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Date RaceCompetitorsMen's FTDWomen's FTD
21st Jul 2019Manx MTB Enduro - Pokerstars 2 day MTB Enduro-
17th Feb 2019Manx MTB Enduro - Enduro Mash-up748:19.30 Nigel BEATTIE10:17.30 Saskia BAXTER
19th Aug 20182018 Manx Enduro Series #3-
15th Jul 2018Manx MTB Enduro - Pokerstars 2 day MTB Enduro photo_library5629:43.99 Jim MARSHALL38:51.59 Saskia BAXTER
20th May 20182018 Manx Enduro Series #2 photo_library3215:27.84 Nigel BEATTIE21:35.62 Saskia BAXTER
21st Apr 2018Cyclefest - Battle of Sky Hill photo_library971h01:47.00 Nicholas CORLETT1h28:34.00 Emma ATKINSON (vet)
15th Apr 20182018 Manx Enduro Series #1 photo_library videocam4626:18.63 Nigel BEATTIE35:12.20 Saskia BAXTER
24th Feb 2018Manx MTB Enduro - The Okells Nighttime Fun Enduro videocam5110:44.58 Paul BUCHANAN14:48.62 Saskia BAXTER
20th Aug 20172017 Manx Enduro Series #3 - Summit to Sea8324:38.00 Nigel BEATTIE32:29.00 Emily BRIDSON
30th Jul 2017Manx Mountain Bike Club - Manx 100-
16th Jul 2017Manx MTB Enduro - Pokerstars 2 day MTB Enduro photo_library9431:32.00 Callum RUSSELL (sen1)1h06:45.00 Julie LYNESS
18th Jun 20172017 Manx Enduro Series #24817:37.00 Tom SKILLICORN
23rd Apr 20172017 Manx Enduro Series #16221:57.00 Tom SKILLICORN32:34.00 Julie LYNESS
16th Oct 20162016 Manx Enduro Series #33810:15.00 Jim MARSHALL16:59.00 Julie LYNESS
10th Jul 2016Manx MTB Enduro - Pokerstars 2 day MTB Enduro photo_library7128:44.00 Jim MARSHALL46:23.00 Julie LYNESS
19th Jun 20162016 Manx Enduro Series #24620:11.00 Nigel BEATTIE27:23.00 Julie LYNESS
17th Apr 20162016 Manx Enduro Series #16412:42.00 Jim MARSHALL20:21.00 Julie LYNESS
16th Aug 2015Manx MTB Enduro - Pokerstars 2 day MTB Enduro5431:41.00 Jim MARSHALL50:28.00 Julie LYNESS
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