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Events at Windrock Bike Park, TN

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DateEvent Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
7th Aug 20222022 GNR Enduro #4 - Tennessee Regional-
21st May 20222022 Trail Party Gravity Stage Racing #1-
3rd Apr 20222022 Downhill Southeast #2 354Aaron GWIN2:21.18Caitlyn FARMER2:59.76
13th Mar 2022Windrock Bike Park - Youth race -
13th Mar 2022Windrock Bike Park - Tennessee National Enduro (EWS Qualifier) 232Richie RUDE13:19.18Rachel PAGEAU20:06.34
13th Mar 20222022 USA National DH Series #1 - Tennessee National 355Dakotah NORTON2:25.02Kailey SKELTON2:57.59
11th Mar 2022Red Bull - Red Bull Freestyle Jam -
25th Jul 20212021 Downhill Southeast #3 341Neko MULALLY2:39.35Caroline WASHAM3:51.04
29th May 20212021 Trail Party Gravity Stage Racing #1 -
14th Mar 2021Windrock Bike Park - Youth race-
14th Mar 2021Windrock Bike Park - Tennessee National Enduro (EWS Qualifier) 251Richie RUDE19:20.12Kate LAWRENCE23:58.36
13th Mar 20212021 USA National DH Series #1 384Charlie HARRISON2:23.17Frida Helena RØNNING2:56.12
12th Mar 2021Red Bull - Red Bull Freestyle Jam -
12th Jul 20202020 Downhill Southeast #2 181Charlie HARRISON2:48.30Frida RØNNING3:23.80
7th Jun 20202020 Downhill Southeast #1 242Dakotah NORTON2:44.03Frida RØNNING3:21.78
8th Mar 20202020 North American Continental Enduro Series #2 - Tenness Enduro 159Shane LESLIE21:13.90Frida RØNNING26:45.20
8th Mar 20202020 USA National DH Series #1 197Dakotah NORTON2:27.59Frida Helena RØNNING3:00.24
31st Mar 20192019 Downhill Southeast #1125Dakotah NORTON2:47.36Jolanda NEFF3:56.42
10th Mar 2019Windrock Bike Park - Tennessee National Enduro (EWS Qualifier)103Russell BOBBITT24:29.00Miranda MILLER30:06.00
10th Mar 20192019 ProGRT #1 258Loris VERGIER3:01.67Rachel PAGEAU4:37.41
30th Sep 20182018 Southeastern Triple Crown Enduro #293Dakotah NORTON19:04.60Frida Helena RØNNING22:49.60
17th Jun 2018Windrock Bike Park - Tennessee National Enduro (EWS Qualifier)79Richie RUDE23:20.00Emily COX32:57.80
12th May 20182018 Downhill Southeast #376Max MORGAN (pro)2:28.65
11th Mar 20182018 ProGRT #1 206Danny HART (elt)2:33.53Caroline WASHAM3:35.73
29th Oct 20172017 3rd Coast Enduro #8 - Windrock EnduroCANCELLED
1st Oct 20172017 Southeastern Triple Crown Enduro #298Seamus POWELL22:20.10Frida Helena RØNNING25:27.40
2nd Apr 20172017 Downhill Southeast #394Neko MULALLY2:29.80Frida Helena RØNNING3:10.20
12th Mar 20172017 ProGRT #1 166Greg WILLIAMSON2:44.24Caroline WASHAM3:41.16
25th Sep 20162016 3rd Coast Enduro #7-
13th Mar 20162016 Downhill Southeast #260Isak LEIVSSON2:54.66Frida Helena RØNNING4:10.66
17th Feb 20132013 Windrock Winter #226Jay FESPERMAN7:44.00Fionn GRIFFITHS9:30.00
20th Jan 20132013 Windrock Winter #126J.D. SWANGUEN3:33.60
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