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DateEvent Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
1st Mar 20202020 CORC DH #2-
29th Feb 20202020 CORC DH #1-
8th Dec 2019Thredbo - Australian Open - Cannonball MTB Festival514Troy BROSNAN5:20.32Sian A'HERN6:07.83
28th Apr 20192019 CORC DH #2 - Thredbo Chainless Champs150Stephan FICOVIC8:13.63Tegan MOLLOY9:12.41
31st Mar 20192019 Fox Superflow #1CANCELLED
30th Mar 2019Rocky Trail Entertainment - RedAss NSW State ChampsCANCELLED
8th Apr 2018Rocky Trail Entertainment - RedAss NSW State Champs156Brent SMITH4:45.70Tegan MOLLOY5:38.60
7th Apr 20182018 Fox Superflow #2320Anthony ELLIOTT16:28.52Cassie VOYSEY18:49.20
2nd Apr 2017Rocky Trail Entertainment - RedAss NSW State Champs123Connor FEARON4:40.11Sian A'HERN5:37.93
1st Apr 20172017 Fox Rollercoaster #2222Brock NEWLING15:03.73Sian A'HERN16:54.63
5th Feb 20172017 Australian National Series #2 177Troy BROSNAN4:34.36Tegan MOLLOY5:16.08
3rd Apr 20162016 RedAss NSW DH Series #1135Oliver ZWAR4:45.77Kellie WEINERT5:30.10
2nd Apr 20162016 Fox Rollercoaster #2260Michael VANOS16:11.00Sarah BOOTH18:06.00
7th Feb 20162015/16 Australian National Series #3 177Graeme MUDD4:38.72Tegan MOLLOY5:17.32
6th Dec 2015Thredbo - Toyota Australian Open209Troy BROSNAN5:04.19Tegan MOLLOY6:10.49
5th Dec 2015Thredbo - Maxxis Flow Motion Cup342Thomas CRIMMINS (elt)7:58.17Tegan MOLLOY9:09.02
22nd Nov 20152015 CORC DH #1125Thomas CRIMMINS (elt)4:52.26Mackenzie DIVER7:29.51
19th Apr 20152015 Fox Rollercoaster #3-
12th Apr 20152015 RedAss NSW DH Series #1-
8th Feb 20152014/15 Australian National Series #2187Troy BROSNAN4:38.35Tegan MOLLOY5:20.06
7th Dec 2014Thredbo - Australian Open183Andrew CRIMMINS5:17.23Tracey HANNAH6:01.32
6th Dec 2014Thredbo - Flow Motion Cup185Thomas CRIMMINS (elt)7:48.90Sarah BOOTH8:55.00
30th Nov 20142014 CORC DH #841David MCMILLAN5:04.17Tegan MOLLOY5:45.64
13th Apr 2014Rocky Trail Entertainment - RedAss NSW State Champs180David MCMILLAN5:19.58Genevieve MCKEW6:29.08
30th Mar 20142014 CORC DH #135Andrew CRIMMINS5:15.59
23rd Feb 20142014 Australian National Series #3137Troy BROSNAN4:46.25Tegan MOLLOY5:46.31
8th Dec 2013Thredbo - Australian Open148Andrew CRIMMINS5:26.37Tracey HANNAH6:15.90
7th Dec 2013Thredbo - Flow Motion Cup131Ben CORY8:11.16Tegan MOLLOY9:30.92
7th Apr 20132013 RedAss NSW DH Series #1192Thomas CRIMMINS (elt)5:27.04Tegan MOLLOY6:16.03
10th Feb 20132013 Australian National Series #2 180Sam HILL (elt)5:21.95Caroline BUCHANAN6:13.78
9th Dec 20122012 CORC DH #5RESULTS LOST
18th Nov 20122012 RedAss NSW DH Series #5188Ben CORY5:44.40Tegan MOLLOY6:45.70
11th Dec 20112011/12 Australian Gravity Cup #1 233Troy BROSNAN5:31.54Tracey HANNAH6:15.73
27th Nov 20112011 CORC DH #877Tim EATON5:49.18Danielle BEECROFT6:50.55
13th Mar 20112011 NSW DH Series #1240Rick BOYER6:22.13Tegan MOLLOY7:42.14
28th Nov 20102010/11 CORC DH #864Charlton DURIE3:22.00
28th Feb 20102010 NSW DH Series #1239Cillian KENNEDY6:21.48Michelle CRISP7:35.13
14th Feb 20102009/10 Australian National Series #3210Ben CORY7:15.66Claire BUCHAR8:52.61
5th Apr 20092009 NSW DH Series #1 240Brad KELLY3:00.56Alice MINAHAN3:51.73
22nd Mar 2009OCC - Oceania Continental Champs '09107Jared GRAVES6:13.65Claire WHITEMAN7:39.72
16th Dec 20072007/08 Australian National Series #3368Nathan RENNIE6:47.21Tracey HANNAH7:47.89
25th Mar 2007OCC - Oceania Continental Champs '0796Sam HILL (elt)6:14.39Jennifer MAKGILL7:10.19
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