Races at Stevens Pass, WA

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DateRace Competitors Men's FTD Rider Women's FTD Rider
20th Sep 20202020 NW Cup #4-
2nd Aug 20202020 NW Cup #3-
25th Jul 20202020 Full Tilt Gravity Stage Racing #1-
8th Sep 20192019 NW Cup #8 photo_library3852:22.07Rhys EWING2:33.62Claire BUCHAR
14th Jul 20192019 NW Cup #5 photo_library3512:15.73Weston POTTER2:34.88Claire BUCHAR
9th Sep 20182018 NW Cup #8 photo_library3302:20.62Carson EISWALD2:50.09Autumn PARHAM
15th Jul 20182018 NW Cup #5 photo_library3302:19.24Weston POTTER2:47.09Autumn PARHAM
10th Sep 20172017 NW Cup #7 photo_library3242:26.19Carson EISWALD2:54.75Kialani HINES
6th Aug 20172017 NW Cup #6 photo_library2932:24.42Weston POTTER2:46.31Jaime REES
11th Sep 20162016 NW Cup #73282:27.45Luke STROBEL2:59.08Britney WHITE
7th Aug 20162016 NW Cup #62922:57.96Nate FURBEE3:29.25Janea PERRY
13th Sep 20152015 NW Cup #73192:55.92Kent BILLINGSLEY3:26.42Britney WHITE
2nd Aug 20152015 NW Cup #52763:01.76Weston POTTER3:44.90Britney WHITE
24th Aug 20142014 NW Cup #53003:01.07Charlie SPONSEL3:30.99Abigail HIPPELY
8th Sep 20132013 NW Cup #72413:19.21Luke STROBEL4:00.45Britney WHITE
4th Aug 20132013 NW Cup #62463:14.89Kent BILLINGSLEY3:41.49Jaime REES
5th Aug 20122012 NW Cup #6 photo
(2012 Grand Prix of MTB, Round 4)
2563:09.68Luke STROBEL3:46.66Jaime REES
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