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DateEvent Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
2nd Jul 20232023 Welsh Enduro #4-
19th Nov 2022Mini Enduro - Night Enduro 260Ryan DUTTON6:50.32Lily MORELAND7:59.95
9th Jul 20222022 Welsh Enduro #4 307Will ROWLANDS (1)7:33.25Emma WAREHAM8:38.07
4th May 20222022 Army Cycling Enduro Series #1 124Ben DEAKIN6:57.96Abbie LAWRENCE9:34.18
13th Nov 2021Mini Enduro - Night Enduro 285Will ROWLANDS (1)5:06.30Ellie JONES (u30)5:45.48
31st Jul 20212021 Welsh Enduro #2 259Matt WALKER (elt)5:23.95Corinna BRISBOURNE6:20.45
11th Oct 20202020 Welsh Enduro #2CANCELLED
17th May 20202020 Welsh MTB XC #4CANCELLED
23rd Nov 2019Mini Enduro - Night Enduro 232James NIXON (ebike)6:40.47Lucy ROGERS7:44.39
1st Jun 20192019 Welsh Enduro #3 323Alex STORR7:12.70Ellie JONES (u30)8:29.48
19th May 20192019 Welsh MTB XC #1-
20th Oct 2018Up Hill Down Dale - Degathlon 101Anton WOUTERS2h02:28.00Sophie HUNT2h22:37.00
8th Jul 20182018 Welsh MTB XC #5-
30th Jun 20182018 Welsh Enduro #3 271Ed WILLIAMS (mas2)7:21.72Ellie JONES (u30)8:36.28
18th Nov 20172017 Haibike Mini Enduro #4 - Sunset Enduro 97Mike THICKENS6:55.22Jennifer HOARE8:45.43
8th Jul 20172017 Welsh Enduro #3 248James HUGHES (exp)9:12.98Cheri MILLS11:06.60
7th May 20172017 Welsh MTB XC #2-
13th Nov 2016Mini Enduro - Enduro Night Race 132Ryan DUTTON6:53.07Sally EVAMY8:56.46
13th Mar 20162016 Welsh MTB XC #1137Dylan KERFOOT-ROBSON1h41:39.00Maxine FILBY1h29:03.00
31st Oct 2015Mini Enduro - Enduro Night Race168Ryan DUTTON6:11.93Cheri MILLS7:29.65
1st Mar 2014Mini Enduro - Enduro Night Race 248Neil DONOGHUE4:28.90Cheri MILLS5:15.80
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