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Date RaceCompetitorsMen's FTDWomen's FTD
31st Mar 2019Northern Downhill - Hamsterley TT-
31st Mar 20192019 Gravity Events UK DH #1-
13th Jan 2019Northern Downhill - Hamsterley ND(H)uro photo_library1986:11.64 Danny HART (elt)8:25.60 Melody FIFE
14th Oct 2018Gravity Events UK - Northern ChampsCANCELLED
30th Sep 2018Hamsterley Trailblazers - K-line TT photo_library1455:19.61 Lewis GAWTHORPE6:21.86 Amber HULL
22nd Jul 2018Alpinestars - Alpinestars MTB Trail Attack photo_library9047.98s Scott MEARS56.65s Sophie CADE
8th Jul 20182018 North East XC MTB Series #5 photo_library781h13:54.20 Olli DAWSON
3rd Jun 2018Northern Downhill - Hamsterley TT photo_library1363:27.75 Sean LUKE4:14.01 Tess CAKEBREAD-BROWN
13th May 2018Hamsterley Beast - Hamsterley Beast photo_library644
6th May 20182018 Borders Mini DH #3 photo_library821:09.35 James WILSON (yth)1:31.28 Phoebe GALE
18th Mar 20182018 Gravity Events UK DH #1 photo_library201
14th Jan 20182018 ND(H)uro #1 photo_library2006:41.63 Sean ROBINSON (mas)8:24.60 Lucy BELL
12th Nov 2017Descend Hamsterley - King of the hill photo_library981:29.67 Reece LANGHORN1:44.38 Rosy MONAGHAN
27th Oct 2017RAF-CA - RAF Champs221:28.89 Chris BORROWDALE1:47.15 Katie SWEETING
22nd Oct 2017Hamsterley Trailblazers - K-line TT photo_library1165:28.41 Alistair ROWLAND6:23.24 Beanie MERSON
16th Jul 20172017 North East XC MTB Series #4 photo_library861h22:32.20 Oliver DAWSON (jun)1h39:12.40 Jane BARR
18th Jun 2017Northern Downhill - Alpinestars MTB Trail Attack photo_library videocam1753:28.35 Sean ROBINSON (mas)4:28.50 Kristina LIGHTBURN
14th May 2017Hamsterley Beast - Hamsterley Beast photo_library4863h31:23.00 Graham TIBBOT4h44:25.00 Pauline FORSTER-FOWLER
16th Apr 20172017 Borderline Events UK DH #1 & Northern Champs photo_library1851:17.91 Danny HART (elt)1:36.16 Sophia PAULL
9th Apr 2017Northern Downhill - Hamsterley TT photo_library2183:27.21 Brad ILLINGWORTH4:04.16 Sian DILLON
12th Feb 20172017 ND(H)uro #1 photo_library1647:18.44 Lewis BUCHANAN (elt)10:13.91 Roslynn NEWMAN
9th Oct 2016Northern Downhill - Trail Bike Champs of the Universe photo_library992:12.33 Kade EDWARDS2:52.57 Melody FIFE
31st Aug 20162016 RAF-CA Inter-Station Race Series #4201:38.04 Lewis WIGHTON
23rd Jul 2016Northern Downhill - Hamsterley Funduro photo_library908:24.93 Brett PENFOLD10:44.03 Jenny NUTTALL
9th Jul 20162016 North East XC MTB Series #6 photo_library-
9th Jul 20162016 North East XC MTB Series #5891h35:53.30 James EDMOND59:07.50 Olivia BENT
15th May 2016Hamsterley Beast - Hamsterley Beast photo_library3213h10:21.00 Jon ALDERSON4h35:11.00 Tess CAKEBREAD-BROWN
17th Apr 2016Northern Downhill - Hamsterley TT photo_library2143:25.26 Brad ILLINGWORTH3:41.88 Helen GASKELL
9th Apr 20162016 North East XC MTB Series #1 photo_library941h22:04.80 Olli DAWSON1h08:08.60 Anna KAY
14th Feb 20162016 Start Cycles ND(H)uro #1 photo_library1939:12.45 Lewis BUCHANAN (elt)11:28.73 Helen GASKELL
20th Sep 2015Northern Downhill - Trail Bike Champs of the Universe photo_library1442:19.41 Brett PENFOLD2:44.82 Sarah NEWMAN
8th Aug 20152015 North East XC MTB Series #7551h38:34.40 Nathan JUDGE1h40:51.30 Sarah MURRAY
2nd Aug 20152015 UK Gravity Enduro #3 photo_library22316:40.44 Sam SHUCKSMITH19:20.80 Helen GASKELL
10th May 20152015 Borderline Events UK DH #2 & English Champs photo_library videocam2111:29.34 Danny HART (elt)1:59.72 Becci SKELTON
10th May 20152015 North East XC MTB Series #11051h17:07.60 James EDMOND1h40:10.30 Erica MOKS
19th Apr 2015Northern Downhill - Trail Bike TT photo_library2493:16.86 Danny HART (elt)3:38.71 Helen GASKELL
15th Feb 20152015 O'Neal ND(H)uro #1 photo_library1849:22.24 Danny HART (elt)11:47.05 Helen GASKELL
6th Sep 20142014 North East XC MTB Series #8 photo_library731h33:53.90 James EDMOND1h45:49.00 Erica MOKS
25th May 20142014 Borderline Events UK DH #2 & English Champs photo_library2231:36.77 Lewis BUCHANAN (elt)2:08.58 Becci SKELTON
19th Apr 20142014 North East XC MTB Series #11231h38:05.80 Tony FAWCETT1h46:24.00 Hannah SINCLAIR
30th Mar 20142014 Northern Enduro #1 photo_library1697:39.65 Lee KERMODE8:45.18 Helen GASKELL
16th Feb 2014Northern Downhill - Trail Bike TT photo_library1545:07.03 Joe YOUNG5:31.16 Helen GASKELL
26th May 20132013 UK Gravity Enduro #3 photo_library34116:33.39 Neil DONOGHUE17:59.15 Tracy MOSELEY
17th Feb 2013Northern Downhill - Trailbike DH photo_library1333:21.16 Danny HART (elt)4:11.24 Rebecca BARAONA
30th Sep 2012Descend Hamsterley - Help for Heroes photo_library videocam1731:26.07 Adam BRAYTON2:21.75 Molly PEARSON
19th Aug 2012Diva Descent - Diva Descent '12372:50.60 Helen BURGESS
27th May 20122012 Fetish Bike Gravity Enduro Series #3 photo_library videocam28613:07.00 Alex STOCK14:30.00 Tracy MOSELEY
6th May 2012Northern Downhill - Trailbike DH photo_library923:21.29 Danny HART (elt)3:38.73 Helen GASKELL
23rd Oct 20112011 Northern Downhill #6 & North East Champs photo_library videocam1811:20.31 Danny HART (elt)1:46.79 Angela FOSTER
2nd May 20102010 Northern Downhill #21211:47.62 Ben MOORHOUSE2:24.22 Angela FOSTER
25th Oct 2009Descend Hamsterley - Fast and Furious2031:46.38 Danny HART (elt)2:06.52 Helen GASKELL
3rd May 20092009 Northern Downhill #21191:39.54 Danny HART (elt)
30th Aug 20012001 NPS #32002:33.73 Gee ATHERTON3:00.69 Fionn GRIFFITHS
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