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Events at Thunder Mountain, MA

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DateEvent Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
11th Jul 2021Eastern States Cup - GT Bicycles Junior MTB Challenge 66Owen DEALE48:39.00Claire BALLOU1h05:28.00
11th Jul 2021


2021 Maxxis ESC Enduro #4












11th Jul 20212021 Maxxis ESC Intense DH #3 178Max MORGAN (pro)2:21.75Abigail RONCA3:16.06
6th Oct 20192019 Maxxis ESC Specialized Enduro #12 (EWS Qualifier) 227Seamus POWELL28:26.20Sarah HOWERTER35:40.80
2nd Jun 20192019 Maxxis ESC Specialized Enduro #3 244Samuel THIBAULT22:10.61Ellen NOBLE27:49.10
2nd Jun 20192019 Maxxis ESC Specialized DH #1 159Steven CEBALLOS2:10.40Mazie HAYDEN2:42.73
21st Oct 20182018 Maxxis ESC Enduro #10 146Nathan STERCKX (u21)30:56.40Rachel PAGEAU36:25.50
23rd Sep 20182018 Maxxis ESC Enduro #9 149Seamus POWELL17:30.91Rachel PAGEAU23:15.33
23rd Sep 20182018 Maxxis ESC DH #7 120Steve ESTABROOK2:39.64Mazie HAYDEN3:22.12
29th Jul 20182018 CLIF Enduro East #2 84Seamus POWELL34:18.43Rosy METCALFE45:04.22
3rd Jun 20182018 Maxxis ESC Enduro #4 264Franck KIRSCHER23:44.00Rachel PAGEAU29:24.00
3rd Jun 20182018 Maxxis ESC DH #2 161Benjamin DESPRÉS-MORIN1:59.48Rachel PAGEAU2:37.53
9th Sep 2017CLIF Enduro East - Enduro East Thunder Mountain 93Adam MORSE35:23.20Rachel PAGEAU46:26.30
4th Jun 20172017 Vittoria ESC Enduro #3 240Seamus POWELL26:12.00Rachel PAGEAU32:15.00
4th Jun 20172017 Vittoria ESC DH #1 143Mauricio ESTRADA2:11.93Rachel PAGEAU2:53.87
7th Aug 20162016 Vittoria ESC Enduro #7 185Adam MORSE25:01.00Lauren PETERSEN30:37.00
7th Aug 20162016 Vittoria ESC New England Cup DH #7 79Michael DANIELS (pro)2:07.66Lauren DANEY2:44.76
19th Jun 20162016 Vittoria ESC New England Cup DH #2 113Phil KMETZ2:08.05Lauren DANEY2:33.85
27th Sep 20152015 Vittoria ESC New England Cup DH #7 137Mauricio ESTRADA2:12.33Mary ELGES2:55.97
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