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Events at Eastgate

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DateEvent Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
17th Sep 2023Northern Downhill - Eastgate TT2 126Wayne GASCOIGNE2:04.55Katie MELVILLE3:03.10
14th May 2023Northern Downhill - Eastgate TT 136Scott MEARS2:07.45Katie MELVILLE2:28.15
18th Sep 2022Northern Downhill - Eastgate TT2 141Joe YOUNG (mas)1:46.21Katie MELVILLE2:04.16
17th Sep 2022Cold Brew Events - EastG8CANCELLED
8th May 2022Northern Downhill - Eastgate TT 141Paul FLETCHER (mas1)2:15.79Katie MELVILLE2:35.65
12th Sep 2021Northern Downhill - Eastgate ND(H)uro 112Harvey SLACK8:16.21Hollie VAYRO10:29.12
11th Sep 2021Northern Downhill - Powerbike E Funduro Eastgate 30Mark DOUGHTY8:26.90Hollie VAYRO10:14.62
25th Apr 2021Northern Downhill - Eastgate TT 240Christopher PHILOGENE1:57.07Toni FRYER2:22.77
24th Apr 2021Northern Downhill - Powerbikes Eastgate E-TT 27Gary EWING2:43.55Helen GASKELL2:37.67
3rd Oct 2020Cold Brew Events - EastG8 47Simon GIBBS (vet)8h02:19.00Lucy BELL7h38:34.00
13th Sep 2020Northern Downhill - Eastgate TT 142Jonathan PHILOGENE1:58.20Sarah NEWMAN2:18.20
8th Sep 2019Northern Downhill - Eastgate TT 82Brett PENFOLD2:03.75Jess DART2:34.90
9th Sep 2018Northern Downhill - Eastgate TT 92Brett PENFOLD2:00.82Rachel MCKNIGHT2:38.46
3rd Sep 2017Northern Downhill - Eastgate TT 67Brad ILLINGWORTH2:08.34Sarah VAYRO2:40.17
21st Aug 2016Northern Downhill - Trail bike TT 54Brett PENFOLD2:30.32Sarah VAYRO3:19.52
9th Aug 20092009 Northern Downhill #4106Philip ASHBRIDGE1:44.54Helen GASKELL1:57.42
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