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DateEvent Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
14th Jul 2021Inter-Services - Inter-Services Enduro Champs 202167Damian GROVES6:12.52Emily SMITH (mas)8:53.37
13th Jul 2021Inter-Services - Inter-Services DH Champs 202161John RIDDELL1:58.57Emily SMITH (mas)2:59.32
1st Dec 20192019/20 Woodland Riders winter #3 133Jay WILLIAMSON1:27.65Ebony WEBBER1:45.68
3rd Nov 20192019/20 Woodland Riders winter #2 (Proper Job) 144Jay WILLIAMSON1:13.16Amy JONES1:31.42
6th Oct 20192019/20 Woodland Riders winter #1 (HSD) 141Jay WILLIAMSON1:30.41Tash BRADLEY1:50.11
4th Nov 20182018/19 Woodland Riders winter #2 124Jay WILLIAMSON1:14.42Maya ATKINSON1:32.35
7th Oct 20182018/19 Woodland Riders winter #1145Jay WILLIAMSON1:29.84Maya ATKINSON1:50.31
15th Apr 20182017/18 Woodland Riders winter #555Zak HURRELL1:32.39Maya ATKINSON1:59.50
4th Mar 20182017/18 Woodland Riders winter #4127Jay WILLIAMSON1:19.49Maya ATKINSON1:37.80
21st Jan 20182017/18 Woodland Riders winter #3 103Ryan TUNNELL1:01.87Amy JONES1:28.23
26th Nov 20172017/18 Woodland Riders winter #2156Jay WILLIAMSON1:07.45Maya ATKINSON1:25.77
29th Oct 20172017/18 Woodland Riders winter #1156Jay WILLIAMSON1:44.08Meghan HARRIS2:09.31
9th Apr 20172016/17 Woodland Riders winter #5CANCELLED
12th Mar 20172016/17 Woodland Riders winter #4 69Jay WILLIAMSON1:29.83Amy JONES2:58.27
12th Feb 20172016/17 Woodland Riders winter #3 78Jay WILLIAMSON1:32.30Maya ATKINSON2:00.88
15th Jan 20172016/17 Woodland Riders winter #2 152Jay WILLIAMSON1:18.52Meghan HARRIS1:36.37
13th Nov 20162016/17 Woodland Riders winter #1 152Jay WILLIAMSON1:32.72Meghan HARRIS1:58.53
25th Sep 2016Woodland Riders - South West Champs 77Max HEMBROKE1:30.89Meghan HARRIS2:01.08
22nd Sep 2013Woodland Riders - South West Champs 85Ash MULLANE1:55.19Heather KAY2:36.86
21st Oct 2012Woodland Riders - South West Champs 124Jay WILLIAMSON1:38.96Jo PAGE2:06.17
21st Aug 2011Woodland Riders - South West Champs 72Ash MULLANE1:54.39
12th Sep 2010Woodland Riders - Super-Tavi66Ash MULLANE1:58.10Calamaty-Jayne CANN-WILD2:21.60
15th Aug 2010Woodland Riders - HSD87Ash MULLANE2:26.14Hazel WAKEFIELD3:01.23
11th Jul 2010Woodland Riders - Egypt54Ash MULLANE1:44.68
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