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Events at Crowborough (The Bull Track)

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DateEvent Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
7th Nov 2021By Riders 4 Riders - Bull Track Winter Mini DH 41Ollie DE LAROQUE49.42sMai WOODMAN1:09.07
19th Sep 20212021 BR4R #4 90Bardolph KERR48.36sScarlett VEDMORE58.42s
27th Jun 20212021 BR4R #3 89Joshua LOWE43.48sSuzanne LACEY50.64s
19th Jun 2021By Riders 4 Riders - Bull Track Jam vol 2-
6th Jun 2021By Riders 4 Riders - Mini Freestyle Festival -
23rd May 20212021 BR4R #2 113Fynn HUNTER-METCALFE48.65sSuzanne LACEY58.63s
25th Apr 20212021 BR4R #1 141Joshua LOWE45.23sLucy DREES53.46s
24th Apr 2021By Riders 4 Riders - Bull Track Jam vol 1-
13th Sep 2020By Riders 4 Riders - Bull Track Send -
1st Sep 20192019 BR4R #3 67Fynn HUNTER-METCALFE47.70sKatie HAYES58.64s
25th Aug 2019By Riders 4 Riders - Dirt Jam vol. 2 -
16th Jun 20192019 BR4R #2 79Nick PLATT49.74sCharlotte-Louise MCGREEVY1:03.45
19th May 20192019 BR4R #1 84Luc ROUX46.10sRenée DIWELL57.49s
16th Sep 20182018 BR4R #2 69Harry MOLLOY44.20sYasmin THORPE59.26s
17th Jun 20182018 BR4R #1 93Siôn MARGRAVE44.01sVictoria KEYES54.22s
17th Sep 20172017 BR4R #3CANCELLED
21st May 20172017 BR4R #2 59Riley JENNER44.30sRenée DIWELL55.54s
23rd Apr 20172017 BR4R #1 93Ben DEAKIN43.74sRenée DIWELL55.37s
26th Jun 20162016 X-Fusion Enduro 1 #229Dan SIBBICK2:44.00Nicole DOUGHTY3:44.00
19th Jun 20162016 BR4R #2 58Liam MASON (elt)47.74sRenée DIWELL58.91s
15th May 20162016 BR4R #1 87Riley JENNER47.25sRenée DIWELL57.43s
13th Sep 20152015 BR4R Proform Tyre Tool #3 72Matt NEWINGTON42.68sAnna GLOWINSKI50.35s
21st Jun 20152015 BR4R Proform Tyre Tool #2 80Sean BALLARD47.40sAnna GLOWINSKI55.76s
10th May 20152015 BR4R Proform Tyre Tool #1 67Lee HILLIER (mas)47.57sVictoria KEYES58.44s
21st Sep 20142014 BR4R Drift #3 54Jack CHAPMAN (2)44.04sAnna GLOWINSKI53.79s
22nd Jun 20142014 BR4R Drift #2 53Jack CHAPMAN (2)42.30sDaisy POTTER1:01.34
25th May 20142014 BR4R Drift #1 53Joshua LOWE47.40sKaren EVANS1:19.36
22nd Sep 20132013 BR4R Drift #4 96Gareth PARR37.96sDaisy POTTER52.23s
30th Jun 20132013 BR4R Drift #371Oliver EVANS40.81sDaisy POTTER57.88s
9th Jun 20132013 BR4R Drift #2 82Ben DEAKIN46.72sLucy DREES57.97s
12th May 20132013 BR4R Drift #1 87Jack CHAPMAN (2)41.48sDaisy POTTER1:03.10
30th Sep 20122012 BR4R Drift #4 94Phil ATWILL44.16sDaisy POTTER1:04.10
2nd Sep 2012By Riders 4 Riders - Help for Heroes 154Joshua LOWE40.89sLucy DREES54.50s
29th Jul 20122012 BR4R Drift #381Piotr SOLARSKI39.74sSuzanne LACEY44.72s
24th Jun 20122012 BR4R Drift #2 56Glenroy MARTIN40.37sSuzanne LACEY46.93s
27th May 20122012 BR4R Drift #1 80Phil ATWILL42.35sSuzanne LACEY49.93s
28th Aug 2011By Riders 4 Riders - DH race 49Harry MOLLOY44.93sSuzanne LACEY52.35s
15th May 2011By Riders 4 Riders - DH race 62Harry MOLLOY36.95sSuzanne LACEY44.49s
1st Aug 2010By Riders 4 Riders - DH race 65Simon PARSONS (mas)39.23sSuzanne LACEY50.59s
6th Jun 2010By Riders 4 Riders - DH race84Simon PARSONS (mas)39.17sMonet ADAMS46.07s
27th Jul 2008By Riders 4 Riders - DH race32Mick RIDGWAY40.24s
1st Jun 2008By Riders 4 Riders - DH race35Simon PARSONS (mas)40.84s
19th Aug 2007By Riders 4 Riders - DH race38Lee HUSKINSON49.33s
18th Aug 2007By Riders 4 Riders - DH race31Ross HAMMOND42.21s
17th Jun 2007By Riders 4 Riders - DH race54Chris SINDEN39.83s
20th May 2007By Riders 4 Riders - DH race86Chris SINDEN39.27s
15th Apr 2007By Riders 4 Riders - DH race74Joe ACHILLES39.39s
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