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Date RaceCompetitorsMen's FTDWomen's FTD
21st Jul 2018Squamish Enduro - Hot on your Heels34913:18.27 (Aja PHILP)
26th Jun 20182018 SORCA Tantalus Trail Series #6354:18.35 (Adam PRICE)6:47.91 (Jasmine SWANSON)
12th Jun 20182018 SORCA Tantalus Trail Series #5333:09.84 (Len ???)
9th Jun 2018Squamish Enduro - Gryphon Enduro photo_library28217:03.83 (Remi GAUVIN)21:33.31 (Brittany PHELAN)
29th May 20182018 SORCA Tantalus Trail Series #4347:55.19 (Rhys VERNER)9:57.04 (Laura BATTISTA)
15th May 20182018 SORCA Tantalus Trail Series #3452:58.13 (Kasper WOOLLEY)3:39.37 (Laura BATTISTA)
1st May 20182018 SORCA Tantalus Trail Series #2292:50.97 (Len ???)3:10.51 (Ainhoa IJURKO)
21st Apr 20182018 SORCA Tantalus Trail Series #1513:00.05 (Kasper WOOLLEY)3:28.24 (Rosara JOSEPH)
22nd Jul 2017Squamish Enduro - Hot on your Heels26714:24.88 (Laura BATTISTA)
27th Jun 20172017 SORCA Tantalus Trail Series #6226:34.76 (Kasper WOOLLEY)8:10.66 (Rosara JOSEPH)
13th Jun 20172017 SORCA Tantalus Trail Series #5 (Value Add...)206:31.51 (Greg GRANT)9:58.95 (Annie ROY)
10th Jun 20172017 North American Enduro Tour #220417:34.50 (Jesse MELAMED)22:15.88 (Leonie PICTON)
30th May 20172017 SORCA Tantalus Trail Series #4 (Pseudo Tsuga)352:49.45 (Kasper WOOLLEY)3:39.68 (Ainhoa IJURKO)
16th May 20172017 SORCA Tantalus Trail Series #3 (Meet Yer ...)354:35.82 (Holden JONES)6:25.56 (Veronika VORACEK)
9th May 20172017 SORCA Tantalus Trail Series #2 (Entrails ...)274:41.41 (Rhys VERNER)7:22.00 (Ainhoa IJURKO)
25th Apr 20172017 SORCA Tantalus Trail Series #1 (Crouching...)236:49.29 (Remi GAUVIN)12:06.03 (Ainhoa IJURKO)
26th Jul 20162016 SORCA Tantalus Trail Series #4 - Al-Trails215:49.65 (Rhys VERNER)8:28.90 (Meghan KINDREE)
23rd Jul 2016Squamish Enduro - Hot on your Heels22415:41.40 (Aja PHILP)
28th Jun 20162016 SORCA Tantalus Trail Series #3 - Dozers Diamond1512:10.56 (Rhys VERNER)21:15.78 (Belinda GRANT)
6th Jun 2016Squamish Enduro - Gryphon Enduro-
31st May 20162016 SORCA Tantalus Trail Series #2 - GG’s Golden Goose317:00.56 (Sidney SLOTEGRAAF)9:28.19 (Laura BATTISTA)
3rd May 20162016 SORCA Tantalus Trail Series #1 - T-breds Revenge309:45.00 (Sidney SLOTEGRAAF)13:38.00 (Meghan KINDREE)
26th Aug 20152015 SORCA #6 (Cakewalk)204:24.23 (Jeremy NORRIS)5:57.92 (Annie GAUDETTE)
29th Jul 20152015 SORCA #5 (Super D/DH)195:10.54 (Benjamin HOFFMANN)6:48.68 (Annie GAUDETTE)
25th Jul 2015Squamish Enduro - Hot on your Heels21318:40.67 (Leonie PICTON)
15th Jul 20152015 SORCA #4485:04.51 (Kasper WOOLLEY)5:52.70 (Veronika VORACEK)
17th Jun 20152015 SORCA #3 (Angry Mid...)496:05.09 (Adam PRICE)7:47.44 (Veronika VORACEK)
23rd May 2015Squamish Enduro - The Gryphon13813:02.07 (Rhys VERNER)15:35.56 (Leonie PICTON)
20th May 20152015 SORCA #2 (Jacks/Bra...)324:50.81 (Rhys VERNER)6:19.27 (Tina PLUMB)
10th Apr 20152015 SORCA #1 (Super Toonie)244:53.78 (Nathan MCKAY (30+))6:46.92 (Veronika VORACEK)
19th Sep 20142014 SORCA - Finale - The Gauntlet1610:19.09 (Jeremy NORRIS)16:57.91 (Veronika VORACEK)
17th Sep 20142014 SORCA #12 - Meet yer Maker102:50.95 (Yanik GAUDETTE)3:41.54 (Veronika VORACEK)
3rd Sep 20142014 SORCA #11 - Hybrid121:33.83 (Patrick FOSTER)2:06.84 (Veronika VORACEK)
20th Aug 20142014 SORCA #10 - 19th Hole114:37.61 (Jeremy NORRIS)10:25.97 (Brynn MITCHELL)
6th Aug 20142014 SORCA #9 (A.M.)92:52.23 (Jeremy NORRIS)4:21.20 (Annie ROY)
23rd Jul 20142014 SORCA #8 (Angry Midget)CANCELLED
9th Jul 20142014 SORCA #7 (Half Nelson)205:28.04 (Patrick FOSTER)6:20.92 (Veronika VORACEK)
5th Jul 20142014 Sea to Sky Enduro #5 - The Mock Turtle12318:05.19 (Jesse MELAMED)25:27.07 (Fanny PAQUETTE)
25th Jun 20142014 SORCA #6 (Cakewalk)144:18.35 (Patrick FOSTER)9:50.57 (Karlene LOUDON)
11th Jun 20142014 SORCA #5 - Cougar Ridge82:32.68 (Patrick FOSTER)
28th May 20142014 SORCA #4 - Icy Hole, Brackentrail192:23.69 (Sean MURPHY)3:22.44 (Veronika VORACEK)
14th May 20142014 SORCA #3 - Lowdown301:42.93 (Ryan CONNELL)2:07.34 (Veronika VORACEK)
3rd May 20142014 Sea to Sky Enduro #1 - The Gryphon15215:23.22 (Jesse MELAMED)18:30.38 (Miranda MILLER)
30th Apr 20142014 SORCA #2 - Crouching, Kikis302:07.03 (David FRIESEN)2:55.89 (Veronika VORACEK)
12th Apr 20142014 SORCA #1 - Super Toonie342:41.59 (Jeremy NORRIS)3:09.33 (Veronika VORACEK)
1st May 20132013 SORCA #3 - Hybrid421:36.03 (Rhys VERNER)2:22.11 (Julie MOUNTIFIELD)
17th Apr 20132013 SORCA #2 - Lowdown311:48.10 (Yanik GAUDETTE)2:02.00 (Veronika VORACEK)
14th Apr 20132013 SORCA #1 - Toonie445:03.62 (Mike JONES)6:20.47 (Veronika VORACEK)
19th Sep 20122012 SORCA #12 - Half Nelson315:18.70 (Easton SMITH)6:19.90 (Veronika VORACEK)
5th Sep 20122012 SORCA #11 - 19th Hole, Top to Bottom2111:49.50 (Rhys VERNER)22:15.70 (Brynn MITCHELL)
22nd Aug 20122012 SORCA #10 - Grin n Holler153:01.10 (Yanik GAUDETTE)4:15.70 (Veronika VORACEK)
8th Aug 20122012 SORCA #9 (Icy Hole/...)132:22.44 (Louis-Philippe LÉONARD)3:44.69 (Ahoibe GLYNN)
25th Jul 20122012 SORCA #8 (Powersmart)165:44.80 (Yanik GAUDETTE)8:54.39 (Veronika VORACEK)
11th Jul 20122012 SORCA #7 (19th Hole)243:33.01 (Lee JACKSON)6:18.01 (Veronika VORACEK)
27th Jun 20122012 SORCA #6 (Hybrid)291:53.13 (Kyle QUESNEL)2:27.33 (Veronika VORACEK)
13th Jun 20122012 SORCA #5 - Cakewalk294:44.70 (Yanik GAUDETTE)6:35.30 (Veronika VORACEK)
30th May 20122012 SORCA #4 - Lowdown421:50.64 (Kyle QUESNEL)2:09.46 (Mikayla MARTIN)
27th May 20122012 SORCA #3 - Cougar Ridge232:07.20 (Kyle QUESNEL)3:01.33 (Veronika VORACEK)
2nd May 20122012 SORCA #2 - Kiki382:10.11 (Kyle QUESNEL)2:55.26 (Veronika VORACEK)
22nd Apr 20122012 SORCA #1 - Pseudo Tsuega492:42.20 (Mark BUNYAN)3:12.20 (Veronika VORACEK)
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