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Events at Mont-Sainte-Anne, QC

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DateEvent Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
1st Sep 2019UCI - XCO World Championships '19387Nino SCHURTER1h27:05.00Pauline FERRAND PREVOT1h28:51.00
1st Sep 2019UCI - DHI World Championships '19175Loïc BRUNI4:05.54Myriam NICOLE4:53.23
28th Aug 2019UCI - E-bike XC World Championships '1953Alan HATHERLY1h04:53.00Nathalie SCHNEITTER1h11:38.00
23rd Aug 2019UCI - DHI Masters World Championships '19209Ramon Antonio LEIVA FIGUEROA5:13.12Audrée VAILLANCOURT7:20.85
12th Aug 2018Velirium - GAAP Enduro96Phil CYRENNE BLANCHARD15:14.20Kayla MORIN-BLANCHETTE20:00.90
12th Aug 20182018 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC #6 187Mathias FLUCKIGER1h27:26.00Jolanda NEFF1h29:27.00
11th Aug 20182018 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup DH #6 153Loïc BRUNI4:12.71Rachel ATHERTON4:51.44
10th Aug 20182018 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC Short Track #5 78Samuel GAZE21:41.00Annika LANGVAD19:32.00
6th Aug 20172017 UCI World Cup DH #6 172Finn ILES4:18.14Tahnée SEAGRAVE4:46.72
6th Aug 20172017 UCI World Cup XC #5182Nino SCHURTER1h31:51.00Yana BELOMOINA1h17:50.00
14th Aug 20162016 CNEC #2111William VIENS14:03.20Cathy BEAUMIER18:12.00
7th Aug 20162016 UCI World Cup XC #5176Julien ABSALON1h29:37.00Catharine PENDREL1h31:31.00
6th Aug 20162016 UCI World Cup DH #6 178Danny HART (elt)3:59.75Rachel ATHERTON4:37.49
2nd Aug 20152015 UCI World Cup XC #4218Nino SCHURTER1h27:19.00Jolanda NEFF1h28:15.00
1st Aug 20152015 UCI World Cup DH #5 205Josh BRYCELAND4:22.16Rachel ATHERTON5:03.67
3rd Aug 20142014 UCI World Cup XC #5245Nino SCHURTER1h38:15.00Jolanda NEFF1h43:03.00
2nd Aug 20142014 UCI World Cup DH #5 225Sam HILL (elt)4:10.57Manon CARPENTER4:47.29
11th Aug 20132013 UCI World Cup DH #4 170Steve SMITH3:58.49Emmeline RAGOT4:24.99
10th Aug 20132013 UCI World Cup XC #5193Julien ABSALON1h28:17.00Katerina NASH1h30:27.00
8th Jul 2012


Cycling Canada - Canadian DH National Champs '12




Matthew BEER








24th Jun 20122012 UCI World Cup DH #4 192Aaron GWIN4:14.02Rachel ATHERTON4:49.97
3rd Jul 20112011 UCI World Cup DH #4164Aaron GWIN4:31.77Tracy MOSELEY5:12.98
19th Jun 20112011 Quebec Cup #2232Chris DEL BOSCO4:34.56Anne LAPLANTE5:56.11
5th Sep 2010UCI - DHI World Championships '10146Sam HILL (elt)4:37.93Tracy MOSELEY5:17.47
4th Sep 2010UCI - 4x World Championships '1049Tomáš SLAVÍKCaroline BUCHANAN
15th Aug 20102010 Quebec Cup #6 & Quebec Champs220Charles-Alexandre DUBE2:11.88Lauren DANEY2:46.97
26th Jul 20092009 Nissan UCI World Cup DH #6190Sam HILL (elt)4:38.44Sabrina JONNIER5:26.50
27th Jul 20082008 Nissan UCI World Cup DH #4194Greg MINNAAR4:30.57Rachel ATHERTON5:12.36
24th Jun 20072007 Nissan UCI World Cup DH #3132Sam HILL (elt)4:29.58Sabrina JONNIER5:04.45
25th Jun 20062006 UCI World Cup 4x #4-
25th Jun 20062006 UCI World Cup DH #4 185Chris KOVARIK4:44.20Sabrina JONNIER5:25.22
26th Jun 20052005 UCI World Cup DH #4103Fabien BAREL5:02.27Tracy MOSELEY5:50.02
26th Jun 20052005 UCI World Cup 4x #4-
27th Jun 20042004 Tissot UCI World Cup DH #4138Steve PEAT2:50.62Sabrina JONNIER3:23.71
26th Jun 20042004 Tissot World Cup 4x #471Michal PROKOPSabrina JONNIER
29th Jun 20032003 Tissot UCI World Cup DH #3113Steve PEAT1:41.17Fionn GRIFFITHS1:54.99
29th Jun 20032003 Tissot World Cup 4x #374Eric CARTERKatrina MILLER
30th Jun 20022002 Tissot UCI World Cup DH #3114Steve PEAT5:09.67Anne-Caroline CHAUSSON5:54.47
30th Jun 20022002 Tissot World Cup 4x #368Eric CARTERAnne-Caroline CHAUSSON
26th Aug 20012001 Tissot UCI World Cup DH #8110Chris KOVARIK4:59.96Sabrina JONNIER5:40.49
2nd Jul 20002000 Tissot UCI World Cup DH #4110Fabien BAREL4:53.61Missy GIOVE5:27.99
1st Aug 19991999 Diesel UCI World Cup DH #6100Steve PEAT4:38.97Anne-Caroline CHAUSSON5:17.22
20th Sep 1998UCI - DHI World Championships '98341Fabien BAREL4:47.63Anne-Caroline CHAUSSON5:26.47
29th Jun 19971997 Grundig UCI World Cup DH #495Corrado HERIN5:18.29Missy GIOVE6:09.20
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