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DateEvent Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
11th Oct 2020B1KE - The Annual RaceCANCELLED
3rd May 20202020 Root 1 #2CANCELLED
20th Oct 2019B1KE - DH race 207Luke WILLIAMSON47.66sYasmin THORPE1:08.95
5th May 20192019 Root 1 #2 212Ethan CRAIK52.74sFrancie ARTHUR1:05.45
21st Oct 2018B1KE - DH race 188Brendan CARR42.24sGeorgia LESLIE51.53s
15th Oct 2017Rogate Downhill - DH race 146Brendan FAIRCLOUGH39.06sEllen FLEWITT48.87s
2nd Apr 20172017 GP Honey #1 158Nick PLATT48.22sAmy JONES1:01.96
9th Oct 2016Rogate Downhill - DH race 155Harry MOLLOY44.92sEllen FLEWITT53.51s
6th Mar 20162016 GP Honey #1 160Si WAKELY55.20sKatie WAKELY1:06.62
11th Oct 2015Rogate Downhill - DH race 156Oli EVANS49.40sEllen FLEWITT1:04.99
5th Apr 20152015 GP Honey #2 170Brandon LOVE53.23sAnna GLOWINSKI1:06.67
5th Oct 2014Rogate Downhill - DH race 122Oli EVANS49.01s
2nd Mar 20142014 GP Honey #1 158Glenroy MARTIN53.98sSuzanne LACEY1:08.02
6th Oct 2013Rogate Downhill - DH race 114Brendan FAIRCLOUGH1:01.63
23rd Sep 2012Rogate Downhill - DH race 76Bill FARRINGTON57.78sKatie LOVE1:37.43
3rd Jun 20122012 GP Honey #4 71Glenroy MARTIN53.66sTess HAYWARD1:15.58
1st Apr 20122012 GP Honey #2 78Harry MOLLOY55.27sSarah STUTTARD2:28.75
4th Mar 2012Rogate Downhill - Rogate Resurgence 99Josh LOWE1:04.19Katy ATKINSON1:31.27
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