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DateEvent Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
29th Aug 20212021 WA State Series #5-
19th Jul 20202020 WA State Series #1105Corben WEINERT2:08.85Tanya BAILEY2:41.28
5th May 20192019 WA State Series #382Jaxon SAWYER1:09.92Kristina MUTLOW3:29.81
9th Sep 2018PDMBC - WA State Champs90Roly KYME1:47.55Jennifer ROUGHTON2:18.05
20th May 20182018 WA State Series #374Jaxon SAWYER2:00.47Caelin STUART3:00.19
28th Aug 2017PDMBC - WA State Champs117Luke BALL2:13.70Caelin STUART3:13.48
28th May 20172017 WA State Series #3110Roly KYME1:44.32Christa CAPEL2:17.52
23rd Apr 20172017 WA State Series #2120Roly KYME2:04.17Christa CAPEL2:45.25
14th Aug 20162016 WA State Series #5128Jordan PROCHYRA1:59.77Natalie PEARSON2:58.18
29th May 20162016 WA State Series #3117Jake MARSHALL1:44.14Catherine BONNET2:29.89
24th Apr 20162016 WA State Series #2135Luke BALL1:36.95Catherine BONNET2:17.07
19th Jul 20152015 WA State Series #4107Carl PICKERSGILL1:55.78Natalie PEARSON3:13.42
21st Jun 20152015 WA State Series #3111Carl PICKERSGILL2:00.15Penny HOLMBERG3:24.09
13th Jul 20142014 Peel Club Series #487Sam HILL (elt)1:53.14Kristie LANIGAN3:22.00
28th Jul 20132013 Peel Club Series #594Luke BALL2:04.59Kristie LANIGAN2:49.19
26th May 20132013 Peel Club Series #3107Luke BALL1:36.05Kristie LANIGAN2:34.12
21st Oct 20122012 Peel Club Series #576Sam PAYET2:02.31Carrie MCLACHLAN2:38.23
24th Jun 20122012 Peel Club Series #399Ben BELL1:34.68Carrie MCLACHLAN1:59.56
14th Aug 20112011 Peel Club Series #361Sam PAYET2:01.18Jamie HARRIS3:12.51
19th Jun 20112011 Peel Club Series #264Ben BELL1:41.69Holly BAARSPUL2:11.55
29th Aug 20102010 Peel Club Series #668Sam PAYET1:38.48Tanya BAILEY2:09.73
1st Aug 20102010 Peel Club Series #577Sam PAYET1:58.54Holly BAARSPUL2:42.39
16th May 20102010 Peel Club Series #2104Ben BELL1:35.87Holly BAARSPUL2:03.89
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