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DateRace Competitors Men's FTD Rider Women's FTD Rider
6th Dec 20202020 100% Mini DH #3-
11th Oct 20202020 Haibike Mini Enduro #2-
15th Mar 20202020 Welsh MTB XC #11511h37:03.00Ben NOTT1h17:27.00Emily WADSWORTH
8th Mar 20202020 Haibike Mini Enduro #1 photo_library3377:06.95Sam SHUCKSMITH8:11.84Tracy MOSELEY
1st Mar 20202020 100% Mini DH #2 photo_library23553.46sDec WILLICOMBE1:05.39Aston TUTT
26th Jan 20202020 100% Mini DH #1 photo_library2731:07.17Ethan CRAIK1:25.40Sarah GAMSJAEGER
1st Dec 20192019 100% Mini DH #4 (Ski Run) photo_library2921:03.19Dec WILLICOMBE1:16.54Jenna FELLOWS
20th Oct 20192019 Haibike Mini Enduro #2 photo_library2946:05.65Tom WHANT8:05.21Rachel MANNING
22nd Sep 20192019 Forest of Dean Summer #4 photo_library1401:06.61James LEECH (2)1:31.28Jo TUCKER
28th Jul 20192019 Forest of Dean Summer #3 photo_library1111:00.14James LEECH (2)1:20.14Lucy MORGAN
9th Jun 2019Ladies do DH - Ladies do DH (Sheepskull) photo_library731:51.59Elin BERRY
19th May 20192019 Forest of Dean Summer #2 photo_library1241:01.43Ben GILLETT1:14.52Elin BERRY
12th May 2019FoD MBE - Wild Boar Chase-
21st Apr 20192019 Forest of Dean Summer #1CANCELLED
17th Mar 20192019 100% Mini DH #3 (Ski Run ⇨…) photo_library2641:03.47Jono JONES1:23.66Becci SKELTON
10th Mar 20192019 Haibike Mini Enduro #1 photo_library3418:27.86James FLINDERS9:27.44Tracy MOSELEY
17th Feb 20192019 100% Mini DH #2 (Flatland/…) photo_library videocam2531:32.52Archie BOX1:48.54Aston TUTT
27th Jan 20192019 100% Mini DH #1 (Corkscrew) photo_library videocam27753.87sEthan CRAIK1:05.79Rosy MONAGHAN
2nd Dec 2018Mini DH - Onza Mini DH (Ski Run) photo_library videocam2921:02.97Ethan CRAIK1:21.66Suzanne LACEY
14th Oct 20182018 Haibike Mini Enduro #3 photo_library videocam2948:06.26Will SOFFE13:24.30Caja PARKES
2nd Sep 20182018 Forest of Dean Summer #4 photo_library1731:26.48Ciaran KING1:41.56Sarah GAMSJAEGER
15th Jul 2018Ladies do DH - Ladies do DH photo_library731:50.74Sarah GAMSJAEGER
8th Jul 20182018 Forest of Dean Summer #3 photo_library14348.93sKyle FARROW1:01.97Amanda TANFIELD
5th Jul 20182018 RAF-CA Inter-Station Race Series #2491:36.00Tom HUNT2:36.00Kirsty SPRIGGS
10th Jun 20182018 Forest of Dean Summer #2 photo_library1411:04.46Oscar POWELL (exp)1:14.70Elin BERRY
20th May 2018FoD MBE - Wild Boar Chase-
6th May 20182018 Haibike Mini Enduro #2 photo_library videocam2616:10.31Wayne DAVIS (vet)8:19.23Elizabeth GATH
22nd Apr 20182018 Forest of Dean Summer #1 photo_library videocam15858.76sKyle HALL1:17.01Elin BERRY
25th Mar 20182018 Onza Tyres Mini DH #3 (Corkscrew v2) photo_library videocam20655.39sOscar HOME1:03.86Aston TUTT
25th Feb 20182018 Onza Tyres Mini DH #2 (Ski Run v2) photo_library videocam2971:04.60Dec WILLICOMBE1:15.78Rosy MONAGHAN
28th Jan 20182018 Onza Tyres Mini DH #1 (Sheepskull) photo_library videocam3311:36.70Jono JONES1:58.94Aston TUTT
3rd Dec 2017Mini DH - Onza Mini DH (Ski run) photo_library3081:06.81Morgan TYRRELL (jun)1:18.21Rosy MONAGHAN
15th Oct 20172017 Haibike Mini Enduro #3 photo_library3395:53.66Roger VIEIRA7:52.83Alison CLARKE
16th Sep 2017PedalaBikeAway - Twilight Enduro455:26.75Vivian JONES6:20.72Harriet HARNDEN
3rd Sep 20172017 Forest of Dean Summer #4 photo_library1501:08.96Will JONES (elt)1:38.11Alex HUNTER
9th Jul 20172017 Forest of Dean Summer #3 photo_library16845.33sRalfs BIKERNIEKS58.04sMaddy BROWN
25th Jun 20172017 Forest of Dean Summer #2 photo_library1661:30.41Will SOFFE1:55.84Alex HUNTER
21st May 20172017 Forest of Dean Summer #1 photo_library1561:02.90Kyle HALL1:19.03Rene STENT
14th May 2017FoD MBE - Wild Boar Chase photo_library8792h44:30.00Jared LINDEN3h34:19.00Sally HALL
30th Apr 20172017 Haibike Mini Enduro #2 photo_library2826:22.10Sam SHUCKSMITH7:22.68Katy CURD
1st Apr 2017PedalaBikeAway - Twilight Enduro photo_library668:46.57Ian TAYLOR (elt)12:45.76Jo BLOOMER
26th Mar 20172017 Onza Tyres Mini DH #3 photo_library24945.87sWill JONES (elt)53.21sSarah CRELLIN
26th Feb 20172017 Onza Tyres Mini DH #2 (Endo) photo_library2771:08.64Glenroy MARTIN1:24.61Abbie SLOAN
29th Jan 20172017 Onza Tyres Mini DH #1 (Sheepskull) photo_library3201:32.01Charlie HATTON1:53.52Natasha BRADLEY
4th Dec 2016Mini DH - 661 Mini DH (Ski Run) photo_library3171:07.36Ben DEAKIN (OiOi)1:18.40Rosy MONAGHAN
16th Oct 20162016 One Industries Mini Enduro #3 photo_library3237:31.34Ian TAYLOR (elt)8:52.50Katie WAKELY
9th Sep 2016PedalaBikeAway - Twilight Enduro photo_library719:26.53Vivian JONES10:36.30Harriet HARNDEN
4th Sep 20162016 Forest of Dean Summer #4 (new) photo_library1671:06.27Ashley MALLER1:26.66Ellie DEWDNEY
3rd Jul 20162016 Forest of Dean Summer #3 (Endo) photo_library1291:10.01Vivian JONES1:25.95Aston TUTT
19th Jun 20162016 Forest of Dean Summer #2 (Corkscrew) photo_library15849.25sAshley MALLER1:03.14Louise WILLIAMS
3rd May 20162016 RAF-CA Inter-Station Race Series #1151:22.15Lewis WIGHTON
24th Apr 20162016 One Industries Mini Enduro #2 photo_library3188:20.32Elliot MACHIN10:51.43Kelly GUY
17th Apr 20162016 Forest of Dean Summer #1 photo_library1461:12.15Will JONES (elt)1:32.88Maddy BROWN
28th Feb 20162015/16 661 Mini DH #3 photo_library3211:10.30Will HART1:17.26Katy CURD
31st Jan 20162015/16 661 Mini DH #2 (Sheepskull) photo_library videocam3291:29.70Charlie HATTON1:47.84Ellie MAXFIELD
6th Dec 20152015/16 661 Mini DH #1 (Ski Run) photo_library3001:05.09Charlie HATTON1:12.79Katy CURD
18th Oct 20152015 One Industries Mini Enduro #3 photo_library videocam3276:13.18Leigh JOHNSON7:57.09Maddy BROWN
21st Jun 2015MIJ - MIJ FOD Summer race photo_library1451:04.56Charlie HATTON1:23.18Maddy BROWN
26th Apr 20152015 One Industries Mini Enduro #2 photo_library3509:02.90Michael GRAY11:49.72Maddy BROWN
22nd Mar 20152014/15 661 Mini DH #4 photo_library1911:02.01Rich THOMAS1:21.82Maddy BROWN
8th Mar 20152015 X-Fusion Enduro 1 #1 photo_library25313:31.00Leigh JOHNSON20:23.00Sarah BEDFORD
1st Mar 20152014/15 661 Mini DH #3 photo_library28049.68sCharlie HATTON1:00.59Suzanne LACEY
7th Feb 2015Mini Enduro - Enduro Night Race photo_library13711:02.62Martin ASTLEY12:26.52Martha GILL
25th Jan 20152014/15 661 Mini DH #2 photo_library videocam3341:24.68Charlie HATTON1:42.38Suzanne LACEY
7th Dec 20142014/15 661 Mini DH #1 photo_library2891:08.15Jonny HOWE1:15.94Katy CURD
2nd Nov 20142014 One Industries Mini Enduro #5 photo_library3177:53.10Patrick CAMPBELL-JENNER14:26.70Rachael GURNEY
7th Sep 20142014 Forest of Dean Summer #3 photo_library13855.94sCharlie HATTON1:11.36Aston TUTT
20th Jul 20142014 Forest of Dean Summer #2 photo_library videocam1271:11.03Anthony MILLIAR1:26.15Sarah CRELLIN
22nd Jun 20142014 Forest of Dean Summer #1 photo_library1741:16.46Charlie HATTON
27th Apr 20142014 One Industries Mini Enduro #2 photo_library videocam2996:52.10Joe TAYLOR (sen)8:02.50Tracy MOSELEY
30th Mar 20142013/14 661 Mini DH #4 photo_library1971:06.51Isaac ANDERSON1:18.41Sarah CRELLIN
23rd Mar 20142014 X-Fusion Enduro 1 #122514:14.00Paul PICKUP19:13.00Rachael GURNEY
23rd Feb 20142013/14 661 Mini DH #3 photo_library27252.84sCharlie HATTON57.70sTracy MOSELEY
26th Jan 20142013/14 661 Mini DH #2 photo_library2961:20.96Danny HART (elt)1:36.59Katy CURD
1st Dec 20132013/14 661 Mini DH #1 photo_library2991:03.42Charlie HATTON1:15.23Louise WILLIAMS
3rd Nov 20132013 One Industries Mini Enduro #4 photo_library2795:49.70Neil DONOGHUE9:02.40Liz PARR
18th Aug 20132013 Forest of Dean Summer #3 photo_library1871:17.77Ben NOTT1:31.63Suzanne LACEY
28th Jul 20132013 Forest of Dean Summer #2 photo_library1211:13.15Ben NOTT1:22.70Katy CURD
16th Jun 20132013 X-Fusion Enduro 1 #2 photo_library23312:36.00Joe BUCK16:26.00Rachael GURNEY
7th Apr 20132013 Forest of Dean Summer #1 photo_library1651:37.35Rich THOMAS1:46.06Tracy MOSELEY
24th Feb 20132012/13 661 Mini DH #3 photo_library videocam3051:24.69Will SOFFE1:43.72Suzanne LACEY
3rd Feb 20132012/13 661 Mini DH #2 photo_library30152.07sBrian ANDERSON1:05.88Beverley BARNES
2nd Dec 20122012/13 661 Mini DH #1 photo_library videocam2931:05.42Ben RAYNER (mas)1:17.11Katy CURD
2nd Sep 20122012 Forest of Dean Summer #3 photo_library2281:41.62Ashley MALLER1:53.55Jess STONE
8th Jul 20122012 Forest of Dean Summer #2 photo_library1341:20.04Will JONES (elt)2:00.81Jessica GREAVES
6th May 20122012 Forest of Dean Summer #1 photo_library2181:09.28Will JONES (elt)1:16.19Tracy MOSELEY
22nd Apr 20122012 X-Fusion Enduro 1 #1-
26th Feb 20122011/12 661 Mini DH #3 photo_library videocam3341:15.52Harry HEATH1:27.99Jess STONE
29th Jan 20122011/12 661 Mini DH #2 photo_library videocam33957.19sOliver BURTON1:04.97Jess STONE
4th Dec 20112011/12 661 Mini DH #1 photo_library videocam3061:05.21Duncan FERRIS1:17.15Lianne BARTLEMAN
20th Feb 20112010/11 661 Mini DH #3 photo_library videocam2611:09.99Bernard KERR1:19.22Jess STONE
23rd Jan 20112010/11 661 Mini DH #2 photo_library videocam30455.14sEmyr DAVIES1:02.64Jess STONE
5th Dec 20102010/11 661 Mini DH #1 photo_library2741:10.28Will SOFFE1:16.17Jess STONE
28th Feb 20102009/10 661 Mini DH #32651:12.38Harry MOLLOY1:31.50Lianne BARTLEMAN
31st Jan 20102009/10 661 Mini DH #22761:06.92David LIST1:26.67Lianne BARTLEMAN
6th Dec 20092009/10 661 Mini DH #12811:24.99Ralph RICHARDSON1:47.45Lianne BARTLEMAN
22nd Feb 20092008/09 661 Mini DH #228547.27sRowan SORRELL55.33sManon CARPENTER
7th Dec 20082008/09 661 Mini DH #1 photo_library21248.68sRowan SORRELL59.74sEmma WAREHAM
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Niner RIM 9 RDO
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