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DateEvent Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
24th Jul 2022British Cycling - UK XC National Champs '22-
11th Jun 2022Tweedlove - Glentress 7-
8th May 2022Tweedlove - Vallelujah 522Elliott HEAP11:57.34Bex BARAONA13:57.66
29th Aug 20212021 Scottish XC #2 81
22nd Aug 2021Peebles CC - Glentress Youth Stage Race -
18th Jul 2021


2021 Tweedlove Triple Crown #1 - Pirelli Vallelujah












19th Jun 2021Tweedlove - Pirelli Glentress 7 492Rab WARDELL6h38:35.00Isla SHORT6h55:00.00
22nd May 2021Tweedlove - Tweedlove Local Enduro 141Corey WATSON10:12.33Emily CARRICK-ANDERSON11:57.89
16th Aug 2020


2020 Tweedlove Triple Crown #2 - Vallelujah








10th May 20202020 HSBC UK | XC National Series #3CANCELLED
10th May 20202020 Scottish XC #3CANCELLED
1st Sep 20192019 Scottish XC #6 193Mark SCOTT (elt)1h30:02.64Kerry MACPHEE1h26:08.40
25th May 2019Tweedlove - Glentress 7 599Jonte WILLINS7h03:57.00Ishbel STRATHDEE7h12:03.00
24th Mar 20192019 Tweedlove Triple Crown #1 - Vallelujah 510Ben BALFOUR16:09.05Tracy MOSELEY18:32.53
16th Sep 20182018 Scottish XC #6 162Olli DAWSON1h30:10.73Joanne THOM1h39:08.09
19th Aug 2018Tweedlove - King & Queen of the hill 329Danny HART (elt)15:42.19Bex BARAONA18:28.47
10th Jun 2018Tweedlove - UK Enduro National Champs '18 504Lewis BUCHANAN16:04.25Bex BARAONA19:13.26
2nd Jun 2018Tweedlove - G-Form Enjoyro 207Crawford CARRICK-ANDERSON16:41.00Anna MCGORUM18:55.00
26th May 2018Tweedlove - Glentress 7 658Jonte WILLINS7h07:14.00Ellie DAVIES6h54:03.00
13th May 20182018 British Cycling MTB XC #3 339Grant FERGUSON1h37:10.00Isla SHORT1h37:12.00
25th Mar 2018Tweedlove - Whyte Vallelujah 510Sam FLOCKHART18:09.69Polly HENDERSON22:17.54
18th Mar 20182018 Scottish XC #1CANCELLED
3rd Sep 20172017 Scottish XC #5-
11th Jun 2017Tweedlove - Shimano International Enduro 440Greg CALLAGHAN23:31.53Tracy MOSELEY27:10.45
9th Jun 2017Tweedlove - G-Form Enjoyro248Crawford CARRICK-ANDERSON15:25.00Georgia LESLIE19:05.00
27th May 2017Tweedlove - Glentress 7 -
26th Mar 2017Tweedlove - Vallelujah 453Gary FORREST20:59.63Janey KENNEDY25:31.07
22nd May 2016Tweedlove - Shimano International Enduro 475Greg CALLAGHAN24:41.31Tracy MOSELEY28:15.66
27th Mar 2016Tweedlove - Vallelujah 406Christopher GALLAGHER22:01.00Eilidh WELLS27:25.00
23rd Aug 2015Tweedlove - King & Queen of the hill 389Greg CALLAGHAN18:37.00Katy WINTON22:32.00
31st May 20152015 Enduro World Series #3 558Justin LEOV32:23.83Tracy MOSELEY37:17.49
24th Aug 2014Tweedlove - King & Queen of the hill 405Chris BALL (1)22:23.00Roslynn NEWMAN30:18.00
1st Jun 20142014 Enduro World Series #2 495Elliott HEAP42:28.30Tracy MOSELEY49:01.07
26th May 2013Tweedlove - POC King & Queen of the hill370Gary FORREST26:19.00Emma GUY33:44.00
27th May 2012Tweedlove - POC King & Queen of the hill 203Andy BARLOW40:15.00Katy WINTON46:13.00
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