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Date RaceCompetitorsMen's FTDWomen's FTD
25th Aug 20192019 Pedalhounds Enduro #6-
2nd Sep 20182018 Pedalhounds Enduro #6 photo_library28713:56.47 (Paul HANKS)16:40.51 (Georgia LESLIE)
10th Jun 20182018 Aston Hill #1 (Ricochet ...) photo_library2581:15.03 (Glenroy MARTIN)1:41.96 (Renée DIWELL)
10th Sep 20172017 Aston Hill #2 (Black Run) photo_library1481:23.80 (Glenroy MARTIN)1:51.12 (Ellen FLEWITT)
25th Jun 20172017 Pedalhounds Enduro #3 photo_library22811:18.13 (Nick PLATT)13:55.77 (Jo PONTING)
12th Mar 20172017 Aston Hill #1 (Ricochet) photo_library2161:27.92 (Andy WEAMES)1:52.96 (Meghan HARRIS)
4th Sep 20162016 Aston Hill #2 (Mashup)CANCELLED
17th Apr 20162016 Aston Hill #1 (Black Run) photo_library1531:28.07 (Darren EVANS (elt))1:59.54 (Meghan HARRIS)
6th Sep 20152015 Aston Hill #2 (Root Canal) photo_library1931:12.54 (Phil ATWILL)1:35.11 (Suzanne LACEY)
12th Apr 20152015 Aston Hill #1 (Black Run) photo_library1951:21.00 (Josh LOWE)1:33.30 (Suzanne LACEY)
7th Sep 20142014 Aston Hill #2 (Root Canal) photo_library2381:06.64 (Phil ATWILL)1:20.09 (Suzanne LACEY)
27th Apr 20142014 Aston Hill #1 (Black Run) photo_library videocam1681:27.97 (Jack GEOGHEGAN)2:52.30 (Sumayyah GREEN)
15th Sep 20132013 X-Fusion Enduro 1 #3 photo_library14215:31.00 (Chris KEEBLE-SMITH)23:04.00 (Anna GLOWINSKI)
1st Sep 20132013 Aston Hill #3 (Root Canal) photo_library1261:06.15 (Alistair WARRELL)1:22.82 (Suzanne LACEY)
31st Aug 20132013 Aston Hill #2 (Black Run) photo_library1111:24.89 (Darren EVANS (elt))1:48.45 (Suzanne LACEY)
31st Mar 20132013 Aston Hill #1 (Black Run)CANCELLED
9th Sep 20122012 Aston Hill #2 (Root Canal) photo_library2701:01.87 (Harry MOLLOY)1:30.22 (Suzanne LACEY)
25th Mar 20122012 Aston Hill #1 (Black Run) photo_library videocam2311:21.85 (Jono JONES)1:54.66 (Nicky BELTON)
11th Dec 20112011/12 The Winter Series #2 (Black Run) photo_library videocam501:29.37 (Bernard KERR)
4th Sep 20112011 Aston Hill #2 & Eastern & Central Champs (Black Run) photo_library videocam2581:09.03 (Phil ATWILL)1:40.92 (Nicky BELTON)
27th Mar 20112011 Aston Hill #1 (Black Run) photo_library videocam2611:25.05 (Jack GEOGHEGAN)1:50.64 (Amie PETERS)
5th Sep 20102010 Aston Hill #2 & Eastern & Central Champs (423)28259.62s (Harry MOLLOY)1:16.47 (Emma WAREHAM)
14th Mar 20102010 Aston Hill #1 (Black Run)1551:34.16 (Harry MOLLOY)2:10.33 (Nicky BELTON)
13th Sep 20092009 Aston Hill #2 & Southern Champs (423)3011:06.42 (Nathan VIALS)1:30.44 (Emma WAREHAM)
15th Mar 20092009 Aston Hill #1 (Black Run)1891:35.20 (John HOLBROOK)1:58.27 (Dalma KISS)
17th Sep 20062006 Aston Hill #2 (DH3)2881:27.01 (Chris SINDEN)1:49.38 (Nicky BELTON)
19th Mar 20062006 Aston Hill #1 (Black Run)2001:31.44 (Chris SINDEN)2:02.24 (Renée DIWELL)
18th Sep 20052005 Aston Hill #6 (DH3)1821:27.69 (Ross SEARLE)2:07.76 (Jo SPERRYN-JONES)
17th Sep 20052005 Aston Hill #5 (Ultimate ...)1181:27.83 (Chris SINDEN)2:06.74 (Phoebe HENRY)
10th Jul 20052005 Aston Hill #4 (Black Run)1441:32.07 (Ross SEARLE)1:55.58 (Jules COVENTRY)
9th Jul 20052005 Aston Hill #3 (4x into DH3)1381:25.28 (Ross SEARLE)2:05.56 (Phoebe HENRY)
20th Mar 20052005 Aston Hill #2 (Red Run)1561:44.28 (Ross SEARLE)2:09.27 (Renée DIWELL)
19th Mar 20052005 Aston Hill #1 (DH3)1521:31.10 (Duane STANDER)2:06.92 (Nicky BELTON)
30th Oct 2004Aston Hill - In Decent Exposure (Black Run)941:53.82 (Andy AYERS)2:24.54 (Nicky BELTON)
19th Sep 20042004 Aston Hill #4 (DH3)2551:28.38 (Ross SEARLE)1:58.38 (Renée DIWELL)
16th May 20042004 Aston Hill #3 (Black Run)2111:32.23 (Ross SEARLE)1:57.53 (Jules COVENTRY)
4th Apr 20042004 Aston Hill #2 (Ultimate ...)1381:40.05 (Andy AYERS)2:16.97 (Nicky BELTON)
14th Mar 20042004 Aston Hill #1 (Red Run)2242:09.04 (Liam MASON (elt))2:53.02 (Nicky BELTON)
14th Sep 20032003 Aston Hill #6 (Ultimate ...)1481:32.57 (Chris SINDEN)1:58.75 (Caroline MACKINLAY)
13th Sep 20032003 Aston Hill #5 (DH3)1951:28.70 (Ross SEARLE)1:52.06 (Caroline MACKINLAY)
18th May 20032003 Aston Hill #4 (Black Run)1811:35.63 (Scott TANKARD)2:11.37 (Anna COLLINS)
13th Apr 20032003 Aston Hill #3 (Black Run)1741:36.09 (Chris SINDEN)2:06.27 (Caroline MACKINLAY)
12th Apr 20032003 Aston Hill #2 (Red Run)1621:42.62 (Chris SINDEN)2:09.69 (Caroline MACKINLAY)
23rd Mar 20032003 Aston Hill #1 (DH3)2991:29.00 (Chris SINDEN)1:56.04 (Jules COVENTRY)
22nd Sep 20022002 Aston Hill #4 (DH3)2191:33.84 (Stefan GLEED)1:55.65 (Emily HORRIDGE)
1st Sep 20022002 Aston Hill #3 (Black Run)1381:34.44 (Neil HARRIS (mas))2:13.87 (Kirsty PRICE)
25th Aug 20022002 Aston Hill #2 (Red Run)1291:46.26 (Ross SEARLE)2:13.73 (Kirsty PRICE)
11th Aug 20022002 Aston Hill #1 (DH3)1171:35.47 (Ross SEARLE)2:06.28 (Kirsty PRICE)
13th Jul 20022002 SAMS #4 (DH3)2501:38.37 (Gareth HOPKINS)1:58.96 (Anja REES-JONES)
11th Aug 20012001 SAMS #1 (Ultimate ...)2231:37.36 (Lewis KING)2:02.04 (Renée DIWELL)
24th Sep 2000Pedalhounds - Pedalhounds Southern DH #5 (Red Run)2211:56.69 (Ian DANIEL)2:40.84 (Renée DIWELL)
12th Aug 20002000 SAMS #4 (Black Run)2901:33.69 (Ian DANIEL)2:00.60 (Karen BURT)
31st Jul 19991999 SAMS #4 (Black Run)2821:36.03 (Robin KITCHIN)2:08.23 (Jo PONTING)
27th Jun 1999Pedalhounds - Pedalhounds #6 (Black Run)2121:38.88 (Alistair KING)2:09.97 (Karen DALLIMORE)
26th Jun 1999Pedalhounds - Pedalhounds #5 (Red Run)1871:36.19 (Alistair KING)2:10.79 (Michelle DELAFIELD)
5th Sep 1998SPC Promotions - Southern Champs (Black Run)2141:54.45 (James ALLAWAY)2:38.19 (Jayne MARSHALL)
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