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DateEvent Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
TBADirty Reiver - Dirty Reiver-
24th Oct 2021


Northern Downhill - Descendent Enduro








7th Aug 2021Cold Brew Events - Deadwater 100-
25th Oct 2020Northern Downhill - Descendent EnduroCANCELLED
25th Oct 20202020 BEMBA National Enduro Series #6CANCELLED
19th Sep 2020Dirty Reiver - Dirty ReiverCANCELLED
27th Oct 2019Northern Downhill - Descendent Enduro 106Christopher SUTCLIFFE12:08.33
13th Apr 2019Dirty Reiver - Dirty Reiver-
28th Oct 2018Northern Downhill - Kielder TT 88Brad ILLINGWORTH1:44.41Sian DILLON2:01.41
21st Apr 2018Dirty Reiver - Dirty Reiver 738Scot TARES4h13:32.00Marie MELDRUM8h47:29.00
15th Apr 2018Northern Downhill - Kielder TTCANCELLED
18th Mar 20182018 ND(H)uro #2 69Carl SIMPSON6:07.93Rebecca OLIVER8:16.21
28th May 20172017 North East XC MTB Series #273Oliver DAWSON (jun)1h33:06.80Erica MOKS1h31:29.90
12th Mar 2017Northern Downhill - Kielder TT 88Damian GROVES1:34.30Angela FOSTER1:54.44
4th Dec 2016Northern Downhill - Kielder Funduro 46Thomas LLOYD (mas)5:28.60Amanda CROSSMAN6:33.13
10th Sep 2016Northern Downhill - Kielder TT 71Brett PENFOLD1:01.43Natalie SLEEMAN1:20.87
16th Apr 2016Dirty Reiver - Dirty Reiver 450
13th Mar 20162016 Start Cycles ND(H)uro #2 66Josh LEWIS10:09.84Natalie SLEEMAN13:27.83
8th Nov 2015Northern Downhill - Start Cycles Funduro 75Lee BAXTER6:22.59Jenny NUTTALL7:40.87
29th Mar 2015Northern Downhill - Trail Bike TT 99Gabriel BAKER1:02.33Melissa PEARSON1:17.56
22nd Mar 2015


2015 Borders Mini DH #3








Cairn BELL




22nd Feb 20152015 Borders Mini DH #2 26Angus HARDIE1:48.10Cairn BELL2:06.70
25th Jan 20152015 Borders Mini DH #122Angus HARDIE1:47.54Karen BELL2:13.59
19th Oct 20142014 Northern Enduro #3 84Joe YOUNG (sen)4:33.39
21st Sep 2014Northern Downhill - Trail Bike TT 85Brad ILLINGWORTH1:06.91Amelia TAYLOR1:30.46
24th Nov 2012Northern Downhill - Super-DCANCELLED
21st Oct 20122012 Northern Downhill #5 & North-East Champs 66Calum MCRITCHIE3:08.31Rhona STEWART15:32.01
11th Mar 2012Northern Downhill - Super-DCANCELLED
13th Nov 2011Northern Downhill - Mass Start Super-D race37Joe YOUNG (sen)11:53.00
12th Jun 20112011 661 Gravity Enduro #2177Rob COOKSLEY (1)15:13.00Helen GASKELL17:28.00
6th Mar 2011Northern Downhill - Enduro DHRESULTS LOST
24th Oct 20102010 Northern Downhill #6 & Northern Champs 128Simon STUTTARD1:49.79Angela FOSTER2:10.88
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