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DateEvent Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
5th Sep 20212021 Pearce Cycles #2 296Dom PLATT1:54.38Natasha BRADLEY2:17.36
21st Jun 20202020 Pearce Cycles #2CANCELLED
24th Mar 20192019 Pearce Cycles #1 338Adam BRAYTON2:13.34Sarah GAMSJAEGER2:50.33
23rd Sep 20182018 HSBC UK | DH National Series #5 238Charlie HATTON2:29.32Aston TUTT3:30.23
27th May 20182018 Pearce Cycles #2 299Luke WILLIAMSON1:34.12Jess STONE1:53.33
7th May 20172017 Pearce Cycles #2 331Brendan FAIRCLOUGH1:57.06Katy CURD2:12.40
20th Mar 20162016 Pearce Cycles #1 310Gee ATHERTON2:13.23Rachel ATHERTON2:29.23
22nd Mar 20152015 Pearce Cycles #1 334Harry HEATH2:05.93Suzanne LACEY2:37.95
6th Jul 20142014 Pearce Cycles #4 249Taylor VERNON2:20.39Suzanne LACEY2:54.99
25th Aug 20132013 Saracen BDS #5 297Steve PEAT1:58.28Jess STONE2:19.67
28th Apr 20132013 Pearce Cycles #1 303Gee ATHERTON2:01.44Jess STONE2:29.55
26th Aug 20122012 Halo BDS #5 290Steve PEAT2:26.70Tracy MOSELEY2:58.33
3rd Jun 20122012 Pearce Cycles #3 257Alex FLORIAN2:41.62Ellie MAXFIELD3:20.00
18th Mar 20122012 Pearce Cycles #1 302Adam BRAYTON2:10.37Jess STONE2:32.01
8th May 20112011 Pearce Cycles #2 312Oliver BURTON2:03.88Tracy MOSELEY2:12.16
16th May 20102010 Pearce Cycles #3 & Midland Champs 281Ashley MALLER2:04.38Emma WAREHAM2:33.69
28th Mar 20102010 Pearce Cycles #1 303Marc BEAUMONT2:16.45Tracy MOSELEY2:39.00
5th Apr 20092009 Pearce Cycles #1 284Robert SMITH (elt)2:10.38Jess STONE2:34.82
18th May 20082008 Pearce Cycles #3266Tom DEACON2:29.23Emily HORRIDGE3:02.76
2nd Mar 20082008 Pearce Cycles #1301Ralph JONES2:21.86Emily HORRIDGE2:49.78
23rd Sep 20072007 Pearce Cycles #4 266Scott BEAUMONT2:15.70Aimee DIX2:48.66
1st Jul 20072007 Pearce Cycles #3 & Midland Champs249David SMITH (exp)3:01.29Monet ADAMS5:02.61
18th Feb 20072007 Pearce Cycles winter #2 238Fabien BAREL2:17.82Tracy MOSELEY2:38.85
12th Mar 20062006 Specialized winter #3CANCELLED
19th Feb 20062006 Specialized winter #2258Marc BEAUMONT2:28.36Aimee DIX3:26.11
17th Jul 2005Pearce Events - UK DH National Champs '05211Steve PEAT2:01.31Rachel ATHERTON2:20.83
13th Mar 20052005 Specialized winter #3 284Steve PEAT2:16.83Anneke BEERTEN3:02.88
20th Feb 20052005 Specialized winter #2RESULTS LOST
27th Mar 2004BUCS - Student Champs '04210Dan STANBRIDGE2:50.09Jaymie MART4:18.97
22nd Feb 20042004 Specialized winter #2267Marc BEAUMONT2:23.27Emily HORRIDGE3:16.75
18th Jan 20042004 Specialized winter #1 256Scott BEAUMONT2:44.00Emily HORRIDGE3:36.93
27th Jul 2003Pearce Events - UK DH National Champs '03 255Steve PEAT2:24.37Helen GASKELL2:56.15
29th Jun 20032003 Midlands Super Series #3 263Rob WARNER2:29.78Jules COVENTRY3:20.31
28th Jun 20032003 Midlands Super Series #2242Jonny CHEETHAM2:27.55Jules COVENTRY3:10.66
9th Mar 20032003 Specialized winter #3291Dan ATHERTON2:23.18Helen GASKELL2:54.99
26th Jan 20032003 Specialized winter #1263Marc BEAUMONT2:46.38Helen GASKELL3:23.12
4th May 20022002 Midlands Specialized Super Series #2329Ed MOSELEY2:25.43Rachel ATHERTON3:00.66
22nd Jul 2001Pearce Events - UK DH National Champs '01 229Rob WARNER2:36.87Fionn GRIFFITHS3:03.71
9th Jun 20012001 Midlands Super Series #1169Marc BEAUMONT2:21.70Reanne ATHERTON3:24.50
30th Aug 19991999 BCF RAV4 NPS #5304Ed MOSELEY1:45.39Helen MORTIMER2:00.91
29th Aug 19981998 BCF RAV4 NPS #5302Richard WARNER1:37.23Tracy MOSELEY1:47.27
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