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DateRace Competitors Men's FTD Rider Women's FTD Rider
9th Aug 20202020 Maxxis ESC Intense DH #3-
8th Aug 20202020 Maxxis ESC Intense DH #2-
19th Aug 20182018 Maxxis ESC DH #5 photo_library993:20.36Rafael GUTIERREZ5:26.48Maxine BERGERON
17th Sep 20172017 Vittoria ESC DH #8 photo_library1002:50.78Mauricio ESTRADA4:04.31Rachel PAGEAU
13th Aug 20172017 Pro GRT #6 photo_library912:45.10Rafael GUTIÉRREZ VILLEGAS3:28.97Frida Helena RØNNING
14th Aug 20162016 Pro GRT #5 photo_library
(2016 Vittoria ESC Atlantic Cup DH, Round 5)
1532:45.85Shane LESLIE3:24.16Lauren DANEY
9th Aug 20152015 Vittoria ESC Atlantic Cup DH #6 - Race the World photo_library2093:28.62Leland O'CONNOR4:16.38Kristen COURTNEY
9th Aug 20152015 UCI World Cup XC #5 photo_library2201h30:55.00Nino SCHURTER1h33:25.00Pauline FERRAND PREVOT
8th Aug 20152015 UCI World Cup DH #6 photo_library videocam2032:38.11Aaron GWIN3:00.72Rachel ATHERTON
19th Jul 20152015 Vittoria ESC Atlantic Cup DH #5 - World Cup Test Race photo_library1222:43.11Neko MULALLY3:44.79Kristen COURTNEY
10th Aug 20142014 UCI World Cup DH #6 photo_library2272:24.33Josh BRYCELAND2:40.15Emmeline RAGOT
10th Aug 20142014 UCI World Cup XC #62421h40:58.00Nino SCHURTER1h25:47.00Catharine PENDREL
9th Aug 20142014 ESC Atlantic Cup DH #6 - World Cup citizen's race photo_library2103:21.12Brian SCOLFORO4:14.50Kristen COURTNEY
27th Jul 20142014 ESC Atlantic Cup DH #5 - World Cup Test Event photo_library1052:39.53Cam COLE3:43.66Camila NOGUEIRA
30th Jun 20132013 Pro GRT #8 photo_library
(2013 Gravity East Series, Round 4)
2123:30.05Neko MULALLY4:36.66Becky GARDNER
15th Jul 20122012 ESC #6 photo_library videocam1202:40.21Richie RUDE3:40.83Katie HOLDEN
1st Jul 20122012 UCI World Cup DH #5 photo_library videocam2012:26.42Aaron GWIN2:52.06Rachel ATHERTON
30th Jun 20122012 Gravity East Series #2 photo_library2583:33.73Michael DANIELS (pro)4:24.41Vaea VERBEECK
10th Jul 20112011 UCI World Cup DH #5 photo_library1682:24.04Aaron GWIN2:50.03Rachel ATHERTON
9th Jul 2011Gravity East - Lars Tribus Masters Challenge243:35.20Jason SCHEIDING4:21.25Karen EAGAN
9th Jul 20112011 Gravity East Series #3 photo_library videocam1883:20.69Chris HIGGERSON4:21.83Karen EAGAN
29th Aug 20102010 UCI World Cup DH #61552:28.28Gee ATHERTON2:49.85Rachel ATHERTON
16th Aug 20092009 Pro GRT #41072:52.53Cam COLE3:37.57Darian HARVEY
13th Jul 20082008 NORBA #41612:51.54Kieran BENNETT3:48.24Joanna PETTERSON
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Niner RIM 9 RDO
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