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DateEvent Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
27th Jun 20212021 Southern Enduro Series #3 296Jack LEAR6:42.23Emily ASHWOOD7:16.75
8th May 20212021 Southern Enduro Mashup #1 341Richard TUCKER13:31.45Emily ASHWOOD15:12.88
8th Nov 20202020 Southern Enduro Series #4CANCELLED
13th Oct 2019Southern Enduro - Mashup Enduro 163Mike SMITH (mas1)15:48.37Francie ARTHUR19:41.16
11th May 2019Southern Enduro - Day & Night Enduro 130Neal RUSSELL10:57.78Francie ARTHUR12:30.17
7th Apr 20192019 Transition Bikes Southern Enduro Series #1 232Chris DONEY10:29.90Katie WAKELY12:00.40
11th Nov 2018Southern Enduro - Mashup Enduro 268Lewis RANGER8:46.60Francie ARTHUR11:12.68
12th May 2018Southern Enduro - Day & Night Enduro 131Chris DONEY11:07.83Francie ARTHUR14:21.50
15th Apr 20182018 Transition Bikes Southern Enduro Series #1 249Matt LAKIN10:54.69Becky COOK11:37.84
5th Nov 2017Southern Enduro - Mashup Enduro 251Chris DONEY10:23.47Amy JONES13:57.56
23rd Jul 20172017 Transition Bikes Southern Enduro Series #2 251Chris DONEY11:12.08Katie WAKELY12:15.86
13th May 2017QECP Trail Collective - Day & Night Enduro 177Chris DONEY15:14.06Francie ARTHUR17:36.52
24th Jul 20162016 Southern Enduro Series #3 222Chris DONEY13:14.94Traharn CHIDLEY16:12.52
14th May 2016QECP Trail Collective - Day & Night Enduro 149Chris DONEY13:31.54Sally EVAMY17:15.40
3rd Apr 20162016 GP Honey #2 115Joel CHIDLEY1:26.90Ellen FLEWITT1:56.00
26th Jul 2015QECP Trail Collective - Trail Collective Enduro 163John OWEN (elt)14:56.77Traharn CHIDLEY19:35.66
7th Jun 20152015 GP Honey #4 136Darren EVANS (elt)1:18.48Rosa MARTIN1:49.04
16th May 2015QECP Trail Collective - Day & Night Enduro 174Oli CARTER11:45.04Francie ARTHUR14:35.94
27th Jul 2014QECP Trail Collective - Trail Collective Enduro 168Oli CARTER16:25.00Traharn CHIDLEY20:39.00
8th Jun 20142014 Pedalon Southern XC #5275Adrian LANSLEY1h32:25.00Catriona ROSS1h37:06.00
1st Jun 20142014 GP Honey #4 149Adam HARDING1:25.38Ami GRINDLEY1:56.05
17th May 2014QECP Trail Collective - Day & Night Enduro 146Oli CARTER13:28.00Joanne LEWENDON18:53.00
21st Jul 2013QECP Trail Collective - Gravity Enduro 160Liam MASON (elt)22:19.00Rebecca BOOTH27:59.00
2nd Jun 20132013 GP Honey #4 146Brett WHEELER1:22.43Francie ARTHUR1:51.01
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