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DateRace Competitors Men's FTD Rider Women's FTD Rider
13th Jun 20202020 California Enduro Series #2-
23rd Sep 20182018 California Enduro Series #6 - Kamikaze Games Enduro (EWS Qualifier) photo_library39536:52.76Brian LOPES44:39.04Zephyr SYLVESTER
23rd Sep 20182018 Pro GRT #61423:16.94Ryan PINKERTON4:45.72Grace LAWSON
17th Sep 20172017 California Enduro Series #7 - Kamikaze Bike Games Enduro
(2017 North American Enduro Tour, Round 6)
46937:00.40Marco OSBORNE42:43.18Kathy PRUITT
16th Sep 20172017 Pro GRT #71633:23.00Bruce KLEIN4:17.50Amy MORRISON
18th Sep 20162016 California Enduro Series #7 - Kamikaze Games Enduro
(2016 North American Enduro Tour, Round 5)
49530:23.76Brian LOPES36:02.11Kathy PRUITT
17th Sep 20162016 Pro GRT #71903:27.60Austin WARREN4:14.50Samantha KINGSHILL
17th Jul 2016USAC - US Enduro National Champs '1616332:06.47Mitch ROPELATO39:24.50Kelli EMMETT
17th Jul 2016USAC - US (Pro) National Champs '16 photo_library2533:15.60Aaron GWIN3:51.90Jill KINTNER
14th Jul 2016USAC - US (Amateur) National Champs '16545:04.40Dillon FLINDERS7:39.60Danielle SANCHEZ
27th Sep 20152015 California Enduro Series #6 - Kamikaze Games Enduro61433:26.30Ryan GARDNER39:48.20Essence BARTON
26th Sep 20152015 Pro GRT #52703:18.41Mitch ROPELATO3:49.36Jill KINTNER
19th Jul 2015USAC - US Enduro National Champs '1516429:03.18Mitch ROPELATO34:54.79Jill KINTNER
19th Jul 2015USAC - US (Pro) National Champs '15 videocam2583:20.52Aaron GWIN4:03.96Jill KINTNER
16th Jul 2015USAC - US (Amateur) National Champs '15725:02.00Charles FRYDENDAL6:18.40Paula EVENSON
21st Sep 2014Kamikaze Bike Games - Enduro
(2014 California Enduro Series, Round 4)
32128:50.64Brian LOPES36:41.95Amy MORRISON
20th Sep 20142014 Pro GRT #63024:07.83Marco OSBORNE5:14.35Becky GARDNER
19th Sep 2014Kamikaze Bike Games - The Kamikaze1359:12.09Brian LOPES10:31.54Leigh DONOVAN
8th Sep 2013Kamikaze Bike Games - Enduro17028:28.72Brian LOPES35:49.82Amber NAUGHTON
7th Sep 20132013 Pro GRT #10
(2013 Grand Prix of MTB, Round 3)
2234:01.01Kevin AIELLO5:31.44Amanda BATTY
6th Sep 2013Kamikaze Bike Games - The Kamikaze1118:55.86Brian LOPES10:32.22Leigh DONOVAN
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