34
16th Jul 20232023 Welsh MTB XC #4-
9th Jul 20232023 British Cycling DH National Series #3 253Matt WALKER (elt)2:11.64Harriet HARNDEN2:32.46
24th Jun 20232023 Gravity Events UK Mini DH #2 58Theo GOODSMITH45.89sOrla BROOME58.33s
18th Jun 20232023 Gravity Events UK DH #2 & Welsh Champs 163Riley SCOTT2:06.56Becci SKELTON2:26.78
12th Oct 2022Inter-Services - Inter-Services DH Champs 2022 36John RIDDELL2:07.14Emily SMITH (mas)2:53.08
10th Oct 2022Inter-Services - Inter-Services Enduro Champs 2022 46Gareth BEZANT7:13.12Emily SMITH (mas)9:01.94
25th Sep 20222022 Welsh Enduro #6 300Riley SCOTT5:43.71Becci SKELTON6:58.74
14th Aug 2022


2022 Hope PMBA Enduro #4




Fergus LAMB








29th May 20222022 British Cycling DH National Series #3 300Laurie GREENLAND1:59.05Phoebe GALE2:19.79
1st May 20222022 Hope PMBA Enduro #2 354Riley SCOTT7:17.02Corinna BRISBOURNE9:02.74
26th Sep 20212021 Welsh Enduro #4 309Matt WALKER (elt)5:37.48Corinna BRISBOURNE6:58.41
15th Aug 2021


2021 Hope PMBA Enduro #2












20th Jun 2021Si Paton - Cannondale Enduro 209Adam BRAYTON6:27.66Corinna BRISBOURNE8:11.65
9th Aug 2020


2020 Hope PMBA Enduro #4


28th Jun 20202020 HSBC UK | DH National Series #3EVENT CANCELLED
11th Aug 20192019 Hope PMBA Enduro #4 326Ian AUSTERMUHLE7:31.31Megan WHYTE9:12.36
2nd Sep 2018Proper Downhill - Proper Downhill Welsh ChampsEVENT CANCELLED
10th Jun 20182018 Gravity Events UK DH #3 165Robert SMITH (elt)2:00.72Becci SKELTON2:25.52
20th Aug 20172017 HSBC UK | DH National Series #4 232Matt WALKER (elt)2:13.33Tahnée SEAGRAVE2:25.94
25th Jun 20172017 Borderline Events UK DH #3 173Matt SIMMONDS (exp)2:14.11Becci SKELTON2:51.87
18th Sep 20162016 Shimano BDS #6 238Jack READING2:00.31Tahnée SEAGRAVE2:16.62
22nd May 20162016 Borderline Events UK DH #2 222Matt SIMMONDS (exp)2:12.14Ellie MAXFIELD2:41.88
6th Sep 20152015 Welsh DH #3 & Welsh Champs 225Jack READING2:02.54Becci SKELTON2:40.06
19th Jul 2015Borderline Events - UK DH National Champs '15 320Danny HART (elt)2:04.84Rachel ATHERTON2:17.14
31st May 20152015 Rose Bikes BDS #3 299Joe SMITH (elt)2:09.45Manon CARPENTER2:37.28
10th May 20152015 Welsh DH #1EVENT CANCELLED
5th Oct 2014Si Paton - Welsh ChampsEVENT CANCELLED
31st Aug 20142014 Borderline Events UK DH #3 214Jack READING2:00.20Suzanne LACEY2:27.40
29th Jun 20142014 Shimano BDS #4 327Gee ATHERTON2:08.13Rachel ATHERTON2:30.67
29th Sep 20132013 GaS King/Queen of the Mtn #3EVENT CANCELLED
1st Sep 20132013 Borderline Events UK DH #5 176Jack READING1:46.67Lauren BEATY2:44.96
18th Aug 20132013 GaS King/Queen of the Mtn #2EVENT CANCELLED
28th Jul 20132013 GaS King/Queen of the Mtn #1 67James HUGHES (vet)2:22.92Sarah STAPLES3:14.64
30th Jun 20132013 Saracen BDS #4 294Gee ATHERTON1:56.40Rachel ATHERTON2:08.40
23rd Sep 20122012 Halo BDS #6 284Phil ATWILL2:11.22Manon CARPENTER2:33.91
27th May 20122012 The Summer Series #1 191Mike JONES (elt)2:10.35Jenna WOODRUFF2:53.96
24th Jul 2011Si Paton - UK DH National Champs '11 290Ruaridh CUNNINGHAM2:07.68Tracy MOSELEY2:37.66
26th Jun 20112011 Halo BDS #4 318Josh BRYCELAND1:44.16Manon CARPENTER2:05.10
27th Jun 20102010 Halo BDS #3 278Brendan FAIRCLOUGH1:42.50Katy CURD2:14.57
2nd May 20102010 Welsh DH #1 & Welsh Champs 255Brendan FAIRCLOUGH1:51.24Rachel ATHERTON2:09.71
31st May 20092009 NPS #2 258Brendan FAIRCLOUGH1:54.71Helen GASKELL2:30.52
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