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DateEvent Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
10th Sep 2017UCI - DHI World Championships '17 155Loïc BRUNI3:26.66Miranda MILLER4:10.25
9th Sep 2017UCI - XCO World Championships '17351Nino SCHURTER1h27:44.00Jolanda NEFF1h27:17.00
24th Apr 20162016 UCI World Cup XC #1182Nino SCHURTER1h27:44.00Annika LANGVAD1h28:41.00
23rd Apr 20162016 UCI World Cup DH #2146Loïc BRUNI3:23.70Rachel ATHERTON3:48.57
12th Oct 20142014 Australian Gravity Enduro #632Daniel MACMUNN19:13.00Genevieve MCKEW24:24.00
28th Sep 20142014 Cairns MTB DH #431Peter KNOTT3:51.17Jacinta PINK5:53.12
27th Sep 20142014 Cairns MTB Enduro #422Trevor BURKE7:10.41
24th Aug 20142014 Cairns MTB DH #334Peter KNOTT3:59.15Jacinta PINK6:23.37
23rd Aug 20142014 Cairns MTB Enduro #318Berend BOER9:54.36
27th Jul 20142014 Cairns MTB DH #239Peter KNOTT3:52.61
26th Jul 20142014 Cairns MTB Enduro #240Rhys ATKINSON10:13.90
15th Jun 20142014 Cairns MTB DH #131Peter KNOTT4:17.83
14th Jun 20142014 Cairns MTB Enduro #132Berend BOER9:00.79Kaila RIDGWAY15:32.60
27th Apr 20142014 UCI World Cup DH #2 153Gee ATHERTON4:00.71Rachel ATHERTON4:50.58
27th Apr 20142014 UCI World Cup XC #2125Julien ABSALON1h38:22.00Eva LECHNER1h38:48.00
18th Aug 20132013 Cairns MTB DH #430Joel BARRINGTON2:44.36
16th Jun 20132013 Cairns MTB DH #343Adrian DAWSON2:34.09Anita NOLAN5:11.27
26th May 20132013 Cairns MTB DH #248Adrian DAWSON2:36.53Anita NOLAN4:42.31
14th Apr 20132013 Cairns MTB DH #136Adrian DAWSON2:24.50
21st Sep 20122012 Cairns MTB DH #451Peter KNOTT2:48.58
2nd Sep 20122012 Cairns MTB DH #331Lachlan MCLAREN2:55.74Josephine BORSATO3:55.87
12th Aug 20122012 Cairns MTB DH #235Peter KNOTT2:50.45
15th Jul 20122012 Cairns MTB DH #128Peter KNOTT3:02.80Josephine ZAMMIT4:29.60
22nd Sep 1996UCI - DHI World Championships '96159Andy BÜELER5:00.39Anne-Caroline CHAUSSON5:27.58
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